Pretty Woman? Fresh Out of a Relationship? Stay Away!

I know the word “friend” has almost become a consolation prize but the truth is of you’re really interested in making a woman that has been through some bullshit fall in love with you; let her fall in love with you as a friend first. She just got out of a toxic, stressful relationship, the last thing she needs is another relationship. You may sleep with her, you may be a shoulder to cry on or vent to but you’re a rebound.

20140201-082551.jpg Pretty Woman? Fresh Out of a Relationship? Stay Away!

Whenever a great coach retires no one wants the job because no one wants to be the man that follows the man. Every fan, player, expert will compare whatever you did wrong to what the old coach did right.

I once wrote an article about how beautiful women have the hardest time finding love but it’s more to it then that. Beautiful women love incredibly hard because love comes so rare for them. Once they get past men wanting them for their bodies or to show them off their loyalty is fierce. You think that just goes away once she breaks up with him? You don’t want to be the rebound guy.

No matter how good of a man you are you can’t fix what he fuc*ed up over night. She’s going to have insecurities that will manifest in arguments, jealously…

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