Be A Man Worth Bragging About

If she’s with you, she’s a representation of you. For some reason some men don’t get this. The way you take care of the woman God gave you speaks to what type of man you are.

You’re always looking for something new but she’s always supposed to accept the same old you? She wants something new herself. She needs a new man.

No, I’m not saying she needs to leave you. I’m saying she needs you to adapt a new way of thinking and bury that old you.

I have to cook myself dinner every night because I haven’t been consistent enough with any one woman to have get call and say, “What do you want for dinner tonight? Or “I know it’s been a long day, what so you want to drink, I’m coming over.”

It’s not because “women don’t do that anymore” or “they don’t appreciate a good man.” No woman wants to feel like one of many and if she does, why would she treat you special?

Know what you have and embrace it.

~ Demez F. White


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