4 Ways to Chase Your Dreams While Still Working for Someone Else

There are more small business’s and entrepreneurs in 2015 than at any point in the history of civilization. That’s not hyperbole; that’s fact. Why put your time, effort, energy and knowledge into making someone else rich when you can make yourself rich?

As sexy as it sounds to quit a job that provides you insurance, security, a steady income all to pursue a dream sounds; that’s not always practical. What is practical though is starting small and building and working your way to being able to branching out on your own.

One- Putting Yourself On A Schedule

It can be really tempting to over exert yourself when you’re trying to build a business. Working day and night whenever you have a free moment. But you also run the risk of burning yourself out. Pace yourself and give yourself a work schedule. I make myself write 3 hours a day 5 days a week no matter what. Some days I write more but never less.

Two- Don’t Work For Free

When I first started writing I was so excited to be doing something I loved I unintentionally worked for free. Not charging for re-writes, not charging for consultations, not enforcing contracts. Allowing people to try and barter services instead of paying me. I learned turning down work was better than working for people that didn’t respect my efforts and talents.

Three- Build A Base

Know who your target audience is. Once you realize who you’re targeting start to build a base. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, what matters is that you’re consistent. That your word never sways. That your product or service is always dependable.

Four- Your Fee Is Your Fee

Do not! I repeat, do not! Feel as though you have to lower your fees to get customers. You won’t build a business that way; if anything you’ll end up working harder for less and when you do try and up your prices people will go elsewhere. Charge what you know you’re worth and with a quality product word will spread.


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