Curls, Denim and Cardigans: A Writer’s Kryptonite

Curly Beauty

Curly Beauty

Beautiful simplicity.

I make no secret of my love for ultra feminine women. I’m the guy that has no problem paying for dates if I know you’ve been to the beauty shop, nail shop and the European Wax Center. The beauty is in the details. The perfection is in the details.

More than that though I just appreciate effort, a woman that takes pride in looking good. That’s simplistic beauty to me.

I’ve never been a man that needed a woman with 4 packs of hair in her head, a dress that she has to keep pulling down and breasts that are playing peek-a-boo. Give me a pair of jeans that fit just right, a cute top, a nice sweater on a breezy day and cute hair with a bright color on her toes. That’s simplistic beauty to me.

I have no desire for a woman that needs to be the loudest in the room or have the most likes on her selfie. Just introduce me to the woman that smiles a lot, works enough and whose hair smells like melons and strawberries.

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