Instead of Falling Back; Try Stepping Up

Relentless Passion

Relentless Passion

How strong is your fall back game? And for those not familiar with this 21st century language, are you a person that’s quick to give up on someone that has potential?

Pride is a dangerous thing. It will have you questioning something that feels so right. I’ve never understood bragging about falling back because in essence you’re bragging about giving up.

Our generation has bi-polar tendencies. On one hand we love having options and being single but on the other hand we want people to be faithful and loyal after a couple of dates. You can’t have both. In my world there’s no falling back, there’s only stepping up or walking away. If she’s entertaining two men she’s not playing games, she’s being courted. Do you want to be the guy that’s emotional and let’s her go or do you want to be the one that wins her?

Nothing in life worth having is going to come easy. If you’re not willing to work for it, then fall back and find that woman that’s ready to commit to you while you’re doing the bare minimum. You don’t take her on dates, that’s okay. You don’t cook or compliment her, it’s fine. Those are the women that won’t challenge you. That won’t call you out on your bullshit when they need to. Is that what you want?

That love that changes you, that makes you better. That woman you’re willing to fight for isn’t meant for everyone. That woman isn’t community vagina. That woman requires stepping up. That woman is going to make demands of you mentally that other women want. You fall back with a woman like that and when you try and stand up she’s gone.

I don’t have any feelings, I don’t give any f*cks, bragging about falling back or ignoring people. I’m not sure when that became cool, I’m not sure why seemingly grown and mentally stable individuals would brag about that. My fall back game is borderline non-existent because I’m either going to step up or let her go.

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