3 Reasons Spirituality Matters More Than Religion 

Faith is knowing you will make it no matter what. 

1. Being A Good Person- Being a good person still matters in life, at least to me. Regardless of what God you pray to I respect character and a moral code. That’s the thing about faith, you aren’t handcuffed to a set of rules that make you a hypocrite and bigot. 

2. Taking A Moral High Ground- There’s no problem with holding people to the same standards you hold yourself to. To being more moral than those around you. Morality isn’t judging others for their actions but making our actions above reproach. Not being perfect but not hiding behind “we all make mistakes.” 

3. Hating the Sin; Not the Sinner- Whether you agree with homosexuality or not isn’t the issue. It’s how you deal with and approach those that are homosexual or lesbian. Hate, anger, disgust, these aren’t Christian or spiritual values. Did Jesus ever mention hate? Did he ever shy away from those that needed his help the most?

Be a better man or woman than you were yesterday. That’s all any of us can hope for. 

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Spirituality Matters More Than Religion 

  1. I agree that we should all desire to be better today than yesterday, but here is the problem. If i can actually will myself to become better, do i need God?
    We can choose to behave better, but remain unchanged. Usually this means our filters become thicker, and out self control stronger, but the root remains unchanged.
    unless it is the person of Jesus changing us through his love, the result is self-righteousness. And that is no change at all!

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