3 Differences Between Being Happy and Being Content

Happiness like anything else is subjective. Some people can have a million dollars in the bank and crave affection. Some people can have all the affection in the world and crave money; there’s no perfect formula to happiness, you just know it when you find it. Often times we’re so dead set on finding happiness that we mistake being content for nirvana.

Three- Contentment is fleeting; you’ll have moments where you feel like you’re on top of the world and moments where you don’t want to get out of bed. Happiness doesn’t work like that. You don’t smile today and cry tomorrow, you don’t feel moments of happiness, every moment is happiness. Being content is like a drug, it gives you a temporary high but it’s a high that isn’t sustainable. So you keep having to do more and more just to smile until you crash.

TwoIMG_0112– Contentment stifles ambition. You may go to work and do your job but you stop searching and reaching for better. You convince yourself you haven’t given up because you still get up and clock in every morning but in your heart you know you’ve settled for where you are in life. When you’re happy the journey is so enjoyable. You want to push those doors open and push those boundaries. Someone telling you no doesn’t even matter because your happy is telling you that a yes is around the corner.

One- Contentment leads to isolation. First it starts with canceling plans because you’re tired, then you start to alienate yourself from the people that love you. Before you know it you’re spending so much time alone that it feels normal. There’s not a lot of happiness to be found in being alone, we weren’t built for isolation. Happiness is infectious, you want to talk to people and share good news. You want to go the park or have drinks on a patio on a pretty day, not in a dark room.


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