Little Girls and Their Daddy…

I know that if God blesses me with a little girl it’s going to be my job to make whatever man that eventually comes for her have to work his ass off! It’s going to be my job to make sure she wants for nothing, to make sure that she see’s the way I treat her mother and wants that for herself. Whether she’s six months, six, sixteen or twenty six she will be able to come to me and ask for help or cry herself to sleep.

I’m always talking about a son, a little boy that looks like me, that I can teach and mold and show off. I don’t talk about little girls a lot, about having a daughter. It’s not because I’m a chauvinist or because I don’t want a daughter, it’s because the thought of having a little girl scares me to DEATH! I know how much I’ll love her mother so I can only imagine how much I’d be wrapped around her little finger. I can watch my son fall, watch him get up on his own and learn from his mistakes. I don’t think I could ever watch a daughter of mine fall without picking her up and buying her a puppy and ice cream. I don’t talk about that little girl because even though she’s just a thought I’m all about protecting her, even before she gets here.  


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