Sometimes I Wonder


Author Demez F. White

Sometimes I listen to Coltrane and wonder if my writing is to someone what his music is to me. I wonder that if they can’t sleep at 3am they pick up their phone and read something I’ve written.

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to sleep on the top of a mountain, no phone or laptop or cable. Just my thoughts, my words and my connection with nature.

Sometimes I check my phone to see if my grandmother called and then I realize….

Sometimes I wonder if my life would be different if I had a best friend.

Sometimes I just wonder about sometimes.

One thought on “Sometimes I Wonder

  1. Well its almost 1 am here 🙂 – I wonder about a lot too. But sometimes that’s a lot healthier than pretending that your current option is the only one. Even if we missed opportunities…reflecting on that truth can help prevent us from missing the next one

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