Stop Expecting Rewards for Doing What You’re Supposed to Do

dwhiteI was cutting the yard yesterday. I was weed eating and playing in the flower beds and I was filthy. My girlfriend saw me and said, “You’re filthy but you look cute.” Instead of saying thank you I replied, “I know. When a man is doing manly type work you’re supposed to be turned on by that.” Her response to my arrogance was “So you want me to give you credit for doing what you’re supposed to be doing?” I smiled and thought about that. Was I wanting credit for doing what I was supposed to be doing or was I just feeling good about doing something I said I would do?

A couple days ago I was getting my inspection sticker for my work truck and I was with this guy I was training. While we were there a woman walked in and she was attractive. She sat down next to me and I could tell she wanted to ask me something but she was hesitant. “They are telling me I need a new gas cap; they told me the same thing last year and I feel like gas caps don’t go bad in a year?” I told her just to tell them that she would take her car somewhere else and not to worry about it and I’m pretty sure they’ll chill. She did that and got her inspection sticker. She thanked me, I said no problem and I left.

The guy I was training said, “She seemed interested, why didn’t you get her number.” I told him I had a girlfriend and there was no need in making a new friend that was never going to be a friend anyway.

You don’t get medals for doing the right thing, there’s no “likes” or “retweets” or pats on the back. There’s simply piece of mind and knowing you can sleep at night or leave your phone unattended. There’s no gift cards or frequent flyer miles; there’s simply coming home from work and knowing your lights, water and gas will be on.

Expecting rewards for doing what you’re supposed to do is only going to break your heart and make you seek out something more. The reward for doing what you’re supposed to do is knowing you’ll never have to answer for doing something you had no business doing.

4 thoughts on “Stop Expecting Rewards for Doing What You’re Supposed to Do

  1. Damn you. Recently I had been upset with my husband because I felt like I wasn’t being appreciated for all I was doing to support him in his new job and maintain my household. But *sigh* I guess I don’t deserve appreciation or credit for doing what I’m supposed to do as a wife and mother.

    • You still deserve appreciation or a thank you but you just can’t constantly look for that. Sometimes the thank you’s aren’t verbal but in how someone wants to protect you or care for you.

      • It’s true. Some people are always waiting fir the verbal thank yous in life. Yet maybe if one is patient they can revel in the gift that comes not from the verbal thank you. But the happiness and stability that your action caused someone. It’s in their smiling eyes. It’s in the way they are more peaceful. Sometimes appreciation is a silent gift. That’s peace.

  2. I was just about to say maybe we don’t expect rewards but appreciation is nice. That’s true we can’t constantly look for verbal appreciation and thanks. This is one of my weaknesses I constantly look for at least a thank you for my hard work all the Time. This article made me think could my work be contingent upon a thank you? Good stuff!

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