Stop Admiring the Green Grass Across the Street and Fertilize Your Own Lawn

One thing I see a lot of is people in relationships admiring other relationships from a distance. “Wow, I wish he treated me like her man treats her.” I see women in relationships envying their single friend.

“She gets to travel and do what she wants and date around. She’s got it good.” Meanwhile the single friend looks at her like, “Her man did what for her? She doesn’t even appreciate it, always complaining and feeling like she can do better.”

It’s a vicious cycle that boils down to one general consistent theme. Not appreciating what you have in front of you. We could blame it on social media but if you don’t think our parents and grandparents were going through the same thing you’re fooling yourself.

Fertilizer stinks, it’s messy, it’s heavy and it takes work. You need boots on, the dirt never gets out your nails and you’ll need to shower for an hour and pray for rain. But once you’ve done all that the Green Grass will come. When you’re busy admiring the grass across the street your grass is dying. They’ve put in work, they’ve gotten dirty to get their grass green. Meanwhile you’ve instagram’d a pic of your grass with a dozen filters. It looks amazing on that screen but in real life it’s more brown spots than you can imagine.

If there’s one thing I vowed to take with me into 2019 it’s knowing your value. I left a job with amazing people I’d been at for 15 years because they didn’t see my value. You can’t save dead grass. You have to rip it out and start over from the foundation. If you aren’t willing to do that, you don’t want the results.

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