There’s No Art Like Life

There comes a time when things just end. When  you walk into work and no matter how much overtime is or how much you like your co-workers, you just realize the job is no longer for you. That doesn’t mean you go in your bosses office and quit that day but it’s the day you know it’s over. Maybe you drag it out until you get another job, maybe you start using all your vacation days but on that day you mentally check out.

Relationships work the same way. At some point you just mentally check out. You might not leave, you might not pick fights but your heart is no longer in it. Friendships, attention from other people, outside starts to become more important.

What used to be hour long arguments become passive aggressive text messages.

What used to feel out of the ordinary becomes the norm.

It’s like having a balloon full of helium and everyday you see if floating towards the ground until one day you realize it’s still there and you throw it in the trash.

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life writing about love, romance, writing fictional characters that people can relate to and the truth is no story is more entertaining than real life. No story you can create is more heartbreaking than real life.

But books end as does real life romances.

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