About Demez F. White

I know I’m supposed to pretend like someone else wrote this but how can I call myself a writer if I don’t even write my own bio. Hello and welcome to http://www.demezw.com. This site started as a blog to highlight and promote my fiction novels. Over the years it has become so much more. It’s not just a place where I tell fictional stories. It’s become a place where I share pieces of my heart and mind.

Demezw.com is also the place where the fiction writer and author meets the professional writer. I love writing, I always have, whether it was scribbling in a note pad on the school bus or sitting down and making someone’s dreams become a reality. Words are beautiful to me, they link us to our past and long after we’re gone they’ll link us to the future.

My first novel was Walking Down the Aisle and even though it was five years ago I remember every character like it was yesterday. I took some time away from fiction to focus on harvesting my craft, becoming a better writer. That meant stepping into the world of journalism. Houston Style Magazine gave me that opportunity. I’ve gotten to write about everything from sports to love to music to social injustice. They allowed me to pick the stories I wanted to tell and didn’t censor me.

Now in 2017 I’m ready to release two new novels that are night and day in content and story but both are amazing pieces for storytelling. That’s what our generation is missing and what I want to provide. Novels that tell stories that touch our soul.

The last part of who Demez F. White is, is the romantic. I love date nights, I love the idea of being a romantic and being in love. There is something incredibly cool about it. I believe our lives are meant to be spent with someone while making memories. Last year I put together a date night for my girlfriend and a simple picture turned into over 80 million people viewing it and millions liking it on Facebook. Romance will always matter.

Welcome to My World!

9 thoughts on “About Demez F. White

  1. I was just browsing the internet looking for something to grab my attention. I clicked on a link and it brought me to you and I’ve been reading all your post getting lost in another world. Your work truly is amazing the scenarios created seem so real. Keep up the great work

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