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Reading vs. Everything Hoodie

Reading vs. Everything Hoodie



Coldest Writer Ever Hoodie

Coldest Writer Ever Super Comfortable Hoodie



Coldest Writer Ever Sweatshirt

Ultra Comfortable Coldest Writer Ever Sweatshirt



Reading vs. Everything T-Shirt




Pre Order The Depth of A Sister’s Love

The Depth of A Sister’s Love follows three sisters in the mist of life, love and sisterhood. They deal with the joys and pains of life all while leaning on each other.



Pre Order Redliners

They Lied to Us All





Learning to Enjoy What Happens In the Middle

Life has to be about owning up to and learning from your mistakes. For me, my relationships have been such a huge part of who I am as a man and with each chapter I talk about moments that shaped me. I don’t like to consider “Learning to Enjoy What Happens In the Middle” a relationship book because I’m not giving advice. I’m telling stories that are relatable because I know men and women often times feel as though they’re the only ones going through whatever it is they’re going through at the moment. This book is me saying, “You’re not alone and any mistakes you made, I probably made them to. Forgive yourself and go be happy.”



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