You’re Beautiful: I Just Feel Like You Should Know

IMG_0189.JPG Every now and again I feel like you need to be reminded of just how perfect you are. I understand perfect isn’t attainable so please don’t take my words literally. When I say perfect I mean, you’re as perfect as any woman can be. Perfectly flawed in the most beautiful way. I get I look at you in way that’s unrealistic, I have these expectations and place you on a pedestal when we both know that’s not fair but I can’t help it. No one told you to be this freaking awesome!

I’ve read great poets and philosophers that have said every man gets three great loves in his life. Some get them early and never experience love again, some have them spread out over time and some may never meet the loves of their lives at all. I believe with all my heart I’ve had at least one great love. There’s a part of me that believes you can be number 2 if I ever got that chance.

You’re beautiful because you’re selfless. You’re beautiful because your spirit and heart are so full of life and joy. There isn’t one person that can genuinely not like you. You’re beautiful because I say you are and I’m willing to fight any man that says otherwise.

You’re beautiful because God made you that way inside and out and for that the world is a better place.

Our Daughters Are Watching

girls They don’t see her watching but she is, pretending to play with a doll she sees him play in her hair. She watches her mother giggle and blush. She can’t hear what they’re talking about but she knows they’re happy.

They don’t see her watching but she looks up from the kitchen table. Her dad looks sad; her mom is rubbing the back of his neck as he eats. He looks up and smiles, “Everything will be alright.” She wants to ask what’s the matter but her mom gives her a look that says, “It’s okay.”

Every time they leave he opens the door for them both. Every time her mom buys groceries he goes outside to help her with the bags. She doesn’t understand why he talks louder on the phone then he does with mom, she just knows mom smiles when he walks through the door.

Little girls grow up wanting to be like their mothers. It’s why they play dress up and mimic the walk.

Men set the standard, set the example for what their little girl will look forward to.