February Mornings

“You’re always hogging all the cover, I wake up every morning freezing. You’re going to make me start to wear pants to bed.”

“You know damn well you hate clothes and when it’s ninety five at that park and ride this afternoon are you really going to be thinking about some cover.”

She hit him upside the head, he started to tickle her. The clock read 6:26am, they both knew every second in the bed was another second they’d be late for work. But every second away from the bed would be one more second away from moments they both looked forward to.

“I’m not catching the park and ride today.” She slapped him in the stomach and laughed, jumped out of bed before he could recover and locked herself in the bathroom. He rubbed his stomach and ran to the bathroom door.

“You know when you come out of there I’m going to get you back.” He was hitting the door but couldn’t stop laughing at how fast she jumped out of the bed. He walked to the kitchen to make some coffee and put a couple bagels in the oven, she loved her bagels in the oven. “The toaster is just lazy,” is what she said the first time he popped two in there.

In less than twenty minutes she was showered, fully clothed and holding her heels, purse and attaché bag in her hands. She picked up the already covered bagel and sipped the too hot coffee while he sat at the table returning some emails waiting his turn for the bathroom.

“You did well for someone that hogs all the cover, this is the perfect combination of cream cheese/bagel! You keep this up and I may let you drop me off at work and pick me up today.” She looked over the rim of her coffee mug and smiled.

Her words from earlier popped in his head. “I’m not catching the park and ride today.”

“So you just know I’m going to go twenty miles out of my way to take you to work and pick you up when you have a fifty thousand dollar car sitting in my driveway?”

Sitting the coffee down and finishing off the bagel like an Egyptian temple builder she wrapped her arms around his neck from the back. Letting her lips linger on his shoulder.

“You know I hate driving and I know you hate whatever I hate so you’re going to take me to work and we’re going to laugh and talk and flirt and when you get off you’re going to pull into the parking garage, ride up to the top floor and we’re going to turn the ac on full blast and have some of that sneaky sex you like, overlooking the Medical Center.”

She sat on his lap and they kissed, he bit her lip, she bit his.

“I don’t like sneaky sex.” He kissed her neck.

“Boy please! You are so damaged.” She shook her head and laughed, “But I love your damaged ass; so hurry up and shower and throw on those raggedly construction clothes so I can stop by the café before work.”

He stood up and stretched, laughed. “Where do you put all that? You just ate my bagel and yours and you want to stop for breakfast?”

She spun around like she was on a runway.

“Maybe I’m eating for two now.” She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. He took her hand and walked to the fridge. There were four bottles of wine in the rack; he bought a new bottle every other day because of how she ran through them. He hadn’t noticed she wasn’t drinking anymore.

“You’re eating for two?!”

Picking her up and hugging her he realized he’d be taking her to work a lot the next nine months.

“So now maybe you should share some of that cover daddy!”

Love Is Addictive

Take a look at my lady, and my day began to shine.
Told her, “Baby being beautiful is a state of mind, and you are.”
So, had to let your mind and your heart know, as you grow, the more, the more I see God glow.
I know it’s probably strange, seeing your body change.
Can’t fit your clothes, nose ain’t the same.
But love still remains, it won’t vary with me.
Look at you and smile, thinkin’ Damn she carry a me!
A life we created, we can cherish forever.
You growin, but it’s sexy, the sex is even better.
But through thick and thin, pickles and peanut butter, is a divine mother, queen and supreme lover,
U still got it.
~ Common and Jamie Foxx “U Still Got It”

I was listening to Pandora and this song came on that I hadn’t heard in awhile but for some reason I really listened to the lyrics today. Jamie Foxx can really sing but it’s more than just that. I heard Common’s verse and I just really listened to it. It’s about his wife being pregnant and how her body is changing and she’s a little self conscious but she’s still beautiful. Her nose spreads a bit and she’s gaining some weight but it’s okay because you’re caring a life we created together. I’ll never say that I wouldn’t date or marry a woman with children, that could be God’s plan for me. I do know though that I want to share that experience of having a child for the first time with someone. I want us to both be excited when we hear the heartbeat for the first time. I want to calm her when she can’t wear the pants she’s been fitting in for the past five years, I want to go out on the late night food runs if that makes her feel better.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m old enough to know there’s some nasty stuff that can come with a pregnancy. It’s not all like the movies and baby shower commercials but when you love someone, like really love them, does it matter that she’s throwing up or breaking out or moody?

Music has a way of speaking to you even when you can’t quite relate to what the song is saying.


‘What Are You Cooking Me For Breakfast?’

I have this theory or I should say it’s more of a feeling. It goes something like this… I know I’m in the presence of a great woman when one of three things happen.

A) We’re at dinner and she looks me in my eyes, sips her drink and asks, “What are you cooking me for breakfast?”

B) We’re riding in the truck, she leans over while we’re at a light and kisses me. Nothing too freaky but just enough to let me know she’s enjoying herself.

C) She reads my writing and gives honest feedback. There’s a lot of women that read but I need her to be the biggest groupie behind closed doors.

See I believe in expectations. I hate the idea of expecting the worse and hoping for the best. That’s a 2nd place mentality and it’s not welcome in my world. In my world I expect to be better than your ex, to love you harder, show growth. And I expect you to not make the same mistakes you made with him and to hold me to standards you’ve never held a man to. We’ll be better people together!

The cover picture to this blog post is a couple that’s expecting. She has to have twins in that belly but it’s a good look none the less.

I’m aware that pregnancy is some hard shit and probably not as glowing of an experience as I romanticize it to be but so what 🙂

I’ve spent the last ten years of my life being careful and sewing wild oats so that my first child will be with my wife. My first visit to the doctor with her.




I hope you all enjoy Memorial Day Weekend!

Just A Dream

I had a dream about my son last night. He was sitting in my lap on the couch laughing. I can’t tell you what he was laughing at.

What I remember most was how his hair smelled. Like that baby shampoo that all babies should smell like. He was fully dressed and his mom came in the room and picked him up.

She kicked me playfully and said, ‘You’re going to spoil him.’ But what I noticed is that she didn’t put him down. She fussed over his thick curly hair and brushed some cookie crumbs off his clothes. Kissed him on his cheeks.

‘You’re going to make my son a mamas boy!’ She kissed me and he hit my face and started laughing.

She laughed, ‘He doesn’t want you kissin is mama!’ The diaper bag, the purse, her shades. I remember things that I shouldn’t remember. It felt too real to be a dream.

The taste of her lip gloss, the smell of his hair, the sound of their laughs. Am I losing my mind? Or are my dreams just driving me crazy.

The dream ended with them walking out the door and my sitting at a computer. When I woke up I fully expected to look over and see them there. But it was just a dream…