All You Have to Do Is Say Yes

All You Have to Do Is Say Yes

All I want is an opportunity to make you happy. I’m on the eve of turning 31 and I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep. I might not ever be able to put you in a Benz and buy you that house on the lake but I can promise you’ll never catch a bus or sleep under a leaky roof.

All I want is to touch you and have you melt in my arms. When you have a bad day call me, no hesitation. When you’re hungry let me know what you want to eat. When you’re horny let me know where to lick. I just need you to open the door so I can get it started. Just say yes.

I want you to have two or three drawers over here. I want you to have a key and for my dog to love you just as much as she loves me. I want to be the one that you know will put no other before you. That starts with a yes.

Our child, our future, our sweaty nights when I can’t get enough of you; that all starts with a yes.

Say Yes!
Say my name!

I’m going to brag about you. Post pictures of us. Piss a lot of women off but the truth is I’d rather see you them frown as long as you’re smiling.

Say yes and I’ll change your life!



The Nicer You Treat Her Outside the Bedroom; The Naughtier It Will Get Inside the Bedroom

hot-chicks-covered-in-chocolate-8Desire comes at a cost no matter what you get told. Sometimes that cost can be money, sometimes it can be emotional currency and often times it’s simply time. The worst thing in the world is making a woman feel cheap because you can’t come back from that.

A lot of men spend so much time and energy trying to get women naked that soon after they do they think the battle is done. That’s a backwards way of looking at your love life, once you’ve had sex with her the worst thing you can do is fall back. Not if you want to do it again.

Comfort is desire’s best friend. Do you know what the two biggest turn-ons are to women and the two most neglected by men? The first is simplicity. What cream does she put in her coffee everyday, if she goes to Starbucks, what does she order? Is she a peanut m&m girl or a chocolate m&m girl? Women tell us in every conversation a small detail that it’s in our best interest to remember. Showing up at her doorstep with a small reminder that you remember everything she tells you, that you listen. You can’t buy that sort of compassion. Compassion and comfort= freaky sh*t on a Wednesday night.

The second is being dependable. How do you think these guys that are constantly screwing up are steadily getting these women pregnant or creeping back into their lives? She knows he’s a liar, she knows he won’t do right but when she needs something he’s there. If he sees her car is dirty, he washes it. Her oil needs changing, he gets it done. That’s what being dependable does for a woman, it takes the stress out of her life.

Buying flowers is cool. Taking her to a restaurant that you need a blazer just to walk in is even better but don’t understatement just being nice. Actually talking to her about her day, making her laugh when she’s been stressing all day. Eating all your food on the plate when you both know it sucks, she cooked it, she knows it’s burnt. She’ll love you because you ate it all when everyone else would have talked about her. A purse she saw a month ago that’s out of her budget it, buy it. It’s tricking if you got it, it ain’t tricking if you got her. Be nice, be a man, be funny and watch panties become optional and morning sex become mandatory before you walk out that door. I may be single but that’s by choice, take the advice and watch your quality of life explode all over your sheets.