5 Reasons Girly Girls Are Perfect…

5: Pretty nail colors. Toes or feet or both. Tiffany Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, Lavenders and Light Yellows. God created OPI for a real reason! I’m a sucker for seeing a pretty hand wrapped around a pretty glass. Or a cute set of colorful toes on my hardwood floors. It’s a lot of maintenance but it’s worth it.

4: I see women in sun dresses all the time and I appreciate the look of a cute sun dress. But what I’ve become really fond of on pretty women is rompers. Especially strapless ones, you have naked shoulders, thighs, an exposed neckline. And the material can vary from casual linen to nightwear. Girly girls can get away with this because men love simple sexy.

3: Understanding time and place in reference to shoe/makeup. When I, Demez White, say girly girl I’m not simply talking about women in general that are feminine. I’m speaking on women that just get it. Certain shoes go with certain weather. Lip gloss is more than adequate for 96 degree Texas weather. I don’t care how attractive a woman is, having a fully made face to hang out on a deck and watch college football at 4pm is not sexy.

2: There is a thin line between vulgar/sweet/boring/goofy. Girly girls walk these lines with their pretty toes and perfect teeth with ease. I can’t stand loud women or women that talk like men. You can be ‘one of the guys’ and still be ladylike. Cute shorts and a UT baby tee, trash talk and beer get you boo status. This thing where you’re the loudest woman in the room. No thanks.

1: Girly Girls are perfect because God didn’t create those perfect bodies to not be perfectly groomed. Most men I know pay bills or trick or get jealous because despite what you’re dateless homegirl thinks women are highly valued to us. Especially the women that make every head turn whether it’s in the gym or Escalantes.