Who Do You Run To?

Life is defined by moments. dwhite

In-between going to work and making up the bed and brushing our teeth there are moments that shape us. Moments that make us who we are and stay with us. When you’re having a bad day, when you’re having a good day, when you just need to talk to someone. Who is it that you run to?

For some it’s their best friend, for some it’s their mother or sister. For most people in a relationship it’s going to be their significant other. That moment you get good news, he or she is the first person that pops in your mind. He or she is the only person you want to share that news with.

If they aren’t, they should be. It’s not just good news though, when your heart is broken and you need someone to help you put it back together, that man or woman you say you’re in love with; that should be the person you go to first. The person you talk to. If it’s not, then they don’t need to be in your life.

Accepting truths aren’t always easy because feelings get involved, comfort levels get involved. But if you’re more comfortable texting a friend or a random guy on twitter than you are the person you’re with; you just aren’t with the right person. Sometimes we get so caught up in who someone is that we don’t stop and think about how that person makes us feel.

It’s His Loss I Promise

20140316-204426.jpg Life can be ironic in this sense. Most men at some point in their lives screw it up with a woman that’s perfect for them but convince themselves it wasn’t meant to be. Those same men can watch another man screw it up with a woman and say, “I can’t believe he let her get away.

I usually write in 3rd person because I was told by a great writer to never make the writing about you. Tonight I’ll ignore his advice just this once. I have no earthly idea how or why he let you go but he’s a fool. Maybe he did something that’s unforgivable or maybe he just doesn’t get it but he will regret it. Whether its tomorrow, a month from now or a year from now. You are the definition of the woman men not just want but need and I promise you this is his loss.

What makes you so utterly amazing? You have this huge heart, you’re a great friend, you have this dope relationship with your father that gives you warmth and character. Your faith shines through you and beautiful isn’t a word I’d use. More like stunning or enchantingly gorgeous. No person is perfect but all your traits make you damn close. I’ve met celebrities, business tycoons, authors I grew up reading and the only time I’ve gotten star struck is when I got to speak to you.

Sensuality isn’t tangible. It’s not a tight dress or bouncy hair. It’s not the way you walk or look when you’re in deep thought. Sensuality is a feeling, a vibe that follows you wherever you go. It’s that thing that makes men stare and think, “Damn.” To be sensual is to command a room with a smile and confidence similar to a Geisha in a Japanese Garden. Your sensuality impresses me and I’m a romance writer.

It’s his loss and for that its out gain. I was wondering what I was going to write tonight. Thanks for the inspiration and I wish you the best. Broken hearts heal by the way.