What Love Isn’t?

woman in rain Love shouldn’t have you feeling anything but amazing. So often people mistake hurt, loneliness, lust for love but the truth is when you’re really in love it gives you more than it takes from you. It becomes such a big part of you that it changes you.

One- You should never feel lonely. Even when the person you love is away there should always be a part of him or her that’s with you. It’s okay to miss someone or to need to feel them or see them but that need should never make you feel empty.

Two- Love is happy, you laugh more, you lose track of time when you’re on the phone having dinner. Text and inside jokes that wouldn’t be funny to anyone else in the world is funny to just the two of you. People around you see that happiness, some resent it, some envy it, some want it. Either way they see it, it shows in our walk, our voice, our actions.

Three- Love is giving. You never really ask, “what about me?” It becomes what can I do to make this person happy. You can have this mindset because you know that they’re going to do everything in their power to make you feel the same way. You can’t wait to kiss her, to buy a gift, to cook a dinner. She can’t wait to surprise you in the morning or buy tickets to a game. The more you feed into love the more it gives back to you. Especially when it’s genuine.

Four- Love isn’t shameful or sneaky. I always smile when I hear people say they hide their relationship because they don’t want others in their business. I haven’t been able to share my love with the world in the past and it fucked me up. When you’re in love you want to tell the world about how great she is, about how everything she does is just dope! You take a bunch of cheesy pictures, you look rough when you’ve spent the weekend over there because you didn’t want to go home. Going home meant less time you could spent together. If she’s sick and needs me, I’m there because love says I need to be there. I want to be there.

Five- Comfort. The best sleep in the world is when you’re sleeping next to someone that you know has your back. You have a bad day at work, there’s no worrying because the worst day at work doesn’t compare to a simple day with her. Ten hours of bullshit and meetings and whatever is wiped out by her smiling and asking what you want for dinner.

Love is a lot more things but it’s almost time for me to go home so I’ll pick this up at a later date. Love is really cool during the Holidays by the way!

A House Is A Home When…

There’s more than one toothbrush in the toothbrush holder.

When you go to the store and buy cereal you hate because she loves them.

When you call her at work to see if she’s coming over knowing she’s coming over but you just didn’t feel like going to the store.

When you sleep with the ceiling fan on even though it’s 47 degrees outside because that’s what she wants.

You feel guilt for washing your car and not washing hers.

You come home and it smells like cookies or a cake or any sort of food.

You can’t jam mixtapes but have to jam Christmas music because she’s spent everyday since Thanksgiving making a reef that’s going to be God awful but you have to put it on the door anyway or risk sleeping with one eye open.

You check the mailbox and realize she’s already gotten the mail even though all her mail goes to the apartment she’s never at.

You log out of your Facebook when you go to the shower because you’ve spent the last year before her flirting with women on FB chat don’t know care or don’t realize your house is now a home.

You realize your pots and pans no longer stick and the towels in your bathroom all match.

When she hints that she’s going to hold a girls night and you should go out with the brother or homeboys you’ve been neglecting ever since you met her pretty ass.

Your bed is no longer cold and empty but warm and holding a woman you love.

Your shower has been invaded by soaps and lotions that smell like Heaven.

She’s parked in your driveway and doesn’t move to get behind you when you tell her you’re on the way home. She’ has no plans on going anywhere until she goes to work in the morning.

You put up Christmas lights even though you had no intentions to because you know her father put them up every year and she misses him most around the holidays.

You realize none of the things you recorded on DVR are there. They’ve been replaced by shows that make you gag but you’re too scared to erase them.

You decided that you’re going to wear that really comfortable pair of pajama pants that should have been retired a long time ago because she’s now started to sleep in her hair wrap.

When you feel like she’s mad at you simply because she wanted to sleep in her own bed at her ghost apartment that night.

When your guest room actually has guest.

When you’ve been writing all night and find her sleeping on the couch because she didn’t want to sleep in the bed without you. So you pick her up, carry her to bed, undress her even though she’s not really sleep anymore and lie her on her back while kissing her on the forehead. Because going to take a shower and fix lunch for the next day just doesn’t right if the woman that has turned your house into a home is on the couch.