Lust At First Sight

20140603-055513.jpgI don’t know if I’ve ever believed in love at first sight. I suppose part of me wants to but love is a verb, an action word so to love someone without knowing them just doesn’t make much sense to me. I do however believe in lust at first sight. The feeling you get when you see a woman for the first time and you imagine everything from kissing her to holding her hand to more graphic acts.

Personally speaking I have always thought that lust gets a bad rap. People talk about it in a sinful way but the thing is lust controlled is perfectly healthy. It’s natural to become aroused when you see someone that’s physically or mentally appealing to you.

I have some more thoughts but it’s almost the weekend; the people that are at work aren’t working hard so I’m going to write a quickie note.

Mid Day Sin…

Sitting on the top floor of the parking garage, no other cars around her she couldn’t stop smiling. Most of the building either on vacation or called in sick she let the sun warm her. Her blue tooth was in her ear so that both her hands would be free when the call came. They hadn’t talked in two weeks and she missed the hell out of him. If she was being honest with herself she couldn’t even remember what they were fighting about and just when she was about to break the text came in at 2am.

‘I mss you.’ She read those three little words and responded back.

‘I miss you too!’ Just like that they spent the entire night texting. ‘I’ll call you tomorrow at lunch baby; wear that black pencil skirt with the red heels, no panties.’

She was wearing exactly what he’d asked, beyond wet at the thought of hearing his voice after so long.

‘Hello.’ The phone didn’t finish one ring before she answered.

‘Hey baby! I’m still pissed at you for waiting two weeks to text me! But I’m sooo horny and you have been neglecting your friend!’ On the 17th floor she was all class, all professional tact but right here, right now. She could talk nasty and be the woman she knew he loved.

‘Lift your skirt up and place the phone to my friend so I can apologize.’ She kept the blue tooth in her hear, raised her skirt and placed her middle finger on the magic button.

‘She’s listening.’

‘I just want you to know that what me and Jewels have going on has nothing to do with me missing you, kissing you, licking you, putting my dick inside of you. I’m going to make it up to you in about thirty seconds.’ She jumped when she heard the tap on the window.

‘I told you I missed you both!’

Just like that they were starting their weekend off right.

What Are You Doing to Me?

“She needs rest, last night, this morning. After work, I could barely get my run in.”

We were sitting in my truck, my hand in between her legs, her feet on the dashboard. The redbox movies next to her small feet, the two bags of groceries on the floor.

“You’re telling me she needs to rest, what about him? You’ve drained him and you’re the one that took off your panties and placed my hand inside.”

She laughed and looked at me. My fingers weren’t moving at the pace they usually moved. Not tonight. There was just a comfort in touching her, the same way she slept under me is the same way her wetness gave me peace of mind.

Moving my hand she sat up on her knees and pulled her dress over her head. Her panties were hanging on my rear view mirror and her bra was MIA so she was completely naked. I rubbed her ass and kissed the small of her back.

“You know someone could see us right? The house is just a couple steps away.”
She cracked the windows and sat on my lap straddling me.

“Let you seat back babe.”

I put my head against her chest to hear her heart beat. I put my lips on her nipple and bit down with my lips. She rode my hardness with my sweats still on, I hugged her tighter. “Pull it out, please.” She whispered in my ear. She sat down slowly, we were both sore and tender but the pleasure was worth the pain.

Her movements were slight, no bouncing, no grinding, she just kept a slow rhythm.

“I don’t know what you’re doing to me. I’m so damn horny all the time, I love you so fucking much! God this feels good baby.”