Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

Today is June 12, 2014 and for a lot of people it’s just a Thursday before the weekend. Today is a little more special than that though. Today is her birthday. Now we aren’t cool enough anymore for me to text her or call her or send any messages so I won’t. I can however talk about her on my blog because it’s my blog.

This woman changed my life for the better. She made me believe that I could be a great writer, she listened to me when I was down, talked to me when I needed real advice. There was never a point where I doubted her sincerity. Not when it came to wanting the best for me.

So often we lose focus. Someone hurts us or lies to us or things don’t end well so we decide to throw the baby out with the bath water. That’s not how life works though, just because you see the bad in someone doesn’t mean you forget about all the good in them.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a lot of women in my life, it comes with being a writer. I can honestly say that none of them compare to the birthday girl. Of course there’s been women that were better for me, that were sweeter, that were cooler. None of them pushed me though, not like she did.

It’s been over a year since I’ve spoken to her and I’ve been good with it for awhile. So now I’m only down to writing about her once a year, one June 12th. She’s one of those women that just make you better, her confidence in you can make you feel as though you can move mountains.

Happy Birthday! I hope you get everything you desire and more.

Dear Sorority Girl…

Dear Sorority Girl,

a pink gift boxLet me first apologize for using the word girl, I’m fully aware that if you’re reading this you’re a grown woman. I just like the ring to it much more than I like the words “Sorority Woman.” Today is the Founders Day for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Sunday was the Founders Day for Deltas and over the course of these two days I’ve realized something.

The characteristics I see in women that are apart of Sorority’s are the characteristics I want in the woman I’ll marry one day. I’ve never been a modest man, I love beautiful words and beautiful women and women that have a confidence that flows naturally thru their pretty skin. Women that are smart and ambitious and want to better not only themselves but their community. That’s what I see when I see a woman that wears those colors so proudly.

Did you know… In my first novel there’s a dedication to a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Along with my grandparents, Ashley, family and readers I literally name her. This woman I’ve never dated or kissed or slept with because her impact on my life was that profound. She’s maybe the prettiest woman I’ve ever known but is as modest as can be. She’s super sexy and knows it but her style doesn’t require her to be inappropriate. She reads and smiles and drinks but is a lady at all times and her faith in God is unquestioned. I was in love with that woman and I’d like to think that being an AKA was a part of the foundation to her greatness.

I took a Delta to lunch on Sunday so hopefully I can take an AKA to dinner today.

Sincerely Yours,

Demez F. White