Seduction 101: Start to Sex

Seduction 101: Start to Sex

1. It starts with the mind. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. It helps to be tall, dark and handsome but once a woman reaches a certain maturity it’ll take more than dimples and cologne.

2. Once you get past the introductions and small talk honesty and compliments come next. Acting isn’t what’s up. Don’t be something you’re not. Women like shy. Women like thugs. Women like aggressive or smart. All of those things are true; none of them are true. Women like consistencies and honesties. Show her she can trust you and she’s open. Tell her she’s beautiful and mean it!

3. Aggression matters! Don’t be a pussy! It’s better to go in for a kiss and she moves away then to talk too much and miss the moment. Dudes get friendzoned everyday because they waited and she lost interest. Push her up against the door and just do it. Pull her to your side of the car and kiss, suck, bite her neck. Not enough to leave marks but enough to make a point!

4. Seduction starts from the top down! Hands should start on her face, then her neck, her back and stomach. Breast next and if she’s not stopping you then her thighs. She can’t fake wet. If she doesn’t want your fingers in the Holy Grail she’ll stop you. There won’t be any mixed signals. If she grabs your hand or closes her legs, just stop! Don’t ask why, don’t push it. Just keep kissing, keep touching the places she said were okay. It’s okay to be patient, to make her comfortable. We’re adults.

5. Talk about sex like an adult. I’m not talking asking her if she’s wearing panties or telling her you want to kiss her special place. I mean talk to her about how long it’s been, about what she likes doing. Ask her when her first time was, when her most memorable time was. Laugh with her, be quiet when she gets serious and just listen. Learn her body before you ever touch her. Sex is as much mental as it is physical. Some women get off on giving, some are selfish, others are saving themselves. Ask questions.

6. Confidence. Don’t ask to do something, just do it! I’m not talking taking it, I’m talking being decisive in your actions. Freaky is okay, nasty is okay as long as its not weird. The same way a man shouldn’t ask a woman where she wants to go for dinner when she gets in the car is the same way a man shouldn’t ask if he can go down on her. Push her back and just do it. Do it like its your honeymoon and its all you’ve thought about! Do it like not doing it will destroy you!

7. Bring condoms. Bring condoms! It’ll fuck you up when she’s soaking and you’re inches away but be responsible. I’ve not used them and spent the next couple weeks freaking out! Women love responsibility. She’ll say I’m on the pill or its okay but after its over she will respect responsible.

8. Don’t cum on her unless she tells you to. Life is not a porn. If you’re not sure just ask her. You’d be surprised.

9. Don’t rush to get cleaned up when it’s over. Lie in the wet spot, let your breathing cool down, hug her, kiss her, slap her ass and rub her ass. Tell her how great it was; how perfect she was. If she gets comfortable, you go get the warm towel to wipe her down.

10. Don’t say shit you don’t mean! I want you to have my baby. I love you. I want you to be my wife. It’s just sex talk to you. It’s a verbal contract to her.