Confident Black Men and Women Scare America

I have written about LaVar Ball since he popped on the scene because in the beginning I felt like it was a click bait story. You want to get a couple shares, a couple retweets, write about LaVar Ball. So I stayed away from it but then something happened. I started to see the hypocrisy in the way we society views black men and independence. Let me give you a couple of examples.

  1. Nike exec George Raveling on LaVar Ball: “The worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years.”
  2. Unnamed NFL Coaches, “Colin Kaepernick is a traitor and I would never want him on my team.”
  3. Republican Congressman, “Obama took 400,000 for a speech; we need to take his pension.”

What do all three of these things have in common?  The black men involved weren’t docile enough.


Why is that whenever I hear about Lavar Ball I never hear that he’s been convicted of any crimes? Why is it that I’ve never heard of his sons getting in trouble or of him hitting his wife? Why is it that I haven’t seen one piece on him being a good father and mentor while I’ve seen two hundred stories on black boys and them surviving without fathers? That’s not the story they want to put out there, they’d rather focus on how bad of a guy he is because he doesn’t want to take their handouts.

Now let’s talk about Kaepernick, teams were saying he’s asking for too much money and most people were happy to accept that was the truth. Meanwhile he comes out and says, “No one has talked to me or returned my calls so how would they know what I’m asking?” Guys have beat their wives, killed people drunk driving, fixed games and the worst person in the league is a guy that took a knee to bring awareness to cops killing black men and women?

Lastly, President Obama was criticized and attacked more than any President in history when there was no basis for it. The worst thing he probably did was wear that tan suit that time. After eight years of this Republicans lost their minds seeing him on vacations and smiling. They lost their minds that he and his wife got this huge book deal and they lost their minds even more when it came out that he was getting 400k for a speech. I live in Texas, ex-politicians and athletes have been getting paid for years to give speeches but now it’s a problem?

Confident Black Men scare America because they hate our strength. When Tiger Woods was winning Majors he was “Blasian,” I’d honestly never heard that term in my life. When he got caught cheating, he was a black man. When Kanye West said, “Yeezy’s will jump over Jordan’s,” we laughed and said no one buys Adidas. Now you can’t find a pair of Yeezy’s anywhere, they stay sold out.


Lavar Ball says, “If the Lakers draft my son, they’ll make the playoffs next year.” He didn’t say they’ll win a Championship or that his son will be the best Laker of all time. He said a team full of young talent with a pass first point guard could make the playoffs. People are literally hostile at that. He has confidence in his son and that makes you uncomfortable? Just because Archie Manning wasn’t on TV every day doesn’t mean he wasn’t behind the scenes making sure his sons were taken care of.

Don’t Let Your Mind Imprison You

Sometimes our mind can be our biggest prison, our most staunch obstacle. The easiest thing in the world is to say, “I can’t do this.” Is to convince yourself that you’ve done enough, that you can’t push your mind or body any further.

Who’s going to stop you? Who’s going to tell you’re wrong? Most people, even the people that love you, won’t push you to the extremes. The extremes are where our fears don’t live. The extremes get every ounce of what we have to give.

People often say there’s nothing worse than failure but I believe they’re forgetting one fundamental aspect of life. Not trying or giving up is far more mentally and spiritually destructive then failure. Giving your all and realizing your best wasn’t good enough may feel like failure but it isn’t because there’s fulfillment in that feeling. That feeling of knowing you have nothing left to give. It’s not emptiness, it’s completion.

Don’t allow fear to paralyze you.

We all have a destiny and to ignore that destiny is to ignore the greatness inside of you! Push yourself to the limits, take risk professionally, mentally, socially.

Have you ever heard a man say, “I married over my head?” Or have you ever looked at a couple and without thinking or ill intent asked yourself, “How did he get her?” You can conquer the world when you let that fear go, when you embrace the self confidence we all have inside of us. That man has her because he wanted her!

Choose a goal and embrace the challenge!

Meet that goal and aim higher!
Meet that goal and aim even higher!

Don’t let your mind imprison you for over thinking has ruined great men and women.

Good Morning