A Day In Florida; A Day I Wont Forget

airportWe’ve all been at home watching the news and you see something unimaginable happen and what’s the first thing you think, “That’s horrible!” Even though in the back of your mind what you don’t want to admit to yourself is, “I’m happy it wasn’t someone I loved.” This doesn’t make you a bad person or an evil person, it makes you human. None of us want to pass an accident on the road and imagine it’s our child or woman or mother.

So today as I’m boarding my plane to Havana and buckling my seatbelt I look at my phone one last time before I put it in airplane mode and the CNN update says, “There has just been a shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport in Florida.” An airport I just left my girlfriend at, an airport my cousin works out of often. The flight from Miami to Cuba is 45 minutes and that was the longest 45 minutes of my life.

When I arrive in Cuba there’s no WIFI, no cable, they have their own cellular network, everyone speaks Spanish and I notice no-one is on their phone tweeting or texting or snapchatting. My mom tries to call me and the call drops, my girl tries to call me and the call drops, customs doesn’t want to let me leave Cuba because they’re wondering why I landed and stayed for three hours just to leave. What’s supposed to be this perfect vacation to start of 2017 has turned into this nightmare moving in slow motion. The not knowing killing me more than bullets ever could.

After a plane ride, a bus ride, a train ride and AT&T suspending my service for using my phone in Cuba I’m waiting at a train station in Miami. Half my luggage gone, lost or stolen and half my heart in the pit of my stomach. Who do I see pulling up to greet me, the two women that seem to always have it together but managed to scare me to death.

My phone now functional I get text after text, call after call, message after message. Telling me in the heart of the storm my reporter put aside her fear and told the world a story that needed to be told. In the blink of an eye she owned her courage and did her job.

Believe You’re Worth Everything You Desire


Comfort is a great word. When I think of comfort I think of a pair of boxers fresh out the dryer after a hot shower, a cold beer, my couch and a good game. For some comfort is a pint of Blue Bell, thick fuzzy socks and stalking their favorite people on Instagram. Comfort can be an amazing thing but it can also be dangerous to growth, success and passion. 

When you become comfortable at a job or in a relationship it’s human nature to take your foot off the gas. It becomes the most logical thing in the world to believe you are we’re you’re supposed to be. That’s where belief has to come in; the belief that you can soar past your station in life. No one can believe in us like we can believe in us. Like we have to believe in us. 

Social media leads so many into a false sense of accomplishment. I’ve had hundreds or likes on a post or hundreds of shares on a blog and it’s a good feeling knowing people follow you but it no where near compare to the feeling of receiving a check. Of having that belief that if I stop giving away my services for free; that people will still buy into me. If you desire greatness in life there’s no formula that allows you to jump the line. Invest in yourself, put time into your talent, support others and network and just work your tail off! 

At the age of 32 there are days where I feel like I haven’t accomplished a thing. Days where my confidence and aggression and sense of hope feel like they’re fading. Then there are days where I see the horizon. I see the progress. I see the company and writing growing and evolving. Either way on either day I’m never losing the belief that I can get where I want to get. I’m never going to doubt that God has a plan for me and that plan includes any struggles and missteps I might endure. 

In every great man or woman’s life there has come a point where they decided the risk was worth the reward. Some sacrificed steady jobs, some the loves of their lives and some their piece of mind. That’s a decision you’ll have to make on your own. 
Demez F. White 

Faith Over Everything 

  The last time I was in a chapel at a hospital was the morning my grandfather died. When I walked in there were people of all races and religions praying because disease has no gender or color. Death doesn’t have a minimum or maximum age requirement.
That morning I got on my knees and didn’t ask God for anything but peace for my grandfather. Being here now, in this same chapel, my faith has grown stronger. I didn’t talk to God for a long time after that; that loss and anger overwhelming me. It wasn’t until I accepted that same peace that I asked for that I was able to move on. 
~ Demez

Does Anyone Object?

She wasn’t marrying a Senator or Congressman, he wasn’t famous enough to have security but walking thru the church doors my nerves were still shot.

There were way more people than I expected, three times more people than I expected. Almost every seat was full but I scanned and scanned until I found one on the 4th row.

I wasn’t use to wearing suits, I worked with my hands building things. So even though it cost me a months salary and was tailored it still felt wrong. Looking around I noticed some of her friends noticing me but I ignored them. There is no way they could know what was on my mind.

A week ago was the last time I saw her, the last time I kissed her. The last words she spoke to me sat in the pit of my stomach like a cement block.

“I know you love me and if I’m being honest with myself I’ll probably never want anyone as much as I want you… But want and love won’t give me the life my son and I deserve. You know my favorite sandwich and when I need a hug. He dedicates novels to me and named a restaurant after our future daughter. I choose him not only for the security but because he’ll never let me down. It’s not in him to hurt me, you’ve hurt me more times than I can count.”

Those were the last words she spoke to me and now I was here to breakup her wedding. Either she’d walk out of this church with me or I’d know her heart was with him.

The bridesmaids walked in with the groomsmen, the flower girl threw flowers and the music flowed. And then we stood, the lights dimmed and every eye turned to the door. There was a collective gasp as her beauty and sheer radiance swept thru the room.

My palms were sweaty and my first instinct was to close my eyes and ignore the rest of the ceremony but I stayed.

I watched her father give her to him, I watched him remove the veil from her face and even though I couldn’t hear their vows I could see their smiles.

“If there’s anyone here that objects to this union let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

My legs felt like jello but I stood up.

“I object!”

The world went quiet…

To be continued.