Are They Looking For Help or Falling In Love?

perfect love The difference between someone loving you and someone trying to escape the prison they’ve set up around their heart is barely visible to the human eye. As a matter of fact it could take years for you to actually realize that they were looking for help and not looking for love.

A lot of people associate looking for help with financial situations. They’re looking for someone to help pay bills or to get some money from but when someone is looking for help it can often be emotional help. When someone has been damaged or hurt often times all they need is a good person in their life to balance out all the heartbreak and lies they had to deal with before.

This isn’t always a bad thing but it isn’t always a good thing either. What happens is you become a glorified stop gap. Someone to heal them but does healing equate to loving?

It’s not necessarily a bad thing you know. Someone needing you to help them opposed to falling in love with you. We can’t dictate why people need us in their lives; all we can hope is their intentions are genuine.
There are plenty of people out here looking for help for all the wrong reasons and karma always comes back on those people.
~ Demez

10 Reasons Why I Believe I’m Falling In Love With You

Common-Romantic-Regrets One- I check your Facebook every day. Not really to see who you’re talking to or what guys are saying but just to look at pictures, to see your face. I like seeing your face, seeing your smile.

Two- When you call my entire personality changes. I smile more, I don’t get out the truck, I blow off work for twenty minutes, your voice makes me realize just how much nothing matters more than talking to your pretty ass.

Three- I love your ambition, I find myself talking about you to strangers just because you’re you.

Four- I could care less about having sex with you, our conversations are enough. The way you stimulate my mind means more than any woman has ever done to me physically.

Five- When I write it’s you I see.

Six- The things that make me ignore most women, complaining, whining, crying, all those things bring me closer to you. They make me want to spend more time with you.

Seven- I watch you sleep, not in a creepy way or Silence of the Lambs way but just in a way that brings me comfort. I wonder what you’re dreaming about. I like pulling you close and having you sink your body into mines.

Eight- I have a feeling that when you’re completely into me the amount of freaky and sexy in you will turn me out. It will change my life.

Nine- I love your simplistic beauty.

Ten- Loyalty. To your friends, to your family, to me. Even though we haven’t known each other for long I love how you’re willing to have my back. I love how you talk to me and see me in a way that makes me feel like you care. I know you care. I’m falling in love with you and I don’t care who knows it.

Instead of Falling Back; Try Stepping Up

Relentless Passion

Relentless Passion

How strong is your fall back game? And for those not familiar with this 21st century language, are you a person that’s quick to give up on someone that has potential?

Pride is a dangerous thing. It will have you questioning something that feels so right. I’ve never understood bragging about falling back because in essence you’re bragging about giving up.

Our generation has bi-polar tendencies. On one hand we love having options and being single but on the other hand we want people to be faithful and loyal after a couple of dates. You can’t have both. In my world there’s no falling back, there’s only stepping up or walking away. If she’s entertaining two men she’s not playing games, she’s being courted. Do you want to be the guy that’s emotional and let’s her go or do you want to be the one that wins her?

Nothing in life worth having is going to come easy. If you’re not willing to work for it, then fall back and find that woman that’s ready to commit to you while you’re doing the bare minimum. You don’t take her on dates, that’s okay. You don’t cook or compliment her, it’s fine. Those are the women that won’t challenge you. That won’t call you out on your bullshit when they need to. Is that what you want?

That love that changes you, that makes you better. That woman you’re willing to fight for isn’t meant for everyone. That woman isn’t community vagina. That woman requires stepping up. That woman is going to make demands of you mentally that other women want. You fall back with a woman like that and when you try and stand up she’s gone.

I don’t have any feelings, I don’t give any f*cks, bragging about falling back or ignoring people. I’m not sure when that became cool, I’m not sure why seemingly grown and mentally stable individuals would brag about that. My fall back game is borderline non-existent because I’m either going to step up or let her go.

I’m Falling For You



I’m Falling For You
Why can’t you stop smiling? Why does everything seem so funny? Why are you so happy? You can’t tell? I can tell. It’s contagious you know. Me, falling for you, that burst of energy I get whenever you walk into a room. That’s what has you smiling, knowing I’m falling for you. Knowing whatever this is, is turning into more than this. Knowing that I’m not going anywhere unless an act God intervenes and even then I’m not even sure that would stop what’s happening between us.

I think we go together now. I’m pretty sure you’re my girlfriend in more than just my mind. There’s the toothbrush that’s next to mines in the bathroom. The new towels and candles that seemed to come out of thin air. There’s me talking to you on the phone every morning, even when you’ve just let my home minutes earlier. There’s me calling you knowing exactly when you get off work. Waiting, anxious, excited for that kiss. I’m falling for you and I’m not afraid of where the fall will take me.

What does it mean exactly to fall for someone? It’s different for everyone but for me it’s feeling fearless! It’s feeling like I can stand down an army and if no one else is there, you are. It feels like a ray of sunshine bursting through the clouds when it’s been cold all day. Falling for you gives me a piece of mind I haven’t had since, forever.

If you don’t love me already, I’m going to make you love me. You’ll feel my heart beating while we kiss. You’ll feel my love for you in every moment we’re together and everyone moment we’re apart. My words and actions will touch parts of you that no man has ever even dreamed of touching. My affect on your life will be like a hurricane that wipes away a city and devastates your soul in the most beautiful way possible.

Who I am as a man. What I want, what I’m willing to do! No one will ever compare because they don’t see you, can’t see you like I see you. If I never make love to you physically I don’t care because our souls make love with each and every breath we take. Life is a gift and you are the essence of the perfect unwrapped beautiful package that I get to open over and over and over again.

I’m falling for you and guess what? I think you’re falling for me too.

~ Demez F. White

You’re Worth the Pedestal… Because I Won’t Let You Fall

I’m not them.

I won’t make the mistake of not realizing what I have or what you’re worth or what you mean to me. I’m not them. I won’t take for granted the smiles in the morning, the phone calls on the way to work, the silly pictures of you at your desk.

I’m aware that putting you on a pedestal is dangerous. That there’s a chance you could get tired and fall off or I might get tired of having to live up to the expectations I’ve set for the way I treat you but that’s a chance I’m willing to take. My writing is more than words on pieces of paper or a computer screen. My writing is a way of life that I live and breathe. I love hard because I know no other way to love. The expectations I would put on you or the same I ask of myself.

There are a lot of men and women that want a “lazy love,” they want to gaze in each other’s eyes and sit on the couch. They want to be on equal footing and that’s fine, that’s what works for them. But you and I could never be on equal footing because if I’m being honest with you, I can’t imagine a man has ever or will ever love a woman as hard as I love you. Not in a volatile way but in a sense of how much of myself I have invested in us. Because to prosper professionally or socially or romantically and it not be with you, that’s that shit I can’t even phantom.

I’m not them.

I won’t walk away when I fuck up and you need reassurance. I wish I could tell you I’ll never hurt you or I’ll never make you cry but that’s not a promise I can make because there will be bad days but I just need you to know that our good days will be so much more powerful that the bad days won’t even matter. I write this at my desk with the sun coming thru my window and my work phone blowing up because I’m late because I need you to know that if you’re out there, if you’re reading this. You deserve everything that God has created for us.

Until we meet, I love you and don’t get pregnant or any guys names tattooed on you.