15 Things Every Woman Should Have

black dress

1. A little black dress.

2. A strapless bra.

3. A pair of black heels.

4. Quiet confidence.

5. A flat iron.

6. A curling iron.

7. Clear lip gloss.

8. Red lipstick.

10. A pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

11. A copy of Demez F. White’s book.

12. A set of black lingerie.

13. Candles.

14. Pearls.

15. A subscription to Vogue.

Fall… Women… Fashion

I make no secret of my love for women, for pretty faces and nice smiles. I’m sure most men love women, that doesn’t make me special or unique. I just happen to love the details, the specifics that make women… women.

That’s why I love Fall and Fashion when it comes to women. It’s the perfect combination if there ever was one. I’ve been in really cold cities in the Fall and those big coats and scarves, gloves. That’s not what you want. But in a city like Houston where the perfect Fall day is like 65 degrees and partly cloudy it’s Heaven on earth.

Tight jeans, a thin thermo or button down shirt, a cute jacket. Nice boots.

A sexy pair of slacks, a cute light sweater, four inch closed toe heels.

Fall clothing is just sexy, it screams intoxicating. Not to mention the lack of humidity and what it does for her hair. I know so many women that curl their hair and it looks amazing in the mirror but as soon as they step outside and the humidity hits it… it goes limp.

In the Fall that hair stays curly and bouncy and women with nice hair just have more confidence.

The summer is for short shorts, linen and thin dresses.

The winter is for velvet and leather and accessories.

The spring is all about getting ready for the summer.

But the Fall, the Fall is when you mix all those things together. And women are just great when it comes to that. A lot of people don’t know this about me but when I write I always imagine a real person, real traits, real skin texture, a real voice. It literally helps me make the character more authentic.

Today I saw a picture of a woman in a fitted dress, long legs, a blazer on and her hair was all wild and free. I must have looked at that picture, studied it for about five minutes. I didn’t comment on it, I didn’t like it, I just admired the effort it must have taken for her to walk out the house looking so perfect.

Looking so Fallish.

Gold, Bronze, deep purples, these are the colors I see on women when I imagine this season. Bangles and earrings that accent nice jackets and boots, it all works in unison and it all drives us wild. Jill Scott, Norah Jones, John Legend, I can see those evenings now.

Us casual chic, tipsy, her holding onto me because she’s had too much to drink and the music has her feeling a certain way. The chill in the air since we’ll be outside, nipples being attacked by the wind, jeans that hug every curve she has. You don’t get these sorts of the nights anytime but the Fall.

Fall, Fashion and Women…. I’m so about that life!

Now I just have to find a woman to share these moments with.


Ten Reasons Why I Love Women….

Ten: No one else has the ability to make me feel better when I’m feeling down. My boys can take me to a strip club and to get some drinks, my family can cook a good meal and tell me their proud of me. But there’s nothing like a woman smiling at me and telling me everything will be okay. I just believe her, pretty faces, smiles and sweet smells are my kryptonite.

Nine: Body Parts: This may be very mannish of me but I just love female body parts. Of course the obvious, a nice ass, perfect cleavage but it’s way more than that. The way a woman’s hair falls over her ear, the way a necklace lays across a collarbone. The way dimples or freckles sit on a cheek. There is something so erotic, so tempting about looking at a female body.  I could write about each layer and never run out of things to say.

Eight: A Feminine Voice: Every woman has a melody that is unique to her. A way she talks that’s its very own language. When she says hello or good morning or good night the waves just sync and everything feels like it will fall into place.

Seven: The Passenger Seat: Going out of town, going to a movie or even if it’s just us doing some parking lot creeping. Having a woman sitting in my passenger seat is like winning the lottery no matter how many times a day or week it happens. The definition in her thighs, her back against the passenger door. The smile on her face when the console comes up. It’s pretty cool.

Six: Fashion: I wrote a status earlier in the week about this woman in front of me at Chick Fil A that got her breakfast paid for because of the pencil skirt and heels she was wearing. I was dead serious by the way! I love well dressed women almost as much as I love writing. Almost… Seeing a woman fit a pair of jeans with a cute blouse or a pair of tights and a form fitting workout shirt. It doesn’t matter, if it looks good on her and is tasteful or slutty in the right situations, I’m all in…

Five: Motivation: The love of my life will never truly want me because I’m not paid. I know this and I know she wants to be comfortable, she doesn’t like working and she hates the idea of doing it until she retires. Her pretty ass isn’t the only reason I work as hard as I work but her and women like her or a big part of it. I understand it’s a man’s place to provide if his woman doesn’t want to work and seeing her, talking to her, getting an email from her. I know that I have to do better, I have to make more and make a bigger name for myself. Women are motivation.

Four: The Hennessy Connection: This was my attempt at word play… Liquor and women just go together, I’m talking go together like peanut butter and jelly or Bobby and Whitney. When I’m taking shots with a beautiful woman or popping open a new bottle of wine. When the conversation is flowing and the liquor is adding to our flirtiness I don’t want the moment to end.

Three: Round of Applause: If a woman can dance she can get whatever. Point. Blank. Period.

Two: My Heir: Women have the ability to give me a son. There isn’t a greater ability in the world. I want to be married and in love when I have a child but it’s more than that. I know me and I know I would be the worst “baby daddy” in the history of life. I’m incredibly jealous by nature and a little mean, I’m crazy about who I’m crazy about, it engulfs me and drowns me and love isn’t strong enough of a word. When a woman has my child she will by extension become the most important person in the world to me because she’ll be holding the most important person in the world to me.

One: My Writing: Every story. Every novel. Every thought. They’re all usually based off some woman and how she makes me feel. Women are the reason I’ll be on the New York Times Best Sellers List one day!