Trump’s World Is Coming, Get Prepared

Something hit me recently, it came to my attention that most people look at Donald Trump as a character, someone who we love to hate but everything will be okay once he gets out of office. The problem with the mindset is that it doesn’t account for the scale of the damage he can do with simply the stroke of a pen.

Let me give you a cliff notes version of just a handful of the decision he’s made that can literally change all of our lives in a heartbeat.

  • He lifted protections that were in place against banks and wall-street. In the Mid 2000’s when banks were going bankrupt and people were losing their homes. When banks were giving out sub-prime loans, that’s going to start happening again and when it does, there won’t be a bailout this time.


  • He’s lifted environmental protections against oil and gas companies drilling in the oceans. This was put in place after those oil tankers lost millions of gallons of gas and destroyed coastal areas in Mississippi and Louisiana.


  • This may be the biggest one. Trump will have the ability to shape the Supreme Court and these men and women will be relatively young, meaning they’ll be shaping laws in this country for the next 20 years. Most don’t believe this but there’s a chance Roe V. Wade gets overturned. I’m not even a man that believes in abortions but I do believe women have that right. Could you imagine a world where women had to go to backwoods towns and risk their lives for an abortion?

These are just a few, this doesn’t even mention the immigration issue and the separating of families. The alienating of other countries and aligning ourselves with world leaders that are for all intent and purpose, dictators. This doesn’t account for the school programs that are being shut down.

Trump’s world is coming and it will be a dark place.


What You Won’t Do… Another Man Will

hot-sec.jpgI often write very glowingly about women, pretty much on a daily basis. I do this because I’m a positive person, what I don’t say, what I don’t really write about is how many really manipulative and nasty women there are in this world and there are a lot. Not too many women are going to fall in that top 10 percentile.






Sex Appeal.

So when men find one like that I think what happens is they get spoiled and the longer she’s in his life, the more he takes for granted just how special she is. Especially if he isn’t her equal. If we looked at things from a biblical, religious point of view… we’re all created equal. We’re all God’s children. But this is the real world and in the real world we’re judged by our actions, our motives, our ambitions, not our intentions.

Intentions get you nowhere in life, you could have the best intentions in the world and still be a screw up. Life is about actions and reactions, ambitions and plans. When I was out last night and this afternoon I saw a couple of women that were really exceptional. I knew them from FB and I’d met them out and about once or twice but this weekend I got to really look at them.

That’s actually the cool thing about FB, you can get to know someone from a distance and once you meet them you sort of put their internet persona with their live persona and you have it all. And what I got from them was… their men must have been idiots. Look, I’m fully aware that you’ll never know a woman from the outside looking in but what I do know is that I’m a good judge of character.

And you would be amazed at how many men lose good women over the following things.

Insecurity- If your woman is pretty, men are going to flirt with her, ex’s will never stop calling or texting or sending FB messages no matter how many times she tells him she’s taken. It’s the price you pay for having a bad ass woman. And if a guy doesn’t feel like he deserves her or he sees the way people look at them when they walk into a room. He’s going to blow it eventually because he’ll never live up to what he thinks she wants. Not realizing that what she wants is him, including all your shortcomings.

Jealously- This is the weird one, a small amount of jealously adds passion, it shows concern, women like the idea that you still get a little salty over that co-worker that calls after work hours or the bartender that’s a little too friendly. But that’s pretty much where it stops. Tripping over guy friends, checking phones and calling too much, that will have her drained. And once a woman gets drained it’s over.

Whores- This is self explanatory.

Finances- When a woman is selfless, she’s really selfless. I know women that don’t go shopping for themselves without buying the man in their life something. They go out of their way for his birthday, for Christmas, if he gets a promotion. They take pride in giving. When a man can’t do the same, it hurts his pride and pride is a slow ticking time bomb to her cashing out.
Now let me wrap this up in a bow and bring in full circle.

There will always be men on the outskirts that see the jealously, insecurity, other women, money issues and just stress he’s putting her under. These aren’t the guys that will blow her phone up or call her to throw salt on the guy. These aren’t guys that will ask her to dinner or lunch. These are just men that appreciate who and what she is and know that women like her are rarely single. These are the guys that probably lost a good woman and have no intention on letting a woman like yours slip away. So if you don’t treat her right one of these guys will.

What people forget is that there was a man in Michelle’s life before Barack. There was a man in Beyonce’s life before Sean. There was a man in Kate’s life before William. These are extreme examples but the point is the still the same, women make men better, they have throughout time. And when you find one that makes you better, don’t fuck it up.