4 Tips Every Aspiring Writer Should Remember

You're important. I know you are!

You’re important. I know you are!

Gone are the days where talent alone gets you a book deal. You can send your manuscript to 40 different publishers and unless it’s a one in a million type of first couple pages then you’ll get tossed in a file cabinet. If you want to make it you have to bring a readership to the table. That means not only writing but investing in your talent and in yourself.

Tip #4

Don’t worry about people stealing your words when you put them online. One of the fears I hear from a lot of aspiring writers is, “If I start a blog or share my writing with Facebook, Instagram or wherever someone might steal it.” There’s a good possibility someone will steal your words or content. I’ve written things on a Monday and saw variations of that content on a Tuesday. You can’t control this, you just have to have confidence that what they write will never be better than the original. The only way we get better as writers is to share our work and grow from criticism. You can’t mature as a writer if you’re not sharing.

Tip #3

Don’t do it for the likes, they mean very little. Social media is fool’s gold, yes, it will help you build a following but those likes are usually coming from the same people. You have to write with three things in mind. Who are you writing to? What is the message you want to send? What do you want to gain from it? Don’t ever be the person that convinces yourself, “I don’t care if anyone likes my writing as long as I like it.” That person never makes it because they can’t accept criticism. Figure out who you want to read your writing and mold it. Give it your spin but mold it to them. That’s not selling out, that’s just good sense.

Tip #2

Know who you want to be and become that person. Once you create an image on social media you have to live with that image. You can’t write about respecting women and then post statuses dogging women. You can’t be a music blogger and then tweet about how there’s no good music. Why? Because you have to be above the pettiness. I often write about dating, it’s because I go on dates. Why would anyone read about dating from a person that admits they don’t go out? Don’t be a hypocrite and sabotage yourself before you even get started. Pick who you want to be and be that person.

Tip #1

Write often. Write as though the words that are on the screen will be the last words you will ever write. There’s no secret to writing, no formula or short cut. You have to invest in words, you have to love words. You have to read. I read a book a week, sometimes they’ll be a book of short stories, sometimes full novels, sometimes self help books, I read. Pick up a book that you’d never pick up and read it. Some of the most talented authors never sell but they did what they loved. Kobe shoots hundreds of free throws a day. Peyton Manning is the first person at practice and the last person to leave. Writing requires the same dedication. Believe in yourself, believe in the words.

5 Traits Women Project That Makes a Man Take You Serious

9447548-fashion-sexy-women-clothes-detailWhat’s the difference between a man playing with a woman or killing time with her and actually taking her serious? All women aren’t created equal, some are more beautiful than others, some more ambitious, some funnier. There are still common denominators that tell us, “She’s not to be played with.”

FiveHonesty- If you want a man to take you serious, just be honest with him. If he asks you if you have plans on a Friday night and you have another date, tell him. He’s going to be pissed, jealous but he’s also going to realize you don’t have time to sit around waiting on him to pursue you like he should have been doing in the beginning. Either he’s going to pout and ask about the other man or he’s going to step his game up before you’re out of his reach. An honest woman is scary because she can bring out some insecurities but she can also make you realize that she knows she’s a catch and being on standby isn’t an option for her.

FourStandards– It’s perfectly fine to tell a man that you don’t do certain things. If he asks you to dinner or out for drinks ask him where you’re going. If it’s not somewhere that you’d normally go tell him to pick another place. If he only texts and you like talking on the phone, tell him to start calling more. There is a difference between being bossy or having unrealistic expectations and setting expectations and standards.

Three- Professional Goals– Potential is nothing but knowing someone is capable of not getting where they need to be. If a call you and you tell me you’re working or in meeting all day I can respect that. If I ask you out on a Thursday night and you tell me you have to be at work at 7 and you can’t have a late night I can appreciate that. Women that have a drive and determination to be successful professionally whether in a beauty shop, board room or fitness center just have a different aura. You value their time in a way that leaves no room for wasted energy.

Two- Maturity– Age is simply a number when you start talking women over 23. I’ve met women that are in their early 20’s that have dated men in their 40’s, engineers, CPA’s. They live on their own, dress in a professional manner during the day, dress sexy but respectable at night. Their voice, mannerisms, everything about them screams grown woman. You just approach them differently. On the flip side I’ve met women that are 30 plus that have no tact, no ambition, no sense of time and place. Men take women that project a certain maturity so much more seriously.

One (Drum Roll Pleeeeeeease)- Authenticity– It may take us a while to figure it out but and we may notice it the first night we meet you but there isn’t anything like an authentic woman. Someone that knows what she’s comfortable with and is good with that. I’ve ran across women that shop at thrift stores and Marshalls and garage sells and look like they could be on the cover of Vogue. They don’t have to pretend that it’s all Galleria all the time or seven hundred dollar heels or nothing. They don’t mind telling you about their boss that sucks or how they had to borrow some money from a friend until they got paid. Every one doesn’t have three months’ salary saved for a rainy day. Real is so underrated.