Baylor, Rape and a Culture That Doesn’t Respect Women

baylor“Actions by University administrators directly discouraged some complainants from reporting or participating in student conduct processes and in one instance constituted retaliation against a complainant for reporting sexual assault.”

The above statement is part of a statement released by Baylor. A school that just fired the most successful football coach in its history. There was a lot in the statement that made me cringe but the part I’m writing about today is the part that makes this almost unforgivable. It’s the part where Baylor not only told young women to not report the abuse but it’s the part where they retaliated against one of the women for reporting the abuse.

This wasn’t a football coach that told a player’s girlfriend to take it easy on him for cheating on her. This was a football coach that ignored his peers advice and brought football players into Waco, Texas that were nothing more than sexual predators. In one instance Art Briles said he’d never heard of off the field incidents with some of the transfer players he’d brought in. That was disputed by then Boise State head coach Chris Peterson who said he told Briles about the incident in which Sam Ukwuachu beat his girlfriend.

The same Sam Ukwuachu that while at Baylor was convicted of raping a female soccer player at the school. The same Sam Ukwuachu that was a known bad guy. He wasn’t one of those, “He needs a second chance” guys. It wasn’t until the guy was arrested that they finally decided to put him off the team.

Then we have Shawn Oakman. Maybe the most intimidating looking man in college football. Standing almost 6 feet 7 inches and muscles everywhere. He’s currently facing charges of sexual assault. According to reports he met a Baylor grad student out, took her to his apartment. Forcefully removed her clothes and raped her. Even before this case there were whispers out there about him and his past.

School officials, not football guys, but actual suit and tie academics decided to sweep all this under the rug. Why? Because for the first time in school history Baylor Football mattered. They were tired of getting stomped on by Texas and Oklahoma and they wanted it to continue. It continued alright, it continued at the expense of women all over campus.

It’s hard for me to call college girls women because most of them are coming straight from their parents protection and are still children. Baylor literally served them up on a platter for no reason other than wins.

Houston Restaurant Week, Russell Wilson, Why Aren’t Women More Romantic and Rose

  Houston Restaurant Week is Christmas in August. It’s finding your favorite movie on Netflix when all you were looking to watch was your favorite episode of Sons of Anarchy. Every year they add more and more restaurants and every year I gain 10 pounds eating desserts because I feel obligated to finish my 3-course meal. I only have 3 suggestions, you ready to copy and paste this? 

1. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and ask your server what’s the best dish out of the options they’re giving you. 
2. Instead of taking a date just because, go alone. This way you get two restaurant week experiences for the price of one date. 
3. Don’t take pictures of your food or even use your phone while you’re there. Simply enjoy yourself. You can tag the restaurant and Houston Restaurant Week afterwards, social media isn’t going anywhere. 

Russell Wilson and Future were sent to us from the social media Gods in order for us to have random debates about modern families that really make no sense. Think about all the riveting conversation that comes from this clash of NFL QB’s and Hip Hop Royalty (at least to people that like dreads, drugs and hate wearing condoms.) 

1. Is Cierra wrong for introducing her son to the man she’s dating? 
2. Is Future an IHOP or Waffle House guy after he leaves the studio? 
3. If Russell Wilson was dating Cierra during the Super Bowl would he have gave the ball to Marshawn Lynch instead of passing it? 
4. Will little Future become the first kid to win a Heisman and a Source Award?


Tune in next week to find out!!!!! (Que trailer music to your favorite show)  
I heard a commercial on the radio today and the woman said, “Today is the anniversary of the first time you washed my car so I’m making you breakfast in bed.” I thought that was so efffing Romantic because it’s such a creative way to remind someone of the fact that you recognize what they do and mean to you. I’m a romantic and I love surprises. Cool surprises though, nothing like, I hit a parked car while I was driving your truck. Women are caring, sweet, reliable but ,last women aren’t really romantic. Do we as men or society ask them to be? Probably not. But it’s been over 95 degrees 22 days in a row so if he washed your car the least you can do is not record over his favorite shows on DVR. That and bacon, bacon is love! 

Rose is my 7 month old pit bull and she’s a terrorist. I’m not sure who her parents are but it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s related to those dogs that chase people on bicycles. (Fyi: Stay out the lanes of traffic on those bicycles. Cyclist are terrorist too!) Anyway, back to my possessed and spoiled blue eyed devil of a dog. She refuses to drink her water if it’s not exactly 56 degrees Fahrenheit or less. She barks at weird noises but doesn’t actually go see where the noise is coming from. Will Smith’s dog on I Am Legend fought a zombie dog for him; mines only fights my GAP flip flops and a has a viscous street beef with my couch pillows. Rose in essence is Debo on Friday without the flannel jacket. Saying all that, she did protect her mom from a pack of wolves while they were jogging so maybe I’ll keep her for like 3 more weeks 🙂 So in essence does that mean “I’m in love with a terrorist?” (You have to read that in the “I’m in love with the CoCo” voice) 

If the World Is Ending…

proposalI’d like to slow dance with you in the middle of the Museum of Natural Arts with a saxophonist playing in the background and an empty bottle of wine sitting on the most expensive sculpture they have. I’d like to watch you twirl around like you don’t have a care in the world and fall in my arms. I’d like to look out over the museum district and the medical center and tell you that I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the world before the world ends.

I’d like to kiss you at the fifty yard line in front of a hundred thousand people watching the Texans and Patriots at the AFC Championship Game. I’d like to fall to one knee and tell 20 million people watching at home that I love you and that in front of them all I’m asking you to marry me, to have my children and to never stop looking at me like you’re looking at me now.

I’d like to make you a perfect breakfast at 6am and take you to Neiman’s an hour before it opens. Watch you try on dresses and heels and model just for me. I’d like for every associate in the store to be standing there waiting to take care of your every need. I’d like for us to go to my car with a hundred bags knowing that when we got home you won’t be wearing anything at all.

I’d like to train and run a marathon with you.

I’d like for us to take turns massaging the stress and hard work out of each other’s calves and thighs and shoulders. We can run the New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon and the ones in Beijing and Spain. We can walk trails and climb hills while we’re there, make love on the banks of the French Rivera.

I’d like for us to take our children to Africa, to show them the Pyramids. To allow them to see that Africa isn’t all Aids and poverty, that it isn’t wild animals and crazy dictators. That there’s so much beauty and history there. So much culture and happiness.

I’d like to introduce you to my grandparents. My grandfather would make fun of you, make you laugh. My grandmother would love you and ask to take you shopping. My mother would become one of your bestfriends, my sisters would tell you I’m mean and ask that you ask that I buy them something. I’d like to make the family I already have and the family that you’d given me one with no weal links.

I’d like to make love you to in the backyard with the dog barking and the porch light off. With the extreme cold or extreme heat or maybe one of those perfect Houston nights as our backdrop. Your dress covering us, you on top of me in the lawn chair moaning, forgetting that anyone could be watching. I’d like to make love to you in the parking lot of the Hobby Center after we see a play, tipsy tongues and wet lips destroying a two thousand dollar gown.

I’d like to meet you and love you and love you and love you.

And if the world ends on Friday I have no one to blame but myself.

And if the day comes and life goes on as before on Saturday morning… I still have time to be the man and live the life I write about.