Thunderstorms, Trench Coats and High Heels

storms “Turn off the lights. Light a candle; because tonight I’m going to make love to you.” I was singing to her, rather badly but I loved to hear her laugh.

Last night was rough for her, grad school finals and taking on new responsibilities at work. As tired as I was, as she was, I stayed up with her. Sipping coffee, rubbing her shoulders, quizzing her on her notes. It was a long night but one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

“I’m going to need you to promise me you won’t show that sexy voice to anyone else. I don’t want to hurt someone for throwing panties at my man.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

Just like clockwork she called me as soon as she left work.

“Baby. Are you cooking tonight? I just want to come home and lay on the couch.” She still had her house. A house she paid bills at, that was twice as big as mines but whenever she spoke of lying on the couch at home she was talking about my couch.

Staying up all night with her, going straight to work and now I was going to have to make dinner too. A part of me knew she was spoiled but I didn’t have it in me to tell her no.

“I’ll take something out, how far are you?”

“I’m like 5 minutes away. I’m exiting 59 now. Oh babe! I see a cop, let me get off this phone before I pass this school zone! I’ll see you in a minute, love you! Bye.”

The call ended and I stood at the fridge looking inside wondering what the hell I was going to cook in this short notice. Settling on some chicken breast I threw them on defrost and started to grab what I needed when I heard a knock at the door.

I knew she had a key so when I looked out the window and saw her car in the driveway I figured she’d just forgotten to use it. When I opened the door my mouth dropped.

Standing there, a thin trench grey trench coat on, purple heels that added a good 4 inches to her height. Her hair bouncy and curly, holding a six pack in one hand, a pizza in the other. I didn’t offer to take the food out of her hands, didn’t move back so she could walk in. I just couldn’t stop looking at her. Couldn’t stop feeling like this wasn’t real. “I love you,”she mouthed to me. Unbuttoning the top button on her coat, showing me the lace underneath. “I want to suck….” She mouthed. The thunder was loud behind her, the rain even louder. My porch shielding her from the worst of it she licked her lips and smiled that smile that said so much.

Maybe it was a thank you for all I’d done knowing she needed to study and was fighting for a promotion. It could have been her being extra because we hadn’t had sex in a week. Or maybe she knew the draft was tonight and nothing went better with football then beer and pizza. Either way I took the stuff out of her hands. Pulled her inside and set the DVR to record what I obviously wasn’t going to be watching tonight.

No Regrets… Consenting Adults

“I can’t do this.” His hands were rubbing her back, his tongue was on the side of her neck. As much as she didn’t want to feel what she was feeling she was feeling it. As much as she wanted to be in control she was losing the battle for being in control and it scared her to death.

“Please don’t say no to be tonight.” He was frustrated, not with her but with the wall she had up. With the battle she was fighting with her body. He could see the goosbumps on her skin, her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her dress. He knew she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her but he didn’t know what was stopping her.

“What happens tonight will be between me and you Kortney. I promise.” She turned her back to him and took three steps forward, he took those same three steps forward, her body was his addiction. Her body was a magnet to his steel.

“You don’t understand baby, you don’t understand!” He pulled her close, tried pulling up her dress but her hands stopped his.

“Don’t fight this, don’t fight me! You know you want this, you know you need this!”

Her body was screaming, her clit was throbbing! There was no bra, no panties separating the thin material of the silk dress from her body. Every touch, every kiss, every word was vibrating through her body and landing on her libido. She tried to think about something else, tried to will herself to ask him to leave but in her heart she knew it was no longer her decision. She knew it was no longer in her control.

“If you do this, if you kiss me there and suck me there we go together. Do you understand that?! I’m not one for casual sex, I’m not one for enjoying the moment. Of course I want you inside of me, I’m as wet as I’ve ever been and I haven’t even touched myself yet. But I won’t be a one night stand, I won’t be a conquest.”

While he was taking her nipple in his mouth, her hands were between her legs. She was baring her soul, being honest and open but he was opening her up. He heard her but he didn’t hear her. He respected what she was saying but how could he focus on anything when she was so wet, so hot, so perfect.

“This isn’t a one night stand, we’re both consenting adults, we both want this. We both need this.” He fell to his knees and spread her legs, she wanted to protest, she wanted to kick him in the mouth and tell him to stop but the kisses on the insides of her thighs felt too good. His tongue on the back of her knee was making her drip. She regretted not wearing panties now, she regretted being so horny. Once his mouth found her spot, her perfection, she knew it was over. She knew all hell was about to break loose and that hell was her pleasure.

To be continued…

Skype Dates… Phone Sex & Oral Pleasures

“Tell me what you want!”

Those were always her first words. No matter if she was sitting in my lap, on my face or on a computer screen.

Five words that passed through her pouty lips flawlessly and never failed to get her what she wanted.

“Tell me what you want. I’m not asking again!”

Today she wasn’t on my lap or in my passenger seat. Today she was on my computer screen doing what she did best.

Seducing me. She knew physical pleasure wasn’t something I had a hard time getting. But mental pleasure was elusive and right now she was mind fucking me from 50 miles away.

“I want you to sit back against the headboard so I can see your entire body.” Right now all I could see was her face and neck.

“Say please.” She was mocking me; seeing her do what she was about do was worth a ‘please.’

I mouthed it. She pushed the MAC away where I could see the top of her breast. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Please.” She licked her lips and pushed the computer back again. Her entire body came into view. The only thing she was wearing was a pair of purple lace boy shorts.

Sitting Indian style, her hands palm down on the bed, her hair on her shoulders all I wanted to do was soak her in.

“I want you to close your eyes.” She smiled and closed them.

“Take your right middle finger and suck it for me. Make it really wet… That’s good, now take that finger and rub your clit for me.”

I could see her breathing start to change. Her smile was fading and her posture was loosening.

“Okay baby… Whatever you want! Am I doing it right?!”

I put my hand on the computer screen where her nipple was like I would be able to feel it from here.

“Don’t rush, take your time and enjoy the feeling. Close your eyes tighter and imagine that the feeling you’re feeling inside your panties is coming from my tongue. I’m biting the inside of your left thigh while my fingers are inside of you. I’m licking your juices off your right thigh while you try and squeeze your legs shut.”

“I can feel your tongue baby! I can feel it!” She was speeding up and her moans were echoing thru the speakers on my desk. The wet, squishy sound was the only noise I could hear.

“Can you taste this?! Can you breathe baby! I’m sooooo wet right now!”

She grabbed the vibrator that was under her pillow and sat in down next to her. Never opening her eyes, never losing the rhythm she had going inside her panties.

“Are you cumming baby? Does my tongue feel good? Can I put it inside of you?”

My voice rose with hers, seeing the passion and heat with which she was moving made me want to make her cum that much harder.

“Open your legs wider and take your panties off.” She slid them off and sucked her fingers dry before she picked up the thick black vibrating dildo. She opened her eyes and wrapped her mouth around the hard piece of plastic.

“I can’t wait to have you in my mouth!” She was licking the tip and rubbing her breast.

“Put me inside of you baby.”

To be continued…