Can You Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife? Maybe I Don’t Want A Housewife

The original topic of this post was “Can Hoes Be Rehabilitated?” However I have a standard to live up to and I didn’t think it was appropriate to use that word in a title. But it’s the same concept either way.

Let me first say that when I use the word “hoe” I’m speaking of any man, woman or little green creature from out of space that sleeps around with multiple people at a given time. Ex. Robert goes out with three women in seven days and sleeps with all three on a rotating basis. He’s not conflicted or “just living his life,” Roberts a hoe.


Let me also say that contrary to what we may think; there is no way of knowing who someone was before you met them. You can go buy by rumors and gossip if you’d like but that’s not real life. Unless you actually know guys that you trust that say, “Your girl used to get around.” I’d think it’s a bad investment to believe much of what you hear.

But back to the question at hand, regardless if you have proof or not you have a pretty good idea if the person you’re in a relationship with or falling for is a hoe or used to be. They’ll be conversations that come up, things he/she says and you’ll know.

The thing is… Have they changed? Can they change? And I personally think the answer to that question is yes.

Look. There’s lot of reasons why people turn to sex as a way of coping. They could have gotten played and they’re taking out their resentment on the opposite sex, they could have been raped or molested. Those are the extremes and if you read my writing you know I don’t deal in extremes, those people need help and most of the time once they find someone that’s willing to be patient with them they’ll resort to who they were before they were hurt.

I’m speaking or writing on the men/women that get around simply because they want to. It could be chicks that plane hop every weekend to have fun and talk to ballers. It could be guys that sleep around because they get bored quick or they just like sex and don’t want to settle down. Those are the people that do most of the ratchet and freaky things and I do think they can change.

I’ve known enough women in my life and if a woman is in her early 20’s and living life, sleeping with guys, drinking and partying, why is that wrong? From a social and mental standpoint? If she’s single and free why can’t she be a freak per say? It’s the same for a man… If he’s fresh out of high school or college and decides that he wants a different woman every week but is honest about it, who are we to judge? To be honest I think hoe’s make the best wives and husbands because unlike the people that have been in relationships since they were 18 and 19 these people have gotten it all out of their system.

She’s slept with everyone from paid guys to smart guys to foreign guys. So if she’s settled down now you know it’s because she had options but she wants to be here with you. She’s making a conscience choice to put up her hoe hat and accept that it’s out of her system. The same with men, he knows how easy it is to get laid, how easy it is to get a woman and he’s making the choice to want you now.

As a society we give people way too much grief for not living a cookie cutter life. We ask them to be honest, to just tell the truth and when they do we crucify them. Some people just like sex, they just like sex with different people and if they’re honest with you, you have the decision not to date them. But when they finish, when they decide they’re tired of living like that. Why can’t they take those years of running around and incorporate that into a successful relationship?

The women that are “hoes” per say usually have the cleanest homes, they can cook and they’re talented in knowing how to seduce a man. They’re ambitious and aggressive and expect so much out of the men they’re with. When she takes that and focuses it on making one man better as oppose to trying to game a bunch of guys she’s going to be the perfect wife. And men… Do you know any real players, guys with real game? They turn women out with text and one date. Flowers, meals, flirting, chivalry. If he takes that game and infuses if with genuine love and security for one woman she has the man of her dreams.  There’s life after hoe life.

I know a lot of you reading will be hesitant to believe this because you’ve been played or lied to but you could be reading this lying next to a reformed hoe right now and never even know it.

Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Her vagina isn’t going to feel like a 10ft pool just because she got around. His body won’t have scratch marks and names of ladies he’s checked off a list. Kegals are real and phone numbers change.

Accept people for who they are and love them for who they are in the moment.