Hell on Earth: The Revolution

All she could remember was the noise, the deafening noise. Lying in bed, seriously considering calling in to have a four day weekend she thought her heart was going to jump out of her chest. “Am I dreaming?” Is the question she asked herself when all she saw was the backyard where her bathroom and closet once stood. The smoke, the fire, the screams, it was happening in slow motion.

It wasn’t until there was one scream in particular. One scream that shook her out of her dream state. She’d heard him cry before, heard him whine and play fight with his cousins but she’d never heard him scream like he was screaming now.

Jumping out of bed, taking in her neighbor lying in her backyard with half his head blown off she fought through the smoke and heat and crashing that seemed to be seconds away from falling on her to get to where she heard him screaming!

The front of the house collapsed, pieces of brick and glass everywhere. The harder she scratched and pulled to get to the scream the less fear and pain she felt. Her fingernails cracking, the heat from the fire scorching her thin nightgown.

Feeling hands on her waist pulling her back she turned to fight, seeing her husband bleeding from his head all she could do was scream, “He’s in there! He’s in there! Listen! Listen!” There was a dead look in his eyes, a look she could never recall seeing before, one that chilled her in her tracks even with all the noise and fire around her.

“We have to go Lauren! He’s gone baby! He’s gone!” Turning around, pushing him away! Still scratching! Still clawing! He could hear the rest of the roof creaking, he could hear the explosions happening around him! As the rest of the house collapsed he pulled her onto the front lawn screaming!

That was two years ago, that was the start of hell on earth!

That was the start of the rebellion that she now led!

To Be Continued…