Successfully Flirting While Keeping Your Thirst In Check…

What’s the difference between a compliment and annoyance or what has better become known as ‘thirst?’

The difference is simple. Is your compliment worth her attention? Is it funny or corny? Is it smart or tacky? Do you come off as confident and cool or annoying and cheesy?

Flirting isn’t about attraction. Sure, it helps if she can immediately see herself kissing you but flirting is about smiles.

You want her to smile as much as possible when you’re coming on to her. Not laugh, you aren’t a comedian. But smile.

Most women are crazy sexual. They’re just as vulgar and freaky as men but the difference is you have to be clever with sexual flirting. Don’t ever use words like fuck, pussy, ass, they aren’t tactful and she’ll be immediately turned off. Use her clothes, her work environment, if you’re at a restaurant use the menu. Be creative.

Don’t try to out think the room when you’re flirting. If she’s texting or on the phone simply wait a minute or two. “Excuse me… I couldn’t help but notice your heels. I work with a lot of women and I’ve never seen any of them wear shoes like you’re wearing them. They are complimenting the hell out of our purse. Stay away from her body parts, she gets that all the time. She knows you’re more than likely gaming her but women are vain and appealing to her fashion sense, noticing shoes she probably spent a day picking out. You now have her smiling. That’s flirting and getting your foot in the door.

Texting. You’d be amazed at what smiley faces and song lyrics can do for you. Not romantic lyrics or cheesy lines but rap songs. Most corporate women, nurses, lawyers, teachers. They’re ratchet as hell on the inside. So while every other guy is sending “Hi, how are you?” Text or “Good Morning Beautiful” text you’re quoting Jeezy and making fun of her texting when she should be working. Beautiful women get tired of being Porcelain Dolls, make fun of her and let her be her. That’s flirty texting.

At the end of the day flirting is all about how comfortable she feels around you. That’s the key.