If I Buy You Lingerie; We Go Together

20140327-200825.jpgIf I Buy You Lingerie; We Go Together

Lingerie is a unique gift because the simple truth is if you hand a woman a bag with something sexy in it, she’s not putting it on right then and there. You hand her that bag and you’re saying, “I want you to show up to my house in this when I least expect it.”

You buy a woman red roses and you’re saying, “I’m starting to fall for you if I haven’t already.” You buy a woman chocolate and you’re saying, “I wanted to make you smile so here’s something sweet; sort of like your kisses.” But if you buy a woman lingerie you’re saying, “This Fredrick’s, this Victorias Secret, this La Pearla is because you’re amazing in bed and even though this is coming off as soon as I see you in it; I just think your body would do this justice! And…. We go together!”

I’m a guy that very much believes in romance in its most dramatic form. I’m not to cool for stomach kisses and chocolate and champagne. I don’t think sending you a text and asking you to wear that dress that I love and that lingerie I got you is controlling. I feel like that’s sexy and what we’re supposed to do. The same way if it’s cold and rainy and I have to leave my house to get you Chinese and deodorant isn’t you being controlling.

I get frustrated at times with certain segments of society because they feel as though you can’t have extreme passion without simplicity. They work together, they always have. Black lace and thigh high boots on a Friday don’t mean sweats and fuzzy socks can’t happen on Sunday.

Lingerie is perfect and I haven’t bought any for anyone in a while. Spring is here, summer shortly after. I’m looking forward to showing up with that bag in my hand.