Three Word Stories…

married-w.jpgThere are a lot of words that have meaning, last night I was watching “The Words” for the umpteenth time and I remembered one of my favorite quotes. “I loved the words more than I did the person that inspired me to write them.”

Words alone are nothing but alphabets, nouns, verbs and vowels. But when you put them together they tell stories. Whether it’s one word or a book. Three word stories take on a meaning all their own.

I Love You

The three words we all long to hear, the three words that have started unions that will last a lifetime and that have been the foundation to love affairs the world loved to read about. I love you is a three word story that’s perfectly imperfect, those three words can mean you’ve found someone that completes you or it could mean someone has developed feelings and you don’t have any choice but to break their heart because you don’t feel the same way.

You can write a four page letter or a ten page text trying to tell someone how you feel but there will never be a three word story stronger than “I Love You,” because at the core of who we all are that’s what we want. Whether it’s the affections of lovers that don’t see us the same way or parents that we just want to be proud of us hearing those words have the ability to inspire and change. To motivate and encourage but they also have the ability to break us. Because there will come a day where “I love you,” isn’t a three word story meant for you anymore.

I Hate You  

Hate is a stronger emotion than love because when you truly hate someone you’re willing to sacrifice your happiness, your sanity, your compassion just to see them fall. I know it sounds poetic to use the words love and hate in the same breath but it’s more than just poetic it’s logical. Because it’s almost impossible to hate something if you didn’t once love it. “I Hate You,” is a three word story that goes deeper than our ability to forgive, it goes deeper than our ability to be rationale.

To hate someone means that you’re incapable of forgiving the sins they’ve committed against you. It means that telling that story of hate is worth the soul it will eventually cost you. A great philosopher once said that any more that goes on a journey for revenge based off hate needs to dig two graves. For even if you’re successful there is no way you can be redeemed.

I Miss You

The most sincere of the three word stories. There’s no hidden agenda or ulterior motive attached; the simple point of the parable is that my life was better when you were in it. It could be the hug you get from a grandmother or parent, the conversations you had with them when you felt like you couldn’t talk to anyone else. It could be the lover that fell out of love with you and now you’re dying slowly trying to replace that. “I miss you,” is a three word story that runs so much deeper than a man and a woman because missing someone or something isn’t always sexually or romantically based. Missing someone is emotionally based, it’s spiritually based, it’s seeing someone that has their characteristics or a trait of theirs and having memories flood you. It’s reading an old letter or hearing a song that they hated and thinking, “I’d love to see that look on their face just one more time.” I miss you is a three word story that we all have written… For better or worse.


All Women Aren’t Created Equal…

Reason One– I once read an article that said it takes twice the time you were with someone to get over them. So if she was mine for a year it will take me two to get over her, if I was with her for ten, it would take me twenty to get over her.

When a woman is around you for a period of time and everything she does is simply perfect or she can do no wrong; she’s become irreplaceable simply because she was there.

Reason Two– Every woman feels different, the texture of her skin, the smell of her hair. The size of her nipples or the way she moans when you touch her. Some moans are just perfect, some lips are just wetter. Some kisses are just sweeter.

How can you replace perfect lips?

Reason Three– If she loves what you loves, genuinely loves it, then you just know it’s meant to be. And when the day comes that some bullshit that has nothing to do with the two of you breaks you up that doesn’t change the fact that she’s still perfect for you.

Because regardless you’ll still see her face in every woman you’re with. And how can you move on when that’s the case?

Reason Four– Who do you want when you’ve had the worst day ever? Who do you need to talk to, need to hold you and tell you it’s going to be okay? That person doesn’t grow on trees. And if she’s that person; until you find someone to do what she did you’ll forever be on some other shit.

Reason Five– Not every woman is created equal.