It’s A Good Day To Start Living Your Best Life

You’re unique.

Perfect in your own way.
There is no reason you shouldn’t be comfortable in your skin because God brought you to this moment, this place, this time for a purpose. All of the heartbreak, the disappointment, the moments where you wanted to slap someone or scream in the middle of a workday. That’s okay because that simply shows how strong your spirit is!

There are a lot of people that didn’t make it home last night, a lot of people that didn’t wake up this morning. Men diagnosed with cancer, women that lost babies in the second trimester. But If you’re up and reading this you made it another day.

So make today count! Make it count in your own way! You don’t owe it to anyone to be great, to be special, to be happy but yourself! Life will never be easy and I’m sure I’ve written that before, life isn’t meant to be easy!

I’m not the first man to say this and I won’t be the last but ‘We Are Not Meant To Be Alone!’

We aren’t meant to be sad.

This isn’t a morning note about religion or inspiration, this is a morning note about LIVING! About SMILING! About realizing that  everything may not be great but it’s better than most and for that we can be grateful!

Someone out there loves you, someone prays for you and wishes that they could have your strength! Someone out there wants to be your protection, sanity and bestfriend. Someone out there is waiting for you to apply for that job that doesn’t make your skin crawl when you go to work in the morning!

Believe what you want will happen because what you want and what you need walk hand in hand.

I believe what you want will happen if you’re willing to put in the work to get it! Nothing worth having is going to come easy, prayer is necessary, talking to friends and family to ease your mind is necessary! But more than all that, working hard and not quitting is what will get you there!

There’s no magic formula, be true to yourself and those that hold you down and watch good things happen!

Good Morning and smile today because God didn’t give you another day to be sad

Finding the Perfect Pieces



I saw what the world saw. I saw the dimples and soft lips. I saw the smile that made strangers say hello at the grocery store; that made men offer to pay for everything from Tequila Sunrises to Starbucks. When we are out and I open the door for her I smile every time I see the definition of her ass. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dress, jeans or shorts. I just smile and think, “Damn, I’m going home with her?”

There are these moments where she’s articulating herself, making her points and the world just sort of revolves around her. She has a way of listening to people and using their words to not only validate what they’re saying but to make them realize her point is probably right.

That’s what the world sees, that’s what I see when we’re out there but when the curtains close and the heels come off. When she gets tired of being superwoman I see that part of her too. When she feels like being goofy and dancing around in panties and a tank top. When she wants to lie naked in my arms and just wants to be held, just wants to feel loved and needed and to talk. I see that, I am her Clark Kent, her Superman by just understanding.

She found a gray hair and actually cried. She drank too much wine and couldn’t bounce back like she usually does. We spend a lot more Saturday nights trying new restaurants and finding live music then we do turning up or taking shots. She doesn’t feel beautiful all the time and that’s okay because when she has those moments all she has to do is look in my eyes and she knows. She knows I don’t need her to wear the mask, to be “that” woman. I don’t need her to be on. I just need her to exist here with me right now.

Sitting at the kitchen counter, coffee steaming, fresh bagels on the bar. “Good morning,” she always says it with a smile, looking me in my eyes. Even though we wake up next to each other we never say good morning until we drink our coffee.

I’m sure ten years ago couples read the paper in the morning. I’m on my laptop, she’s on her iPad. Every couple of minutes she sneaks a peek at me and smiles. I sneak a peek at her and she licks out her tongue.

“You stick that tongue out again and you may lose it.” I feel younger when we laugh a lot.

“It all depends on where I lose it to.” Standing up, walking towards me, her robe falling to the floor. That first kiss is everything!

“I love you.”

“I know you do.”

Your Side of the Bed…

Your scent on the pillow, strings of your hair on my sheets.

Sleepless nights at my computer, writing words that I want no one but you to read.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this sober, the last time my thoughts have been this clear.


Talking to a friend tonight I told her that I won’t be complete until I have that wife, that spirit on the other side of the bed lying next to me.

She told me no woman can make you complete if you’re not.

I disagree.


The other side of the bed has been empty for far too long.

Women come and go, moments come and go but…

Consistency, the same touch, the same breath, the same lips.


That’s what the writer in me longs for.

That’s what the man in me longs for.

That’s what the emptiness in my quiet moments longs for.


Spilled syrup on your stomach while you eat on your side of the bed.

The sun spilling thru the blinds.

The  moment just right because you’re just right.


Your side of the bed is waiting on you.

I’m waiting on you.

We have memories to make.

5 Reasons I Need A Wife

Five) I’m prideful, more prideful than most men. I rarely ask for help and I’ve never taken rejection well. To be honest I’m just tired of carrying all this pride like a weight around my neck. It gets hard always taking the high road or shutting people out based off principle. I just always figured when I got a wife we’d put aside our pride together.

Four) Communication gives me life and I hate sharing on any level. If she’s my wife she’d be in bed with me and that would cover pillow talk but it’s the ability to call her whenever. Right now I don’t have that. It’s the freedom to text highly inappropriate things while she’s on her way to work and know no other man is doing that with her. The person I am, I need to know we’re number one on each others priorities list.

Three) I want a son that looks like me, I’m vein sue me. I want a daughter that looks like her and I want a couple dogs. Something Presidential, maybe Golden Retrievers or German Sheppards. I’m 29 and I’m aware that’s not old but I’d love for my wife and I to enjoy each other for a couple years before we start a family. I think that’s important.

Two) I need a muse. Someone to look at in bed while she’s sleep and go to my office and write about her. Not necessarily about her but her being there breaths fire into my words. Not to mention I hate cooking for only me. There’s nothing like watching a person take the first bite of a meal you cooked.

One) I’ll self destruct if I’m alone. I’m just no good by myself, I’ve never been. Maybe I have mother issues or something but when it’s just me I think too much and drink more. I sleep less and stress harder. It’s not a good look.
Bonus) This isn’t me asking for resumes or needing dates. I’m quite set in that area, it’s more than that. It’s always been about more than that.