Sometimes I Wonder


Author Demez F. White

Sometimes I listen to Coltrane and wonder if my writing is to someone what his music is to me. I wonder that if they can’t sleep at 3am they pick up their phone and read something I’ve written.

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to sleep on the top of a mountain, no phone or laptop or cable. Just my thoughts, my words and my connection with nature.

Sometimes I check my phone to see if my grandmother called and then I realize….

Sometimes I wonder if my life would be different if I had a best friend.

Sometimes I just wonder about sometimes.

Nights Like This I Wish

20140803-095704.jpgNights like tonight I cut off my porch light and open my blinds and just watch the rain fall. The candle light illuminating the background, the sounds of mother nature brining me comfort in a way that even this writer can’t explain. On nights like tonight I wish…

Nights like this I wish that my mind wasn’t always so cluttered, I wish that I was a simpler man. That I didn’t think so much and overanalyze everything and every situation.

Nights like this I wish a warm body was enough, I wish that the feel and warmth of a thigh or the warm smell of a freshly bathed woman was enough. Nights like this I wish I could tune everything out and just lose myself in pleasure, lose myself in that violent yet sensual touch.

Nights like this I wish I was a better writer, I wish that my words touched more people than they do. Nights like this the doubt consumes me, consumes me in a way that creates a storm in my heart and soul that I can’t control.

Nights like this I just want to stand in the rain and scream that I’m good enough as a writer, as a man, as a lover, as a friend. I want to scream me to the world but who am I trying to convince? The world or myself…

~ Demez


6230014-close-up-of-ethnic-black-woman-hips-in-white-panties-white-caucasian-man-hand-on-dark-skinned-africaGood Morning,

Pray for someone you don’t like today.

Apologize to someone that you know needs to hear that apology today.

Smile at someone that doesn’t get smiled at often.

Buy a stranger lunch.

Send a good morning text to two or three people. Not the standard, cookie cutter text but a real “Good Morning!”

Listen to your favorite song on the way to work and sing along with it like you’re singing to get the biggest recording deal of your life!!!

At lunch, instead of texting someone or getting on FB, just call them. Scroll down for that number and call them. There’s nothing like hearing the sound of someone’s voice on the other end of a phone.

Write a letter. Sit down on your couch or at your desk and write a letter. It could be to someone you don’t even talk to anymore. It could be to someone that has passed away, it could even be to the son or wife you don’t have yet. You’d be surprised at what putting words to paper does for you.

Just treat today like the treat it is.


Angelic Nastiness

We’ve all heard of ‘A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets,’ but I don’t think people realize just how meaningful this saying is. As men we’re conditioned to be leaders, providers, strong in the face of adversity. And for most men the only piece of mind they’ll get will be when he’s with his woman.

For all of my romanticisms about women. The pretty skin and thick hair, the perfect accessories and ladylike diction when she speaks, at the core of what I want most is an Angelic Nastiness. A subtle sexual energy that invades my senses whenever I hear from her or see her. It’s the idea that her ladylike tendencies perfectly balance out with her bedroom desires.

Do you know why I write about women so much? Why men write so many love songs? Why CEO’s are willing to marry women with no prenups and risk half of fortunes?

It’s because at the essence of what makes us great is the freaky shit women do. As much as we love you for the children and support and love and care. We love you just as much for the kissing, sucking, swallowing and riding.
Trading in your slacks, heels and blouse for my t-shirt and jolly ranchers of the floor of my office.

Angelic Nastiness is perfection in motion.

You’re Worth It…

The 80/20 rule is a living breathing thing. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. But this morning I’m not talking about giving up 80 for 20 in a short skirt and no panties.

I’m talking about accepting 20% when you don’t have to, none of us have to. I listened to a song yesterday where she said, “A piece of a man is better than no man.” That’s loser talk and don’t ever think like that!

You’re worth all of someone’s affections, you’re worth all their energy and effort, you’re worth being the only one! Look, will it take some compromise and effort? Of course. But don’t you compromise at work? Put in effort at work? People often equate the word “training” to teaching a dog. But training is simply learning something new, new traits that will better me. So I’m willing to let a woman that’s worth it better me.

Just know that with all the bullshit and extraness that’s out there you’re still worth everything you imagined. And even if you have to help build a Kingdom, who cares, it’s your Kingdom!