Strive for Relationship Realities Not Relationship Goals

blog pic10It’s amazing how women can become so invested in television. Or books or movies, you name it. There have been times where we have sat and watched The Walking Dead and she got teary eyed over a zombie tearing away at someone. Making fun of her, calling her a baby. Her laughing, wiping tears, telling you to shut up. Relationship Realities.

blog pic8Couples have silly fights right? Well we had two recently that lead to WW3 and you know what they started over? Me watching the first episode of House of Cards without her and me getting her a tuna sub from Subway. This is going to add to me sucking as a boyfriend but I had no idea she watched House of Cards or didn’t eat tuna. After we yelled and threatened to disable Netflix we laughed about it. Now I know and knowing is half the battle. It’s dope learning new things about someone you adore.

blog pic7I may have one of the worst immune systems known to mankind. When I get sick I stay sick forever! I’ve been to the doctor to make sure there’s not a bigger problem going on but I guess I’m just a sucker for runny noses and scratchy throats. Romantic dates, holding hands on Christmas Eve in the mall. Those are all cool. You never reach that level of trust until you see someone sick. Warm vomit hitting your hand because you’re late with the trash can.Dirty tissues, chapped lips. It’s not for the faint of hearts but it’s growth and it’s reality.

blog pic6Dumb fights are the staple of most relationships. You are literally huffing and puffing and vowing to go to war and two hours later you can’t even remember what you were fighting over. Two hours later she’s lying under you on the couch when there’s furniture everywhere else in the house but she’s only trying to be where you are.

blog pic4Laughing is good for the soul. That’s all.

You Deserved to be Kissed Right Here, Here and Most Importantly Right There

20131229-202752.jpgI always cringe when I hear people say, “I don’t like kissing.” A part of me just wants to shake them and say, “Do you know what you’re missing?!” Or “You probably just haven’t found someone to do it right yet!”

There is nothing and I mean nothing more intimate and perfect than a kiss that’s at just the right time and in just the right place. I can’t draw worth a lick but I imagine it’s like an artist that is in a groove. When lips connect and the intensity starts to pick up, that moment when she takes a breath and you move to her neck, right below her ear. I get why people love sex, I’m a man. To me sex is a point of no return. Kissing is different because even though it’s so intimate there’s still something innocent about it.

It can be a soft kiss while waiting for a movie to start. It can be one of those, “I can’t wait to take your clothes off kisses,” up against a door when you know you need to leave. Don’t forget about the she’s lying on her stomach, sleeping, napping, reading a book or playing her phone and you start to kiss the back of her thighs or her ass. Those are the kisses when both of you know whatever plans you had are going to be postponed. What’s that jewelry store commercial, “Every kiss begins with Kay.” Well, most great memories begin with a kiss.

Confidence has always come natural to me but I’m not that guy that can’t take direction. I can never know a grown woman’s body better than she knows it. Where she wants to get kissed, what feels good, how much pressure to apply.

I could sit in a couch, the TV on mute. No music, no gimmicks and just kiss and touch and flirt for hours. The time goes by so fast when she’s straddling you and her hearts beating and both of you are on the edge of so much pleasure.

Kissing is what I miss most about not having a woman in my life. Knowing I can kiss her at 4am with morning breath. Knowing I can kiss her after a bad day.

A forehead.
A belly button.
A nipple.
The nape of a neck.
The small of a back.

Kissing is Everything.

Seduction 101: Start to Sex

Seduction 101: Start to Sex

1. It starts with the mind. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. It helps to be tall, dark and handsome but once a woman reaches a certain maturity it’ll take more than dimples and cologne.

2. Once you get past the introductions and small talk honesty and compliments come next. Acting isn’t what’s up. Don’t be something you’re not. Women like shy. Women like thugs. Women like aggressive or smart. All of those things are true; none of them are true. Women like consistencies and honesties. Show her she can trust you and she’s open. Tell her she’s beautiful and mean it!

3. Aggression matters! Don’t be a pussy! It’s better to go in for a kiss and she moves away then to talk too much and miss the moment. Dudes get friendzoned everyday because they waited and she lost interest. Push her up against the door and just do it. Pull her to your side of the car and kiss, suck, bite her neck. Not enough to leave marks but enough to make a point!

4. Seduction starts from the top down! Hands should start on her face, then her neck, her back and stomach. Breast next and if she’s not stopping you then her thighs. She can’t fake wet. If she doesn’t want your fingers in the Holy Grail she’ll stop you. There won’t be any mixed signals. If she grabs your hand or closes her legs, just stop! Don’t ask why, don’t push it. Just keep kissing, keep touching the places she said were okay. It’s okay to be patient, to make her comfortable. We’re adults.

5. Talk about sex like an adult. I’m not talking asking her if she’s wearing panties or telling her you want to kiss her special place. I mean talk to her about how long it’s been, about what she likes doing. Ask her when her first time was, when her most memorable time was. Laugh with her, be quiet when she gets serious and just listen. Learn her body before you ever touch her. Sex is as much mental as it is physical. Some women get off on giving, some are selfish, others are saving themselves. Ask questions.

6. Confidence. Don’t ask to do something, just do it! I’m not talking taking it, I’m talking being decisive in your actions. Freaky is okay, nasty is okay as long as its not weird. The same way a man shouldn’t ask a woman where she wants to go for dinner when she gets in the car is the same way a man shouldn’t ask if he can go down on her. Push her back and just do it. Do it like its your honeymoon and its all you’ve thought about! Do it like not doing it will destroy you!

7. Bring condoms. Bring condoms! It’ll fuck you up when she’s soaking and you’re inches away but be responsible. I’ve not used them and spent the next couple weeks freaking out! Women love responsibility. She’ll say I’m on the pill or its okay but after its over she will respect responsible.

8. Don’t cum on her unless she tells you to. Life is not a porn. If you’re not sure just ask her. You’d be surprised.

9. Don’t rush to get cleaned up when it’s over. Lie in the wet spot, let your breathing cool down, hug her, kiss her, slap her ass and rub her ass. Tell her how great it was; how perfect she was. If she gets comfortable, you go get the warm towel to wipe her down.

10. Don’t say shit you don’t mean! I want you to have my baby. I love you. I want you to be my wife. It’s just sex talk to you. It’s a verbal contract to her.


Hey Stranger (Explicit Content)

“Hey Stranger.”

That’s how it started. Sitting on my couch, drinking a bottle of wine, watching the Chiefs and Broncos. When I first got the text I didn’t even recognize the number. I was lonely though, the Best Man Holiday had me thinking about love and life. So at that point I really didn’t care who it was.

“In driving so I shouldn’t be texting. WYD?”

Still having no idea who it was and not in the mood for a guessing game I finished another glass of wine and pressed call. It took a couple rings but when she answered I recognized the voice right away. I should have hung up the phone and blocked the number but for whatever reason I didn’t.

“I’m happy you called, I almost hit a curb trying to text. I was driving home from a friends and passed up P.F. Changs and thought about you. You remember that night?”

What did she want me to say? Of course I remembered that night. That night was what I loved about her and what I hated about her. She was aggressive, sexy, motivating. The problem was when a woman is that sensual all I could think about was, “If she’s not doing this freaky shit with me then who’s she doing it with?”

“I don’t want to go home. Can I come see you?”

She didn’t say it with her usual confidence, I knew if she was calling me then something wasn’t right. As explosive as our love making was that was never what our relationship was about. In the two years we knew each other I’d probably been inside of her less than 10 times. Our connection was one of lost souls. A connection I missed.

“Do you still remember the address?”

“I’m exiting the freeway now, I should be there in a minute.”

I guess there was little doubt in both our minds I wouldn’t say no. Standing on the porch waiting to see her headlights coming down the quiet street I was more excited then I was willing to admit to myself.

She pulled into my driveway, I could see her checking her face in the mirror. Walking towards me neuter of us could stop from smiling. Whether they were nervous smiles or genuine I had no idea. She walked in, not waiting on me to invite her in.

Before I knew it I had her pinned against the door. Her purse on the floor, her arms wrapped around my neck. My hands rubbing her stomach, tracing the outline if her bra. Desire isn’t something you can explain, our hunger for each other was timeless. Maybe I was lonely and she was vulnerable and that combination had my fingers inside her warmth. That bond had my tongue making a trail from her belly button to that magic button.

The more I kissed her, the more I felt her body responding, the more I wanted to please her. The more I needed to make her remember her pussy once belonged to me! Tugging at her jeans, sitting her left should on my thigh I buried my face inside her! The smell, the taste, the warmth of the walls I once called home were calling me.

“Eat it baby! Put your whole fucking face in it! Lick my ass!”

With us nasty was necessary, it was the norm! Things I’d done with her, to her! I would take to my grave.

Bending her over, spreading her ass cheeks and putting my thumb inside I just watched her wiggle. Pulling her panties to the side, rubbing my dick against her wetness her warmth felt like home. For a second I thought why aren’t I using a condom? Why does this feel so fucking right? My tears fell, the pleasure and comfort of the wetness surrounding my dick was beyond explainable…


Touch It For Me Now… (Explicit Content)

dress-naked.jpg “I was bored at work today so I put my finger inside to see how tight it was, I think these kegals have been working.” I could tell she was whispering, she liked talking like this when there were people around. I could hear them talking in the background.

“I was sitting at my desk and I know you were out of town two weeks ago and last week mother nature was visiting, I’m feigning over here.”
Her voice wasn’t calm anymore, I’m sure to anyone watching they couldn’t tell the difference but I could. It was a subtle shift in her tone.

“What if I told you I want you to touch your pussy for me right now.” She laughed, she laughed because she wanted to talk shit back but she knew that I knew she couldn’t. To every one in that room she’d probably never said a curse word in her life. If only they knew her mouth like I did.

“I’d tell you that my current situation doesn’t allow me access to those files at the moment but I can get them to you shortly.”

“Touch it right now!”

Now it was time for my tone to change. I wasn’t laughing or playing. Standing up and closing my office door I listened to her breathe.

“Those files are locked up tight; you’re being unreasonable. Give me some time.”

Knowing what she was thinking, knowing she was wet was making this serious for me. Two weeks was a long time for us. We were both about to explode.

“Right now I’m unbuttoning your blouse and biting your nipples through your bra. I’m going to suck them but I like doing this first because I know how much you want me to pull them out. Leave your heels on, leave your skirt on, I’m going to have you step out your panties and I’ll put them in my pocket for safe keeping.”

I paused so that she would do what I knew she would do.

“Please keep going sir, I’m listening.theres still time before my meeting starts.”

“Eating pussy is an art. Rubbing your clit with my thumb, watching you watch how wet you sound. It’s warm, tight like you said it was. Performing on you is like kissing you. It starts with just my lips and then I use my tongue. The more you moan, the more you move your hips, the more you play in my hair; the harder I suck. You jump when I slide a third finger in your ass but you don’t stop me. One for the clit, one for your pussy and one for your ass. Not too deep but deep enough for you to cum. Would you like to sit on my face?”

“I’m touching the file right now. I found a way to get a quick look at it. I’d like to do more but I just can’t get full access at the moment.”

Feeling how hard I was, thinking about her in that conference room trying her best not to get caught touching herself under the table.

“All I’ve been thinking about is cumming in you. I love how nasty you get when you’re riding me. How in control you are. My dick fits inside of you like a glove. What you’re touching right now, that heat you feel on your finger tips. It’s mines. I want you to climb off my dick and taste how you taste. I want to watch you suck your juices off what’s yours.

Click… I put the phone down knowing she couldn’t take it anymore. My phone vibrated with a text seconds later.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you when I get out of this damn meeting! Leave work now and go get what we need for the weekend because neither of us are leaving your house until Monday morning! It is yours by the way!”

We’re Both Grown

hands There’s always a first time, the first time you see a woman smile, the first time you see her dressed up. There’s that first hug when you squeeze her just enough so she knows your intentions are not friendly. None of those compare to the first time you see her take off her clothes. I watch movies where I see men rip off panties and pop buttons on shirts, I could never do that because I appreciate the art form too much. Her stepping out of her heels, sliding out of her jeans or stepping out of a dress. The first time I saw her naked I memorized every inch. Her bellybutton, the scar on her lower thigh, the mole sitting right above her panty line.

Standing there, a smile on her face, legs slightly parted. This was our Rubicon, once she crossed the room and straddled my lap there wasn’t going to be a coming to Jesus moment where we realized this was happening too fast. The first time we kissed and my hand fell between her legs it took all the will power I had not to replace my tongue with my fingers, any that I had left died seeing the pink lace on her Virgin Island tan.

“I feel like you’re seducing me,” she whispered in my ear. Rubbing her hands in my hair, her lips on my forehead, my lips on her collarbone. Gripping her neck, pulling her mouth to mines, “I think we’re seducing each other.”

I could feel her hips moving, her moans were terribly distracting in the most pleasurable way possible. In an instant I didn’t want to taste her or have her lips around my hardness. I just needed to be inside her. I just wanted to be inside her.

She stood up, pulled it out and pulled her panties to the side. Our eyes met and she slid me in, no foreplay, no condom, no hesitation. My hands on her waist, her hands on my shoulders.





I don’t often remember a lot of first but tonight would be a first that I was soon not to forget.

How Does It Feel?

1 hot sex I knew she was mad at me, I knew she was trying to prove a point. We were both prideful and stubborn and mean when we wanted to be. I fired the first shot by telling her I was taking someone else to the concert since she didn’t know if she would be back in town in time. It was petty, I could have waited but I needed her to know that my life didn’t revolve around her.

“Who are you taking then?” Was the text she sent me five minutes after she hung up in my face; The truth was I had no idea who I was taking but sometimes the less you say, the bigger the statement.

“I’m taking a friend. I’ll see you Monday.”

I was expecting a smart comeback or a couple curse words, a couple of threats but nothing. Finding a date wasn’t hard when you have concert tickets to Babyface and reservations to a 4 star restaurant, it was finding a date that looked as good or better than the woman you were dating. At 30 I was probably too old to be playing these games but if she was forcing me to play I may as well play to win.

Setting it all up, apologizing for calling her so late and trying to convince her she wasn’t short notice, she agreed. Not knowing she was a pawn in a cat and mouse game, backing out my driveway my phone vibrated several times in a row.

Curiosity got the best of me so I picked it up to the FB notifications and realized I’d been tagged in several pictures of her in Vegas. Most of them were with her girls and then there were the three with her and a guy. Sitting by the pool, sitting at the craps table, a group picture at dinner.

“I guess you’re not the only one that can have friends and guess what, he’s from Houston too.”

That’s what her text read as I was knocking on my new date’s door. Whatever childish ambitions I had of making her jealous backfired on me and now I could barely think straight. Rushing thru dinner, ignoring my date thru most of the concert, trying my best to not look at my phone or call and go off. I told her we needed to leave early so we wouldn’t be stuck in the parking garage for an hour and she liked me so she didn’t question it.

A part of me felt sorry for the way I was treating her, I tried to justify that I paid for dinner and kept asking her if she needed anything but there was no justification for the distance and silence. As soon as she walked into her apartment and I knew she was safe I started to drive towards Kats blowing her phone up.

“Who was the guy in the picture?”

“Did you know him before you went to Vegas?

“Did you fuck him in Vegas?!”

The more questions I asked myself the angrier I got. The angrier I got the faster I drove, especially since she wasn’t answering my phone calls. Usually you couldn’t get into her complex without someone buzzing you in but the security guard at the gate knew my face so he just waved me in. Not even bothering to park on the 5th floor to avoid getting towed I parked on her floor and walked to her door with a purpose!

I started to bang on the door but realized where she lived and thought better of making a scene so I knocked lightly. My watch said midnight but I knew she was up because she was still posting pics on Instagram.

“Who is it?” Came from behind the door even though I knew she was looking thru the peephole.

“Open the damn door Kat!” I was trying to be cool about it but even hearing her voice had me hot!

“I don’t usually have visitors this time of night, can you come back tomorrow.” Her tone was extra icy but I knew her and I knew she wanted me to beg. That was our relationship, it was about power. One of us was always fighting to have the upper hand. On most days I would have left not feeling like playing the game but tonight I needed answers.

“I’m sorry for coming over so late, can you please open up so we can talk?”

She opened the door in one of my t-shirts that barely covered her panties. The apartment was dark except for the TV that was on mute and the candles burning. Her iPad and iPhone were sitting on the couch next to a blanket.

“Who the hell is the guy in the picture?” She crossed her arms and leaned against the door.

“Who is the bitch you took to see Babyface tonight?! And don’t come in my house questioning me!”

I took a deep breath and poked her in the head with my finger, “Who is the guy in the fucking pictures?!”

Before I could duck she slapped me and started to swing, grabbing her arms and pinning her against the wall she couldn’t move but kept trying to knee me. Her chest was heaving up and down, she started to cry but wouldn’t stop trying to kick me. I’d hurt her feelings and she’d hurt mine and now here we were at midnight putting our hands on each other. “I’m sorry I took someone else to the concert okay.” I don’t know what made me apologize, maybe it was the tears in her eyes or the guilt or the fear of her being with another man.

“Fuck you, if you let me go I’m going to stab you. I hate you!” Holding her wrist with my left hand, I put my right hand under her shirt and rubbed her nipples before I kissed her, she bit my lip. She wasn’t trying to get loose, she was still cursing me but her body was reacting to me. Letting her go and falling to my knees and put her leg over my shoulder and kissed her thru her panties, I bit her thru her panties, I licked her thru her panties. She was soaking thru them, “just take them off, I still hate you!” Her arms were still high above her head and her shirt sat above her breasts. “I didn’t fuck him, I didn’t even give him my number but I should have! You better start acting right or I swear I’m going to let another man taste this pussy!”

Pulling the panties to the side I stopped playing with it and started apologizing properly. She was using my ears to guide me, the wetter she got the more she cursed me, the more she told me she loved me. Ten minutes ago I thought I was going to break up with her, now I couldn’t remember what I would do without her. Standing up, ripping off her panties, she wrapped her legs around me and I went inside of her.

“I won’t fuck up again baby! I promise! I promise! I’d kill you and him if another man touches this!”

“Don’t give another man a chance to touch this then…” She could barely talk for her moaning but I could hear every word she was saying clearly. Standing straight up I was trying to plant a flag inside of her!

“Cum in me baby! Cum in me!” It was first time she’d ever said the words to me and we’d had plenty of drunk sex and intense sex. The words weren’t lost on me.

Nice Guys Finish… Where They Want

“Nice guys finish last.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this quote or phrase. Usually from hurt guys. This is just a fraud statement on so many levels.

The thing is, being nice is often equated to being a pushover or weak. And being cool or steadfast in your beliefs is often tied to being cold or mean. These things aren’t exclusive.

You can be a nice guy and be good to the women you encounter without being perceived as weak. You can open doors and pay for meals and buy flowers without being the guy that she kisses on the cheek goodnight. Being nice isn’t being soft spoken or timid, being nice is being respectful and waiting until she gives you a reason not to be nice to her.

I can be a mean guy. I can be cold and quiet and despondent but I’m never that person just because. I’ll be 30 in a couple months, I’m over molding who I am to impress a woman. My clothes fit, I’m well spoken, I write and compliment the small things. If I meet a woman that feels I’m “too nice” because of these things. She just isn’t the one for me.

So if you’re a guy and reading this. You aren’t losing because you’re “nice.” You’re losing because you aren’t being yourself.

Angelic Nastiness

We’ve all heard of ‘A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets,’ but I don’t think people realize just how meaningful this saying is. As men we’re conditioned to be leaders, providers, strong in the face of adversity. And for most men the only piece of mind they’ll get will be when he’s with his woman.

For all of my romanticisms about women. The pretty skin and thick hair, the perfect accessories and ladylike diction when she speaks, at the core of what I want most is an Angelic Nastiness. A subtle sexual energy that invades my senses whenever I hear from her or see her. It’s the idea that her ladylike tendencies perfectly balance out with her bedroom desires.

Do you know why I write about women so much? Why men write so many love songs? Why CEO’s are willing to marry women with no prenups and risk half of fortunes?

It’s because at the essence of what makes us great is the freaky shit women do. As much as we love you for the children and support and love and care. We love you just as much for the kissing, sucking, swallowing and riding.
Trading in your slacks, heels and blouse for my t-shirt and jolly ranchers of the floor of my office.

Angelic Nastiness is perfection in motion.

Working Late….

“Why are you whispering?”

“I’m whispering because these cubicles are about as thin as paper and I can’t have my co-workers thinking I’m a freak.”

“Shut up!”

She was laughing and smiling. Smiling and whispering. I could hear it through the phone. She wanted to say more, she wanted to curse me and challenge me. But I knew she wouldn’t be that woman if she knew someone could hear.

So I was going to have some fun with her. She was working late, they all were. They all hated their boss and they were all tense. I knew right now it was better to be the guy that made her smile than the guy that made her think.

“Are you wet?”

“I’m not answering that.” She whispered lower.

“Don’t be scared, it’s a simple yes or no question. No one knows what you’re saying yes to.”


Her yes was firm, professional, she wanted people to hear that yes. She wanted to play a game. I was down to play a game.

“Can I pull your panties to the side and lick your clit until you cum?”

“Yes sir, I think we can accommodate you.”

“Can I bite your nipple through that white silk blouse while you whisper my name?”

“I’d like that very much sir.”

“Do you want to taste my sperm on your tongue?”

She paused for a couple of seconds, I could hear her breathing.

“Yes. In the matter you’re mentioning I feel like that would be a win win for both sides. Don’t you agree?”

“Can you put your finger inside of your pussy right now and tell me what the temperature is? Is it hot and warm, is it ready for my dick?”

“Yes sir, the client is ready and willing to accommodate you. All you have to do is bring the proper materials to our meeting.

Her tone was changing, it was becoming hard for her to ignore what my voice was doing to her.

“Can I cum in you.”


I wanted to ask her to play with herself, to take off her panties and put them in her purse. I wanted her to think about all the things I was going to do to her tonight while she was at work. I needed her to know my desire to please her was simply the jumping off point. Tonight we would please each other… but only after work.

“I think we have a deal then.”

“I think we do also, I’m going to get these contracts signed and I hope to be hearing from you in the near future. You have no idea how badly I want these contracts signed.”

And just like that with no warning she hung up the phone and I prepared myself for the night we had in store.

Friday nights rocked.