5 Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep 

  1. Throw pillows at your dog when she’s sleeping like she has to go to work in the morning. 

2. Watch the Wire on OnDemand. Episodes of The Wire never get old.

3. Write love letters to your lil boo. Tell her stuff like, “I want to kiss your forehead and rub your butt with your pretty ass.” 

4. Eat. Eggs, old Chipolte, grilled cheese sandwiches. 

5. Listen to Drake body Meek Mill on diss tracks and write diss tracks about your boss or the girl that dumped you in the 3rd grade. 

Dreams Love & Desire

398306_668007132375_118401058_31779582_1527629543_nDreams, love and desire all go hand in hand because they all have the same basic ingredient. They all require that we let go of whatever pride, ego or fear is holding us and let our minds or hearts free to do what it is they do. When we dream about our loves and desires it does something to us, it reminds us of just how happy we were or can be.

Getting off work, driving home, I was looking forward to dreaming. To showering, having a cold beer and lying down letting my desires explode thru my imagination. Living the things I write about in my mind for that three of four minutes that we dream. Seeing her naked, pregnant or walking down the aisle. Seeing sand, silk sheets or ocean front views. These are the things I dream about because these are the things I think about.

Sure, I have nightmares and I have them often but I will never let my nightmares dictate what it is I dream about.

If I’m being honest at 4am when I know most people are sleeping peacefully I miss love. Love calms me, it excites me, it motivates the writing and inspires the stories people love to read. Love has the ability to take one word and turn it into a sentence, it has the ability to turn once sentence and turn it into a novel. Sitting at this desk, I wonder is she dreaming about me? Is she going to wake up and read this and smile? I wonder if my dreams and desires will ever become my reality? Dreams are healthy because they inspire us to want what they represent.

I don’t know what the future holds for my thoughts and my being but I know I love the idea of waking up trying to dissect a dream and just what it meant. I love the idea of writing down every detail I could remember. Dreams allow me not to forget her face, her voice, her smile, her laugh. Dreams keep her alive in my world when our worlds no longer collide.

Say hello to the sandman the next time your head hits a pillow and watch your dreams, loves and desires take you to a place you probably forgot existed.


Author Demez F. White

Men Cry In the Dark…

There will be moments where the pain or loneliness or stress becomes too much to bear. Moments where you question your sanity and your purpose. In those moments the tears will come, you can’t fight it. And when those tears break you down and your only solace is to know this pain can’t possibly last forever… You cry in the dark.

You cry in the dark because your tears aren’t for everyone. Your problems and fears, your resentments and hate, your heartbreak and sorrow. Those are crosses you have to bear as a man. It’s easy to find a woman to sleep with, to go to dinner with, to flirt with. But not many women are worth the liquid vulnerability that tears bring.

“I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go.” That’s not just an Abraham Lincoln quote, that’s life. Especially when you’re a man. You have to be strong for those around you, strong for those that love you. Strong for those that hate you but as the sun sets and the shades are drawn it’s just you and your tears.