Dating Tip: Romantic Dates Are More Mental Than Financial

Don’t be the guy making excuses when instead you can be making promises.

1. It cost too much. That’s literally not true; research is fast and easy.

2. Nice restaurants have slow nights, usually Monday- Wednesdays. Wine bottles 50% off. Extended happy hours. Waiters that are generous.

3. Order for her. Aggression, taking control is attractive. Ask her if she’s allergic to anything and then order. Don’t demand but ask without forcing. This way you know to order something good and you control the cost. I look up the menu and read reviews for every new restaurant I go to.

4. Always carry cash to tip well. Women may not always mention it but they notice the tip.

5. Laugh and smile without being silly.


Working Nights

20131012-024951.jpg I want to be successful.

I can’t tell you when it happened, when I started to come to work sick. When I started to work nights and weekends when I really didn’t have to. Writing articles about movies and cologne and political events just to network. At some point it clicked and I realized I like climbing to higher levels.

There’s a downside though. I wonder what’s going to happen when I get serious with someone. Is she going to accept eating dinner alone or sleeping alone or me needing to meet a writing deadline after I’ve been working all day?

Even now, I think about all the women I know. I wonder if any if them are thinking about me. If there’s someone I dated a month ago, a year ago, that masturbates to the moments we shared. If she’s leaving the club and is fighting the urge to text me. If she gets home and checks my Facebook or Instagram?

It’s important to me that I’m thought of, that I’m missed, that I’m desired. I’m at work right now not because I’m getting overtime or to impress my boss. I’m here because I want this road to look good so that I look good. I’m here to build a professional reputation that will make my “her” proud of me.

I know what it’s like to have s father I’m ashamed of. That won’t be my children, they won’t struggle or wonder about me. They won’t see me mistreat their mom or lie on the couch.

If Only You Knew…

If only you knew that God doesn’t make mistakes. It’s why he sheltered me with your heart. It’s why men will always try but they’ll never be me.

If only you knew I found Heaven between your legs; inside your walls. On the tip of your tongue I heard Angels singing and harps playing.

If only you knew I’m at work right now and my shoulder is killing me and for whatever reason I’ve convinced myself that a kiss from you will heal me. Your lips have magical powers in my memories.

If only you knew the only thing I want for Christmas is for you to call me; to hear your voice, to hear your laugh. To listen to you talk about nothing at all.

If only you knew I still love you and want you.

If only you knew I’m ready to meet you 🙂

5 Senses… Perfect Skies


Those are our five senses, those are the gifts God gave us to help us appreciate life.

If you’re in Houston right now and you’re reading this, step outside and just take it in. The wind, the perfect Fall sky, the moon. It’s a night that shouldn’t be spent alone. A night that should enhance our senses. The touch of her skin, the smell of her hair, the sounds of her voice, the connection with her eyes and the taste of her lips.

That’s what Fall nights like this should enhance.

I often times forget how blessed I am to have all my senses. To be able to close my eyes and still feel her hands on me. To be able to be miles or days away ans still see her radiance.

For all my romantic traits and gentlemanly qualities I’m a fan of visually nasty, of vocally freaky, of physically stimulating. My senses aren’t just here to help me live, they’re here to help me LOVE.

There’s a saying that says ‘He helps you take your clothes off but once it’s over you put them on alone.’ I think those guys are idiots. Watching her slide her panties back on, helping her fasten her bra and button her shirt. That’s intimacy, that’s desire, that’s struggle… The struggle not to rip it all off her again.

The sky is perfect tonight.
My imagination is perfect tonight.
My desire for wanting more is epic tonight.

My ‘her’ is elusive and that’s fine. I’ll drink this drink, jam this music and watch the elements enhance my senses around me.