5 Non- Sensual Ways to Show Affection and Intimacy

One- Grocery shopping together, this leads to spending time together, laughing, people watching. There’s something incredibly intimate about buying frozen veggies and Honey Nut Cheerios.

Two- A woman sending you pictures while she’s trying on clothes at a store. “Hey babe, do you like this?” “How does this look on me?” Not this new trend of taking pictures and posting them online but knowing the only opinion that matters to her is yours, that’s cool.

Three- Working out together. Now to be honest I don’t really do this but I have and the competition, the sweating, the conversation. You’re literally spending 45 minutes to an hour just bonding.

Four- Helping her take off nail polish or take out braids. You get to see her like few people do and because she’s yours it’s okay. For a second you think about how your boys would laugh if they saw you sitting with her foot in your lap while you wipe away polish. For a second you think how gay you must look taking out braids hoping you don’t cut her real hair and make her go off. Then you realize being here doing this with her is better than front row at a Mayweather- Pacquio fight. That’s intimacy, that’s affection, that’s a relationship.

Five- Leaving somewhere together. A party, a restaurant, the movies. That drive home knowing you’re the one taking her home when every guy in the room was looking at her. Holding her hand, her hand on your thigh, her hand rubbing your neck. Not in a sexual way but in a comfortable way like she just likes touching you. It’s hard to explain if you’re not a man that gets it but for whatever reason when a woman loves you or is just into you she likes touching you.


Perfect Moments and Perfect Toes…

Every woman’s body is different. The texture of her skin, the places on her that are ticklish. The places on her that arouse her. For some it can be as simple as a kiss and for others a touch in the right spot. But there’s always one constant, every woman wants to be desired. They want to look at you and know that they turn you on.

She was sitting on the couch, the ceiling fans blowing and the windows open. Her iPad on the table, her IPod filling the apartment with Trey Songz. Her feet on the edge of the table, the pink nail polish stroking a toe at a time.

“You do know you should probably put on more clothes if you’re going to have all the windows open.”

“You do know I live on the 7th floor and if someone can see thru these windows they deserve a peep show.”

I took off my shoes, rolled up my sleeves and sat on the couch next to her. She smelled like raspberries and pineapples. I couldn’t tell if it was her lotion or shampoo.

“Let me do that for you.” She looked at me and laughed.

“Ummm I don’t know if I want my toes to fall off.” She loosened my tie and took it from over my neck, putting it on her own.

“It matches my tank and panties plus purple looks better on me than it does you.”

I sat the foot with the naked toes on my lap while she leaned back on the couch. Picking up the lotion off the floor I rubbed it into my hands warming it up. Starting with her toes I massaged each one, rubbing the bottom of her feet and the sides with the tips of my fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned with the music.

“You’re better than Kim Lee boy, I may have to put you on the payroll.”

Rubbing the lotion all the way in I picked up the nail polish and started with the big toe, working my way down to the small toe. Perfect strokes, two coats. I blew on them and she giggled. I loved hearing her giggle.

I left her foot on my lap, closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I could hear her snoring lightly, the music stopped, the fans turning. This was all I needed in life, this moment to make a bad day a perfect day.

Sensuality isn’t always the moments when I’m inside of her but they can be the moments when all I need is her.