12 Play Her Pleasure…

One- Kissing– Trace the fullness of her lips with my tongue and kiss her mouth gently. Building the anticipation of her breaths before my tongue slides past her lips. It is completely possible for a woman to have an orgasm from just a kiss. It’s more than just our mouths touching, it’s our bodies connecting, the lips send a sensation to the nipples that send a sensation to her clit that arouses all her senses. Tenderly kiss and caress the forehead, brows, eyelids and tip of the nose and chin. Running my fingers along her face and neck. Taking my time in turning her on, in owning her body in that moment. 

Two-  Mental Four Play– ‘I want you so bad…’ ‘I need you right now.’ ‘Your body feels amazing, you feel amazing!’ ‘I can’t wait to taste you.’ I tailor my words around the woman she is, if she’s shy my words are soothing and calm, whispers in her ear. If she’s aggressive and sexual my words are hard, accompanied by bites on her neck and shoulder. Not hard enough to leave bruises but hard enough to make just enough pain turn to pleasure. Words have power, words are sexy and can be anything from loving to nasty.

Three- Control– Grabbing the back of her neck, pulling her body close. Holding her hips and turning her around, arching her back and pushing her up against the door or wall or bed. Control is having the balance between arousal and excitement. Adrenaline pumping turns aggression to pleasure. She likes when I take control, when I’m a man and she’s a woman. She gets wet knowing I know what I’m doing, her nipples are hard because my hands are hard on her body. You can caresses and grab at the same time, just know your strength and her body. Her body talks, each touch is going to bring a moan or shiver or jerk.   

Four- Visual Intercourse– Standing back and watching. No man can ever know a woman’s body better than she knows her own. Her sitting on the couch or lying in the bed, her back up against a wall, women are natural entertainers. Knowing I’m watching turns her on more than anything. Her fingers sliding in her panties, her eyes meeting mine and locking on to them. Watching the rhythm in which she touches herself is almost a learning experience. I encourage her to keep going, I encourage her to make herself cum. I compliment her and say nasty things, say things that she’d never want her friends or family to know made her wet and horney.

Five- Building Pleasure– The inner thighs, the back of her knees, right below her belly button. Kissing and exciting all the areas adjacent to her vagina. By the time my mouth finds that button she should be leaking and begging for my tongue. Building pleasure is all about listening to her breathing pattern, about not staying in one spot for too long but not neglecting any part either. The more pleasure I bring her, the more she’ll want to bring me.

Six- Savoring the Moment– Whether we’re in my truck or a bed or standing outside the front door… I’m taking my time even when I’m not. Letting her know this is important, her body is important, whether or not I’m hurting her or pleasing her is important. Each kiss is perfect because it matters, each time my fingers find her wetness, it’s all about pleasing her because the moment matters. The more I do to let her know this, the more comfortable she’ll be and the more open her body becomes.