Coretta Scott King: More than the Wife of a King

Coretta Scott King in college.

Coretta Scott King in college.

“If a man had nothing that was worth dying for, then he was not fit to live.”
~ Coretta Scott King

There are some women that just make a lasting impression. It doesn’t matter when you meet them or for how long, once you do, you’re just impressed. I’m sitting at my computer researching an article I’m writing about the early years of Dr. King and Coretta Scott King’s relationship and something strange happened. I realized that I was falling in love with Coretta Scott King, Dr. King has been gone for a while and so has she but I almost felt as though I was doing something wrong.

I just couldn’t help it though, the more I read about her, the more I became fascinated by not just her strength after he was assassinated but with the woman she was before she became his wife. I could go into full writer mode and break it down but we live in a 15 minutes of less society so I’ll make it simple.

I’ll tell you all why she may be my favorite woman of all time!

One- When she was ten she picked cotton with her siblings so that her family could have extra money. Her father was the first black man in their town to own his own pickup truck and he built a lumber mill. When he refused to sell it they white men in the town burned it down. She knew struggle, sacrifice and hard work from an early age.

Two- Her sister was the first African American girl to go to an all white college. She took it one step further and tried to be the first woman to become a teacher in that district but they wouldn’t let her. So she left and took a scholarship at a college in Boston. She was willing to fight but knew that some battles just couldn’t be won.

Three- She’s a sorority girl. A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha to be exact. Who doesn’t love a sorority girl?

Four- She gave up her singing career to be the wife of a Baptist Preacher in Alabama. She wasn’t singing in lounges and clubs she was a degreed, talented opera singer. For her love and being with a man that could make a difference mattered more than her career.

Five- She’s gorgeous and all we have is black and white pictures. Could you imagine what she would look like in color and if she had Instagram filters? Beautiful, brave, hard working, smart and can sing? She’d be huge!

Six- The first time she met Dr. King’s father he told her that he didn’t think a singing career was cool for a minister’s wife. She told him, “Who told you I was taking your son seriously?” She then told Martin that she couldn’t talk to a man that couldn’t stand up to his father. She also asked that the word “obey” be removed from her vows. This was in the 1950’s where women rarely spoke up like that. That’s confidence and heart.

Seven- After his death she hesitated in taking a leadership role in the Civil Rights Movement but eventually she did and she kept his legacy and the legacy they created together going.

Eight- She was cool with JFK, everyone wants to be cool with JFK.

Nine- MLK Day, the King Center in Atlanta, all of these are monuments to her husband that she built. She was the one that pushed through legislation to get her husband a Holiday because of all he’d done. She was the one that fought Boston University to get his papers even though she lost.

Ten- She never remarried after Dr. King, never dated or gave her time to any other men. For as long as she lived she kept her vows even though he was gone. That’s loyalty, that’s incredibly cool.

Ten Reasons Why I Love Women….

Ten: No one else has the ability to make me feel better when I’m feeling down. My boys can take me to a strip club and to get some drinks, my family can cook a good meal and tell me their proud of me. But there’s nothing like a woman smiling at me and telling me everything will be okay. I just believe her, pretty faces, smiles and sweet smells are my kryptonite.

Nine: Body Parts: This may be very mannish of me but I just love female body parts. Of course the obvious, a nice ass, perfect cleavage but it’s way more than that. The way a woman’s hair falls over her ear, the way a necklace lays across a collarbone. The way dimples or freckles sit on a cheek. There is something so erotic, so tempting about looking at a female body.  I could write about each layer and never run out of things to say.

Eight: A Feminine Voice: Every woman has a melody that is unique to her. A way she talks that’s its very own language. When she says hello or good morning or good night the waves just sync and everything feels like it will fall into place.

Seven: The Passenger Seat: Going out of town, going to a movie or even if it’s just us doing some parking lot creeping. Having a woman sitting in my passenger seat is like winning the lottery no matter how many times a day or week it happens. The definition in her thighs, her back against the passenger door. The smile on her face when the console comes up. It’s pretty cool.

Six: Fashion: I wrote a status earlier in the week about this woman in front of me at Chick Fil A that got her breakfast paid for because of the pencil skirt and heels she was wearing. I was dead serious by the way! I love well dressed women almost as much as I love writing. Almost… Seeing a woman fit a pair of jeans with a cute blouse or a pair of tights and a form fitting workout shirt. It doesn’t matter, if it looks good on her and is tasteful or slutty in the right situations, I’m all in…

Five: Motivation: The love of my life will never truly want me because I’m not paid. I know this and I know she wants to be comfortable, she doesn’t like working and she hates the idea of doing it until she retires. Her pretty ass isn’t the only reason I work as hard as I work but her and women like her or a big part of it. I understand it’s a man’s place to provide if his woman doesn’t want to work and seeing her, talking to her, getting an email from her. I know that I have to do better, I have to make more and make a bigger name for myself. Women are motivation.

Four: The Hennessy Connection: This was my attempt at word play… Liquor and women just go together, I’m talking go together like peanut butter and jelly or Bobby and Whitney. When I’m taking shots with a beautiful woman or popping open a new bottle of wine. When the conversation is flowing and the liquor is adding to our flirtiness I don’t want the moment to end.

Three: Round of Applause: If a woman can dance she can get whatever. Point. Blank. Period.

Two: My Heir: Women have the ability to give me a son. There isn’t a greater ability in the world. I want to be married and in love when I have a child but it’s more than that. I know me and I know I would be the worst “baby daddy” in the history of life. I’m incredibly jealous by nature and a little mean, I’m crazy about who I’m crazy about, it engulfs me and drowns me and love isn’t strong enough of a word. When a woman has my child she will by extension become the most important person in the world to me because she’ll be holding the most important person in the world to me.

One: My Writing: Every story. Every novel. Every thought. They’re all usually based off some woman and how she makes me feel. Women are the reason I’ll be on the New York Times Best Sellers List one day!


This note was supposed to give three reasons a piece for ‘them loving you more’ and ‘them loving you more’ but I decided to take the three away and to just give several reasons a piece. It’s easier this way considering I get carried away at times.

Reasons You Should Love Them More Than They Love You…

Have you ever tried being in a relationship with someone that you weren’t crazy about? Scratch that, have you ever tried being on a date with a good person that you weren’t necessarily attracted to? That’s not to say the person wasn’t attractive in general, it just means you weren’t attracted to them in that… ‘I can’t wait to touch him/her’ sort of way.

It’s not a good feeling, because it feels like a waste of time. You’re there, they’re cracking jokes you don’t care for. They’re smiling and happy and all you can think about is what the person you’re crazy about would be doing in this situation. She’s sitting there but all you see is another woman’s smile, another woman’s cleavage. She’s soft and sweet but when you look in her eyes you don’t fall hard.

Now multiply that times ten… That’s what it’s like when you’re in a relationship with someone that isn’t what you want in your heart. It doesn’t mean you can’t be happy, it simply means you’ll never have all your desires satisfied. You can be happy and grateful and feel a sense of love but you’ll never feel ‘That’ sense of love.

Knowing you’re coming home to someone that you love more than anything on this earth is the best feeling in the world. Picking up a woman that you feel so much passion for, so much intensity for, it’s perfection in motion. Whether you’re buying her a gift that you know she’ll love or picking up her favorite dinner, it doesn’t matter. Because making her happy is all you need to be happy. That’s the joy in loving a woman more than she loves you.

And let’s not fool ourselves, we know. We know when our emotions run just a little bit deeper than those of the person we’re with. It may not be noticeable to the naked eye but we know. And we don’t mind because we have them, because every moment  we spend with them is that much more special because we don’t know if it could be the last.

Every touch, every kiss, every smile they give is electric. It’s a privilege and an honor to have them on your side when you go out. Pride is a great trait to have in most situations but when you love someone more than they love you; you’ll push your pride aside with the quickness.

I imagine I’ll love my wife more then she loves me because I’m a people pleaser when it comes to women. And I don’t mind one bit.

As a matter of fact, anyone reading this. If you think about your greatest memories, your greatest romances. They’ll be with someone you were absolutely crazy about, not someone that treated you perfectly.  

Reasons They Should Love You More Than You Love Them…

Who doesn’t want to be adored?

Who doesn’t want to be the center of someone’s attention?

I often think about if I stopped writing on FB, if I cut my phone off and put it in my desk drawer. If I just got in my truck and drove away, who would go out of their way to look for me?

Not my family because they would almost be obligated to but what woman would lose her mind over me not being around anymore? And the answer to that question is probably no one. But if a woman loves me more than I love her, if I’m everything she wants and needs she’ll do whatever it takes to find me.

When someone loves you more than you love them you can see it in their eyes every time you’re around them. You hear it on the phone, they just want to please you.




They put in the effort to make you happy and you love them for that. You’ll fight for them and trust them and hold them down because you know they’ll hold you down at any cost.

And is there anything more important in this life than knowing who’s willing to hold you down no matter what the cost?

One Reason Why the Love Should Be Perfectly Equal…

When love is perfectly equal, the story always makes sense. You don’t question her coming home late from work or spending the night at her mothers. You don’t trip when she asks you for your last because you know she would do the same for you.

There is no shame, no embarrassment, no fear.

When love is perfectly equal the engagements and perfect moments aren’t one sided.

It’s cool to have someone that loves you more than you love them.

It’s great to love someone more then they love you.

But it’s perfect to have someone that’s just as into you, just as crazy about you…

It rarely happens this way but when it does, it’s like everything in this Universe is aligned.


I write about love and perfection a lot. I know the two don’t necessarily go together but I do love the idea of them coming together. Maybe I’m a romantic, I can accept that. I just know my heart will always be in the right place.