You’re Worth It

If I tell you you’re worth it; know I mean every word of it.

If I tell you you’re worth it; know I have crossed every mountain and sailed every sea making sure there is not a woman on this earth that is comparable to you.

If I tell you you’re worth it, it means I need you, I want you and I crave you. Not for everything you are but for everything you have the potential to be because your greatness is only going to grow.

You are worth my words, you are worth my soul, you are worth the energy and love that seeps from my pores every time I see you. Every time our bodies are within inches of each other.

You are the novel I can’t finish because every word has to be perfect.

You are the drink that’s too strong and with every sip you go to my head and dull my senses.

You are worth every ounce of my soul.

You are my life.



5 Senses… Perfect Skies


Those are our five senses, those are the gifts God gave us to help us appreciate life.

If you’re in Houston right now and you’re reading this, step outside and just take it in. The wind, the perfect Fall sky, the moon. It’s a night that shouldn’t be spent alone. A night that should enhance our senses. The touch of her skin, the smell of her hair, the sounds of her voice, the connection with her eyes and the taste of her lips.

That’s what Fall nights like this should enhance.

I often times forget how blessed I am to have all my senses. To be able to close my eyes and still feel her hands on me. To be able to be miles or days away ans still see her radiance.

For all my romantic traits and gentlemanly qualities I’m a fan of visually nasty, of vocally freaky, of physically stimulating. My senses aren’t just here to help me live, they’re here to help me LOVE.

There’s a saying that says ‘He helps you take your clothes off but once it’s over you put them on alone.’ I think those guys are idiots. Watching her slide her panties back on, helping her fasten her bra and button her shirt. That’s intimacy, that’s desire, that’s struggle… The struggle not to rip it all off her again.

The sky is perfect tonight.
My imagination is perfect tonight.
My desire for wanting more is epic tonight.

My ‘her’ is elusive and that’s fine. I’ll drink this drink, jam this music and watch the elements enhance my senses around me.