10 Reasons Why I Believe I’m Falling In Love With You

Common-Romantic-Regrets One- I check your Facebook every day. Not really to see who you’re talking to or what guys are saying but just to look at pictures, to see your face. I like seeing your face, seeing your smile.

Two- When you call my entire personality changes. I smile more, I don’t get out the truck, I blow off work for twenty minutes, your voice makes me realize just how much nothing matters more than talking to your pretty ass.

Three- I love your ambition, I find myself talking about you to strangers just because you’re you.

Four- I could care less about having sex with you, our conversations are enough. The way you stimulate my mind means more than any woman has ever done to me physically.

Five- When I write it’s you I see.

Six- The things that make me ignore most women, complaining, whining, crying, all those things bring me closer to you. They make me want to spend more time with you.

Seven- I watch you sleep, not in a creepy way or Silence of the Lambs way but just in a way that brings me comfort. I wonder what you’re dreaming about. I like pulling you close and having you sink your body into mines.

Eight- I have a feeling that when you’re completely into me the amount of freaky and sexy in you will turn me out. It will change my life.

Nine- I love your simplistic beauty.

Ten- Loyalty. To your friends, to your family, to me. Even though we haven’t known each other for long I love how you’re willing to have my back. I love how you talk to me and see me in a way that makes me feel like you care. I know you care. I’m falling in love with you and I don’t care who knows it.

One Man’s Missed Opportunity Is Another Man’s Gift

What you want do another man will? That’s one of the more popular articles I’ve written. There’s another side to that story though, there are a lot of men with women they only have because the man she wanted and probably still wants wouldn’t act right.

There are a lot of men right now that are i

Wear my shirt so I know it's real.

Wear my shirt so I know it’s real.

n relationships with top 10% type women simply because they’re acting right. Women that are beautiful, funny, smart, ambitious, sexy, fashionable. Women that other men dream of and other women envy. Two, three years ago she would have never looked at him but because the man she was in love with wasn’t acting right she got tired and gave some guy a chance.

Ask a woman about the man she loved the hardest, the one she cried over and helped pay bills and would do anything in the world for. Rarely is she still with that guy because those guys never grow up, they never step up and accept responsibility. Let me not say never but rarely. They may grow a beard and wear better clothes and cologne but they still have those same habits that cause heartbreak and sleepless nights. Women get tired of that and they’re willing to sacrifice certain things for respect, honesty, sincerity and knowing a man is who he says he is.

Being passionate is great but rarely does life take place in the extremes and passion is an extreme. The older we get the more we crave consistency, thoughtfulness. We laugh and smile at the sex in parking lots and the spending bill money on trips when we’re young but as we grow so does the nature of what makes us happy.

For some reason there are men and women that get pleasure out of using terms like, “You can have my leftovers” or “I went out with her a couple years ago.” Implying since they had that person first it means something. What most of those people don’t want to mention is that they usually called, text’d, begged to try and get them back and once none of that worked they simply resorted to slander. We don’t believe you and even if we did why does it matter?

Saying you had someone first is nothing to brag about. You can’t be over the age of 23 and not have been with someone in your life on a physical or emotional level. Whenever I see a guy bragging that he “hit” a chick in 2006 or a woman who just has to tell her friend that a guy “tried to talk to her” in 2010 I’m wondering their motivation? You know what’s really sexy, what’s really cool, moving on. Leaving the past in the past. I’m pretty sure when I get married there will be men that have seen my wife naked, as long as they aren’t currently seeing her naked. Enjoy the memories, I have the real thing.

~ Demez F. White

No Crying Over the Mistress

Showers are a gift from the Gods! The steam, body scrubs, shampooing, the way the water hits my back and my face. When I was growing up, we didn’t have a shower in the house, only a bathtub and for eighteen years I took a bath every night. I honestly can’t remember the last time I took a bath now. I shower like two, three times a day… Just for the experience, just for the relaxation it brings.

I stepped out the shower and grabbed a towel wrapping it around my waist. The bathroom was spotless, it was always spotless, my wife just didn’t play when it came to a clean home. Hell, after only two years of marriage I was trained to pick up every towel, wash every dish and to use a coaster. I took my left hand and wiped the steam off the window. My wedding band catching my eye, I never took it off, never.

Letting the water in the sink get hot, I washed my face with some Apricot Scrub, brushed my teeth. Trimmed any loose hairs around my goatee and just stared at myself. I was a man that had it all, the American Dream and I also lived every single day with the fear that my wife would find out I had a side ho. I guess I could call her a mistress or “the other woman” but the truth was, I was spending money out of our household to take care of this woman. I wasn’t falling in love with her, it was just sex. Really good, really nasty sex. Something my wife just didn’t have time for; don’t get me wrong, when we had it, it was amazing! But it happens to far and between for my liking.

Just thinking about her, how excited she gets when I send her a text and tell her I found some time for her or when I bring her some flowers or actually take her somewhere. There’s nothing like that “grateful sex” you get from a woman that’s just not used to getting a lot. It’s like tonight, she wants to go see a movie so I told her to find a nice out of the way theater and restaurant and I’ll make the time. All day, she’s been texting me about what she’s going to wear and what we’re going to see. I don’t even think my wife would sit thru a two hour movie, let alone get excited about it.

I kept my towel wrapped, dried my feet off on the rug and walked across the cold hard wood floors to the closet. A pair of grey slacks, a white button down shirt and a burgundy v-neck sweater from would be my attire for the night. Black belt, black loafers, Skagen watch with the blue face and black leather band and Kenneth Cole Black Cologne. I was a little bit of a perfectionist when it came to me appearance.

Black boxers, burgundy socks and black tank top underneath and in ten minutes my outfit was on and I was ready to go.

Stepping out the closet, walking over to the dresser to get my wallet, keys and money clip I could feel her standing in the door.

“You look nice, where are you getting ready to go?”

The thing about lying to your wife is simple; you can’t actually tell a lie. Because no matter how much she trusts you, she’ll check up on you sooner or later and she’ll remember where you said you were going two months from now. So, I always had a real live event, party, social function scheduled for whenever I was going to go see my side ho. And the reason is, if my wife asks questions or if she decides she wants to go, I’ll have a real place to take her. An alibi that doesn’t depend on a friend that might want to sleep with her or something else.

“Benjamin is having a little get together tonight for his birthday, I know we don’t talk like we used to but he’s a pretty cool guy. I thought I would go over there and have a couple of drinks, give my well wishes.” She walked over to where I was standing in front of the dresser, “Hold this.” She handed me her wine glass.

“You smell good; I didn’t know if that sweater would fit you, you’ve lost a little weight lately. Let me fix your collar.”

Her fingers grazed my neck while she was straightening my collar, she was a beautiful woman, there was no doubt about that. A pair of pink boy shorts, a white tank top, no bra. Her body screamed fuck me, but she just didn’t like to fuck. It was weird, but I married her knowing that.

“I think I want to go, where is it.” I couldn’t show her that I wanted with all my heart for her to stay her ass at home.

“It’s at Hotel ZaZa.”

“I love their Martinis! I want to go.” I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into my body.

“Baby, I want you to go, but you know it’s going to take you a minute to be ready and I don’t want to be too late.” She looked up at me and gave me a peck on the lips.

“Boy! It takes you way longer than it takes me, I got my hair fixed earlier and I just got out the shower so let me throw on a little makeup, I have the perfect dress and shoes and I’ll be like thirty minutes. Go downstairs, fix yourself a drink, listen to some music and I’ll be down shortly.” She kissed me again, this time with her full lips and tongue.

“Al, I know it’s been awhile and I know how much sex means to you. So, I’m going to pack us a bag and we can just get a room tonight at ZaZa. We’ll call into tomorrow and maybe go to the beach, I know Galveston isn’t exactly the Bahamas but I want to spend a weekday enjoying my husband.”

I just watched her taking off her clothes and walking into her closet, she really was breathtaking. The truth was, I would trade one night of drinking and dancing and eating and sex with my wife for a hundred with a side ho.

“That’s a great idea baby; I’m looking forward to it. I’ll make reservations for a room downstairs. Hey… I forgot, let me go fill up and run to the liquor store to buy him a bottle before it turns nine. By the time I get back, you should be ready.”

I grabbed my keys, took the stairs two at a time and went down to the garage. I kept my second phone in my car and my wife hated driving so I wasn’t worried about her snooping around in here. I jumped in, let up the garage and backed out. I waited until I cleared the corner before I called Erica.

“Hey baby! Are you on your way, I’m almost ready!” I could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Change of plans E.” I didn’t really feel bad; I just sort of felt dirty for having to justify my actions to a woman I had no real ties to.

“You promised Allen!”

“I know I promised baby, but things happen. It’s not like I planned this, I just forgot. I’m going to make it up to you.”

“You’re always “going to make something up” to me! I get tired of the SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER! I WANT A REAL MAN IN MY LIFE! I’VE BEEN FUCKING WITH YOU FOR A YEAR AND WE’VE SPENT THREE NIGHTS TOGETHER!? THREE NIGHTS!!!” She was yelling and crying and I was so over it already.

“What do you want me to say?! You knew what was up when I met you; there was no cloak and dagger SHIT! I told you I was married, I told you my wife was going to come first! HELL, I WAS WITH MY WIFE AND YOU STILL CAME UP TO ME WHEN SHE WENT OUTSIDE TO TAKE THAT CALL! So, don’t start whining and shit tonight because I can’t take you to a movie. IT’S A FUCKING MOVIE!”

I didn’t mean to get mad at her, but how much can a man take. She pursued me, not the other way around. She knew I was married.


She loves me, is this bitch crazy? I was really about to lose it now.


I could here her hyperventilating.


She gets them in her name but I give her the cash, I guess she’s forgetting about that part.

“I’m just tired Allen… I’m just tired of not having anyone to hold me at night; you’re over there with her. Talking about HER day, eating dinner with HER, cooking dinner with HER, watching Monday Night Football WITH HER and I’m the bitch you call when you want your dick sucked before you go to work. How do you think that makes me feel?”

It should make you feel like you give good head, that’s a compliment. I just held the phone as I walked in the store. I guess she needed to vent.

“HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES ME FUCKING FEEL!!!!? I JUST NEED MORE TIME DADDY! I just need more time; I miss you when we’re not together.”

I wanted to hang up in her face, I was excited about spending the night with my wife, but I wasn’t stupid. You didn’t just throw a woman away. Because she would find a way to get back at you.

“I know you miss me Erica, I know you do. And believe me when I tell you, I miss you too at times. But this isn’t going to end with me leaving my wife. With her going out the back door and you coming in the front. It never was and I won’t lie to you like it is now. If you can’t handle what we have, then you should move around, go get a man of your own baby girl. Someone that can be there when you call, someone that can walk around the Galleria with you or can take you to concerts or the Breakfast Club or Rockets Games; because I can’t do it! I can’t risk one of my wife’s friends seeing me with you. Yeah I know that shit sounds cold, but it’s the truth.”

There was a thin line between keeping it real and running game. I liked to think I played the line perfectly. I knew she wasn’t going anywhere.


And now that she’s all hot like this, the next time I see her, she’s going to do everything in her power to try and make me stay. Checkmate.

“Listen E, I’m not going to do this; I just called you to cancel for tonight because I figured you deserve that much. But all this drama, you yelling and crying… that’s not for me baby. I understand you’re hurt and you caught feelings but charge that shit to the game. The next time you want a man, go find one that’s either single or has a woman at home that you know for a fact you can replace. I know I’m as asshole for cheating on my wife, but she’s just always tired. Between her working and doing charitable and social events, she just doesn’t have time for the sort of sex drive I have. It was good meeting you Erica, I mean that.”

“Is this goodbye Allen… Seriously, you’re going to tell me goodbye over the phone. Don’t I at least deserve a goodbye in person… please? I won’t ask to see you again; I just want to see you one last time. Please…”

I just held the phone, I had every intention on seeing her young freaky ass again, but the thing was. I had to put her in her place. If I let her think she could just pull a temper tan tantrum and get her way… she would do it all the time.

There are two types of side chicks. The ones that need you financially and sexually, those are the best ones because it’s simply an arrangement. They probably date and have broke boyfriends, whatever. Maybe they’re just single and need some good sex. You can walk away from those women easy. And then you have single women that want something serious but their willing to settle for half a man. They have homes, cars, good jobs; they don’t need your money or even sex. They just want a relationship and they feel like they can take you. Those women are the worse because they love hard and they only get the good parts of you.

“I can’t come tonight or tomorrow. I’ll try to come by this weekend.”

“If you can’t come see me at least tomorrow, I’ll hurt myself Allen; I’m not saying this to get your attention. I’m saying it because I miss you; I just need to see you. You’ve done this to me, if you didn’t want me in your life, you shouldn’t have made love to me the way you did. Treated me the way you do!”

“I don’t want you to hurt yourself Erica, just calm down and I’ll see you this weekend. I have to go.”

I hung up the phone and cut if off, filled up and headed back towards our house to pick up my wife. I got a text on my regular cell; I could see it lightening up on my consul.

“If something happens to me or the baby, it’s on you!”


I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, if she did hurt herself or a baby, what did it matter.


Truth or Dare ‘Explicit Content’

 “Truth or dare?”

We were sitting in Benjy’s at 10:30pm on a Thursday night; it was my first time seeing her since she called me over two weeks ago. The restaurant/ lounge was packed and we were in a booth in the corner. It was dark and the liquor was flowing. I had on a pair of black slacks, a white button down shirt and a black cashmere sweater. Issey Miyake of course, she was wearing a sexy dress that was backless and short. I had no idea what her perfume was but I did know it was alluring as hell.

“Truth.” She said

“How often do you think about me?” I took a sip of my beer and looked her in her very intoxicated eyes.

“Is that a trick question?” She could flirt without ever saying a word.

“It seemed like a pretty straight forward question to me.”

She took a sip of her wine and placed her hand on my thigh.

“I mean, if you’re asking how often I think about you as a person, that’s one thing. About our future, that’s another question; but if you’re asking how often I think about fucking you. That’s the money question.” She gave me courage to be freaky as hell, I think we did that for each other.

“You think too much! Why don’t you pick which one you want to tell me?!” She rubbed her hand along the inside of my thigh.

“I can’t focus the first half of my work day because I can’t get our morning conversations out of my mind, your voice, the way you’re frustrated at the morning traffic or excited about payday. The way you talk about your “toy” like it’s an adequate substitute. All those things make me want you.”

She licked her lips and motioned for the waiter.

“They make you want me how? What’s the first thing you think of doing?” She was setting the game off right.

“That’s more than one question; you’re breaking the rules of the game.” Her smile was electric!

“We can make our own rules tonight.”

The waiter walked over to the table, I knew her drinking habits better than I knew her religious views.

“Let me get another bottle of wine, another Bud Light Draft and four shots of Patron.”

“Yes sir, I’ll have that out in a minute.”

“Thank you.”

I picked up where we left off.

“The first thing I think about doing is kissing you; I guess I’m old fashioned like that. I like kissing, I love kissing or maybe I just love using my mouth on things. Who knows? Your voice makes me hard.”

“So you’re hard now?” She winked, I took her hand and placed it on my lap.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?”

“Are you daring me?”

“Yep, that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“You have to say it and you also have to know you can’t beat me at this game. I’m the truth or dare Queen.”


She never looked down, never took her eyes off mine, never gave anyone in the restaurant a clue as to what she was doing. She pulled it completely out and touched it, rubbed around the tip and just played with and held it like it was hers. The way I was feeling about her, it was hers for as long as she wanted it.

“I guess you weren’t lying, he feels different since the last time I touched him, smoother. You’ve been using some new soap or something?”

“Nothing like that, you’ve just been acting funny for too long, so you’re out of touch with him.”

“I’m positive we’ll get back in touch tonight, I do miss him, even though he’s a little hard on me.”

“I thought you liked him better when he was hard on you, a little rough on you.”

“I like him like that but to be honest, I like him better when I can wake him up.”

“What’s your best method for waking him up? Do you think he responds better to your hands or your mouth?”

“That’s a good question; you’re his bestfriend, why don’t you tell me what he says to you.”

“He likes when you touch him, your hands are really small and soft, he feels big when one of those are wrapped around him. Hugging him; however, he is a sucker for that mouth of yours, those pouty lips.”

“Oh, that’s good to know. I forgot whose turn it is, I think it’s mine.”


“Truth or dare?”


“I dare you to slide your hand under my dress; I have a surprise for you.”

“Is the surprise dangerous?”

“Why would it be dangerous?”

“Why would you make it a dare?”

“I’m made it a dare because what’s under the dress is addictive but I’m sure you already know that. I’m making it a dare because this place is packed and someone has to know what we’re doing in this booth.”

Her dress was tight, she had to sit up a little and raise it up over her ass just so I could gain access. If the booth wasn’t so high everyone in the place would get a show because she was not wearing panties.

“I took them off in the car, once I smelled your cologne; I knew I wouldn’t need them.”

“So you’re reading minds now.”

“Not minds, just a mind. I’m in your head boy and you know it.”

“You’re right, it is addictive, you know I can’t control myself now.”

“Hmmmm…. Ohhh My Goood, that feels so good. I wish I could cut off your hand and take it with me.”

She was getting a little too comfortable, her eyes were closed and her head was titled to the side. When I saw the waiter walking towards us with our drinks I stopped playing around down there but I didn’t take my fingers out. It was too warm to move my hand.

He sat our drinks down.  

“Thank You.” I waited until he was out of ear hustle range. “But you wouldn’t know how to use my hand the way I do, we’re a package deal. Does my hand make you feel good?”

“Your hand makes me cum often.”

“You are pretty wet, I’m guessing no one has touched my girl since me right?”

“You would guess right, for some reason she’s really fond of you. At night, when I’m playing with my toy to get a good nights sleep, we like to imagine it’s your tongue pressing town on my clit. Vibrating and licking… Hmmmm….”

I had to change the subject, she was getting wetter and wetter and my probing was getting more and more intense. I was a drip away from picking her up and sitting her in my lap.

“It’s my turn, truth or date?”


“Hmmmm…. A drunken tongue speaks no lies, so I dare you to drink all four shots of patron, half the bottle of wine and your beer. Without stopping! If you’re chicken, don’t worry about.”

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Oh… And you can’t take your magic fingers out my pussy.”

“I’m always up for a challenge but if I throw up all over you, that’s your fault.” She laughed a really sexy, really drunk laugh.

Patron shot one, two, three four! I slammed the last shot glass down and burped.

I chugged the beer and placed my fist over my mouth, the wine was going to be the hardest because I hadn’t been drinking it all night but I was a winner.

“You don’t have to drink it; you can always admit that you’re a loser!” She licked her tongue out at me. I added another finger to the two I already had inside of her, I could feel her open her legs wider under the table.

I didn’t even bother putting the wine in a glass; I just took it to the head until I killed half the bottle. The fucking room was spinning. I put my hand on my face and closed my eyes tight. I was fucked up. I took my hands out of her and licked my fingers like I’d just ate some hot wings.

“You taste something you like?” She took that same hand and licked the last finger.

“Ummm, I had to see what has you so addicted, is my baby drunk?” She laughed and kissed me, the kiss was abrupt and hard but I damn sure kissed back. I was never into PDA but I didn’t care about much when it came to her.

“I want you to take me to your truck and let me ride your face and your dick! Can your drunk ass do that?!” I placed my hands on her waist while she sat up to pull her dress down.

“I can do that, I’m not that drunk, but I don’t have any condoms so what are we going to do?” We stood up and I paid the bill with a generous tip. She stood up on her tippy toes and licked the side of my face.

“I’ll just have to pull out and I’ll just have to swallow.”

“Let’s go…”

”Anticipation is the central ingredient in sexual desire. As sex has a major cognitive component, the most important element for desire is positive anticipation indeed; one name for pleasurable anticipation is excitement.”

 I’m dedicating this story to you and there is no way you can’t know who you are….

14 Perfectly Romantic Valentine’s Ideas

vday idea 14 Perfectly Romantic Valentine’s Ideas

14- Get a list of about 30 songs, some hip hop, some love songs, some oldies. Buy a couple aprons and her favorite liquor and make a pizza and hot wings together. You can get a recipe online or buy the dough already made. You avoid crowds and make a mess, good times.

13- Give her a bunch a money in a card when some heartfelt words. Women love money, they love words. The sex will be great and you can go out on the 15th when flowers are regular price again.

12- Hire a masseuse to come in and give you two a massage. They’re a lot cheaper than you think. Invest in some candles, some thick plush white towels and make a day of it.

11- Take her to a restaurant that you’ve never been to that you know will be packed but make reservations. Hold her hand, walking through the crowd and while everyone else is waiting you go straight to your seat. She’ll be beyond turned on.

10- Go the fun route, go to the gym and workout together, it’ll be empty. A lot of people get this idea that Valentine’s Day has to be romantic, sometimes it just has to be a good day.

9- Today marks a week before it’s Valentine’s, ask her to take a half a day next Friday and meet you at a hotel. Get some takeout, some wine and have hotel sex. I don’t know why but it just feels different. But remember to stop and get her some fancy soap. Women love fancy soap.

8- Role playing is underrated. Of course you have the sexy nurse and cat burglar type of roles but I’m talking something simpler. Showing up and pretending to be two strangers, letting the stories roll. You have to have an artistic personality and be creative but it could be fun with the right approach.

7- Just ask her what she’d like to do.

6- Write her a love letter for every special day you have shared. Maybe some of the days she doesn’t even remember. Like the first day you saw her, the first day you kissed her, the first day you made love to her. Write to her about a moment where you were having a horrible day and she saved you, made you smile. Give them to her while you’re driving and then drive far, let her read them in the passenger seat with music playing and memories spinning.

5- Take a trip. Tell her to pack a bag and you’ll be gone for three days. If she trust you and feels safe she’ll roll with it. Big is always great but a small road trip is good too. Don’t let money dictate how much fun you can have.

4- Slow dance at the top of a parking garage.

3- Take her shopping and let her model the clothes for you.

2- Send something to her office that she can share. Women love bragging even if they’re modest. Send cookies or cupcakes or food to her job, enough where she can share. Where all her co-workers can see. Let other people know she’s loved.

1- Kiss her a lot, cuddle on the couch, order Chinese, bit her thighs, lick her stomach. Enjoy the moment.

All You Have to Do Is Say Yes

All You Have to Do Is Say Yes

All I want is an opportunity to make you happy. I’m on the eve of turning 31 and I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep. I might not ever be able to put you in a Benz and buy you that house on the lake but I can promise you’ll never catch a bus or sleep under a leaky roof.

All I want is to touch you and have you melt in my arms. When you have a bad day call me, no hesitation. When you’re hungry let me know what you want to eat. When you’re horny let me know where to lick. I just need you to open the door so I can get it started. Just say yes.

I want you to have two or three drawers over here. I want you to have a key and for my dog to love you just as much as she loves me. I want to be the one that you know will put no other before you. That starts with a yes.

Our child, our future, our sweaty nights when I can’t get enough of you; that all starts with a yes.

Say Yes!
Say my name!

I’m going to brag about you. Post pictures of us. Piss a lot of women off but the truth is I’d rather see you them frown as long as you’re smiling.

Say yes and I’ll change your life!



Taste This for Me

At first I thought it was in my head but every time I ignored it the knock got louder. Getting up from my desk, having to hold the wall for a second not realizing how much I’d drank I walked to the door.

Looking out the window I recognized her car. I wasn’t sure what she was doing here but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t smile.

Opening the door, her bouncing from one foot to the next in the short dress she stepped inside and hugged me. Her body sinking into mines, sucking up my warmth. For minutes nothing was said, neither of us moved. My back against the door, my hands rubbing her back, rubbing her ass. Her squeezing me like I’d run away if she let go.

“How did you know I didn’t have company?” I said it playfully but I was serious.

“Fuck whatever company you would have had. ” She said it squeezing me tighter but I knew her. She would have knocked on the door anyway.

Going to the couch, her hand on mines. I was expecting her to sit next to me but she straddled me. Looking me in my eyes, rubbing my hair, tracing my lips with her fingers.

“Can I ask you a question?” She asked.

“Of course.” I traced her nipples with my tongue through her dress.

“Instead of writing about me, why not just call me? Text me?” She kissed me forehead and placed her hands behind my head.

“How do you know I’m writing about you? It’s fiction remember.” Standing up, stepping out of her panties and climbing back on top she smiled and started to kiss my neck.

“Save that for your groupies writer. You forget who I am? Taste this for me.” Putting her fingers between her legs and putting them to my mouth I never took my eyes off of her.

“I’m drunk, I’m horny, all I want is some head. To ride your dick. And an omelette. If the omelette is good maybe I’ll suck your dick all nasty like you like it.” While she was talking she was pulling it out. Spitting on her fingers, rubbing it, looking at me she sat on it.

Her hands on my head, my hands on her hips, our rhythm perfect. My fit inside of her perfect. No words were spoken after that, no music playing in the background or adjusting positions. Just the sounds of her wetness absorbing my hardness. Just the sounds of pleasure before the dawn hours.