4 Reasons Why Kissing Is Still the Pinnacle of Intimacy

Dope Instagram Pic 1. Soft lips still have to be the best cure for a long day. Trends change, styles change, but kissing a woman after a great first date or before you leave for work. That will never change.

2. We all remember our first kiss. Not the one when you’re at the 8th grade prom but that first real kiss when you feel something. Call it sparks, call it love, call it desire. That kiss that makes you want to hold her hand, that kiss that makes you forget time and space and you look up and it’s been two hours. No matter how old we get, those moments still exist.

3. Kissing is erotic but it’s also incredibly innocent. One of my favorite sermons is when my pastor said, “Don’t put yourself in situations where you can’t control your body and your desires. You can say you want to wait until marriage or don’t want to move fast but kissing on a couch in the dark at midnight isn’t going to help you reach that goal.” Kissing is what we make it. It can be a stolen kiss in the elevator leaving a movie or in a parking garage or it can be the introduction to something more.

4. There comes a time in a man’s life where he has to make a decision. Is this the woman I want to kiss for the rest of my life. Not just when there’s candles burning and R. Kelly playing but when she’s just gave birth to your child and it’s a kiss on the forehead. When she’s just finished jogging and is incredibly sweaty and it’s a peck on the lips letting her know you’re proud of her. A kiss on the back of her neck while you’re watching your son or daughter sleep. These are the kisses that define us. The kisses that we relate to moments we live for.

5 Underrated Places to Kiss

The human body and lips will always have a unique connection. I’m thinking when God created us he had this in mind. There’s the pleasure spots that all of us know about. In the heat of the moment you can’t go wrong kissing breasts, inner thighs, a neck.


There’s the other spots. The ones that are more subtle but just as sexy, just as inviting. These are the spots you kiss when there’s no rush, when your concern isn’t your pleasure, but her pleasure. Whether it be mentally, emotionally or physically.

5. Forehead- Comfort is not an easy thing to come by. Most attractive women get guys calling and texting all the time. “How are you today?” “Good Morning, you sleep well?” And their answers are normally “fine,” “okay,” etc. It’s rare that she says I was cramping all night or I’m stressing because I’m going to be 200 short on my bills. So when she does find a man that she’s comfortable enough with to go into detail that’s real. Whether it be a friendship or relationship. And in those moments grabbing her ass or trying to take off her panties probably isn’t the brightest idea. But a tight hug and forehead kiss works perfectly.

4. Belly button- Do you know what my favorite moment is with any woman? It’s not even sexual; it’s that moment when she’s fresh out a shower or bath. Her skin is warm and moist, her pores are open. There’s this soft sweet scent of that soap/lotion combination. See, that’s how you know if she’s truly beautiful. No makeup, no pushup bras or tight jeans. Just a robe or t-shirt and her feminine sensibilities. Lying on the couch, my head on her lap and kissing that warm, soft stomach. Maybe she giggles, maybe she rubs my head, maybe she falls asleep. There’s clarity in that kiss.

3. Hand- I once read this quote that said the reason women wear their wedding ring on the finger they wear it on is because it’s the only finger that has a direct vein to the heart. I’m not a doctor. I have no idea if this is true or not but I have a feeling it is. In an era not too long ago men would greet women by kissing her hand. We live in a germaphobic and cynical world now so kissing a strange woman’s hand isn’t as welcome. But there are moments, maybe on a date, maybe at a stop light or waiting to be seated at a restaurant where taking her hand and placing a soft kiss on it can tell her ‘I adore you.’

2. Shoulder- The shoulder is the step child of erotic zones. Men love going for that neck but bare shoulders can be just as sensitive. If she’s standing at the stove in a tank top, looking in the bathroom mirror in a towel. Sucking that shoulder, rubbing her stomach. It’s a prelude to great things.

1. Feet- Question? Have you ever sucked a woman’s toes? The feet are one of the most sensitive body parts on a woman. Now I wouldn’t suggest kissing her feet after she’s been at work all day or coming from the gym but after she takes a long bath, relaxes… Massaging her feet, kissing a toe here or there is going to get you all the brownie points in the world.

These 5 spots all differ. A couple provide warmth and comfort. A couple are preludes to sexual thrusts. But they all have one thing in common. Once you kiss her there she’ll smile and reciprocate.

Perfect Wedding Nights…

The vows were said, the tears were shed. People toasted to our union and danced the night away.

Six tiers, butter cream icing, no coconut. An open bar, a live jazz band and bridesmaids that belonged on the cover of Vogue.

Today was everything she wanted, everything she deserved. Today was everything I needed, everything I desired.

That was today.
That was our Picture Perfect Wedding.

I would have been happy going to the courthouse and hopping on a plane to Cannes. As long as it was with her.

That was today.
That was our fairy tale Wedding.

Tonight was different. No flowergirls or ringbearers, no flowers or doves. Our bags were packed and our flight was booked. The hotel suite cost way too much but it was our night.

Both of us married for the first time, making love for the first time. Well, the first time as her being my wife. I took a shower and went to the hotel bar.

“I want to make tonight special. Don’t come back for an hour and don’t drink anymore.”

She kissed me like a wife should kiss a husband and closed the door. I gave her an hour and twenty minutes because I knew my wife.

I didn’t use my key card, I knocked on the door. She opened it in a white silk robe. No makeup on her face, her hair still perfect.

“Give me your hand husband.”

I followed her into the suite, candles burning, Coltrane playing, gifts and flowers all around us.

“Sit down baby.” She opened her robe and underneath was a white lace bra and panty set. No heels, no garter belt, no flash.

It was simple, it was perfect.

“Let’s open these gifts, drink some wine. Make fun of some people and play on Facebook. I’m tired and so are you. And at around 3am when we’ve fallen to sleep I’ll wake you up the way a wife should wake up a husband.”

And that was our first night as husband and wife.

This is dedicated to you by the way 🙂 you know who you are…