3 Reasons Spirituality Matters More Than Religion 

Faith is knowing you will make it no matter what. 

1. Being A Good Person- Being a good person still matters in life, at least to me. Regardless of what God you pray to I respect character and a moral code. That’s the thing about faith, you aren’t handcuffed to a set of rules that make you a hypocrite and bigot. 

2. Taking A Moral High Ground- There’s no problem with holding people to the same standards you hold yourself to. To being more moral than those around you. Morality isn’t judging others for their actions but making our actions above reproach. Not being perfect but not hiding behind “we all make mistakes.” 

3. Hating the Sin; Not the Sinner- Whether you agree with homosexuality or not isn’t the issue. It’s how you deal with and approach those that are homosexual or lesbian. Hate, anger, disgust, these aren’t Christian or spiritual values. Did Jesus ever mention hate? Did he ever shy away from those that needed his help the most?

Be a better man or woman than you were yesterday. That’s all any of us can hope for. 

Pray For Me and We Go Together

20140629-172456.jpg Praying women change lives.

A praying woman is necessary in this life. Knowing you have that guardian Angel that only wants the best for you. That cries when you can’t, that begs God to make sure you make it home okay when you’re drunk. Not our mothers, our grandmothers or our daughters will ever pray for us like the woman that loves us intimately and passionately. More than your lips, breast or thighs I need that from you the most.

A woman calls you and asks you to dinner, that’s great. She calls you for drinks after work, then maybe she likes you. But when a woman asks you to church, worries about your spiritual well being, that’s when you know it’s real.

The way my faith is set up I couldn’t be with a woman that didn’t pray. That can’t understand the joy I feel when I go from feeling hopeless to feeling like everything will be okay. Every man needs that. So if you pray for me, we go together. Unless you’re family and then we’re just cool.