6230014-close-up-of-ethnic-black-woman-hips-in-white-panties-white-caucasian-man-hand-on-dark-skinned-africaGood Morning,

Pray for someone you don’t like today.

Apologize to someone that you know needs to hear that apology today.

Smile at someone that doesn’t get smiled at often.

Buy a stranger lunch.

Send a good morning text to two or three people. Not the standard, cookie cutter text but a real “Good Morning!”

Listen to your favorite song on the way to work and sing along with it like you’re singing to get the biggest recording deal of your life!!!

At lunch, instead of texting someone or getting on FB, just call them. Scroll down for that number and call them. There’s nothing like hearing the sound of someone’s voice on the other end of a phone.

Write a letter. Sit down on your couch or at your desk and write a letter. It could be to someone you don’t even talk to anymore. It could be to someone that has passed away, it could even be to the son or wife you don’t have yet. You’d be surprised at what putting words to paper does for you.

Just treat today like the treat it is.