If the World Is Ending…

proposalI’d like to slow dance with you in the middle of the Museum of Natural Arts with a saxophonist playing in the background and an empty bottle of wine sitting on the most expensive sculpture they have. I’d like to watch you twirl around like you don’t have a care in the world and fall in my arms. I’d like to look out over the museum district and the medical center and tell you that I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the world before the world ends.

I’d like to kiss you at the fifty yard line in front of a hundred thousand people watching the Texans and Patriots at the AFC Championship Game. I’d like to fall to one knee and tell 20 million people watching at home that I love you and that in front of them all I’m asking you to marry me, to have my children and to never stop looking at me like you’re looking at me now.

I’d like to make you a perfect breakfast at 6am and take you to Neiman’s an hour before it opens. Watch you try on dresses and heels and model just for me. I’d like for every associate in the store to be standing there waiting to take care of your every need. I’d like for us to go to my car with a hundred bags knowing that when we got home you won’t be wearing anything at all.

I’d like to train and run a marathon with you.

I’d like for us to take turns massaging the stress and hard work out of each other’s calves and thighs and shoulders. We can run the New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon and the ones in Beijing and Spain. We can walk trails and climb hills while we’re there, make love on the banks of the French Rivera.

I’d like for us to take our children to Africa, to show them the Pyramids. To allow them to see that Africa isn’t all Aids and poverty, that it isn’t wild animals and crazy dictators. That there’s so much beauty and history there. So much culture and happiness.

I’d like to introduce you to my grandparents. My grandfather would make fun of you, make you laugh. My grandmother would love you and ask to take you shopping. My mother would become one of your bestfriends, my sisters would tell you I’m mean and ask that you ask that I buy them something. I’d like to make the family I already have and the family that you’d given me one with no weal links.

I’d like to make love you to in the backyard with the dog barking and the porch light off. With the extreme cold or extreme heat or maybe one of those perfect Houston nights as our backdrop. Your dress covering us, you on top of me in the lawn chair moaning, forgetting that anyone could be watching. I’d like to make love to you in the parking lot of the Hobby Center after we see a play, tipsy tongues and wet lips destroying a two thousand dollar gown.

I’d like to meet you and love you and love you and love you.

And if the world ends on Friday I have no one to blame but myself.

And if the day comes and life goes on as before on Saturday morning… I still have time to be the man and live the life I write about.


Will You Be My Valentine?

Dear Valentines,

I hope you’re somewhere enjoying this rain. Sitting at your desk or lying on a couch at home. Maybe you’re looking at the clock hoping it let’s up before you leave.

I don’t know who you are just yet but I feel like talking to you. I love rain, I don’t really look at gloomy days in a bad way. To be honest if I didn’t think it would mess up your hair I wouldn’t care if it rained on Valentines Day.

For me Valentines is sort of the perfect day. I like everything from the candy to the flowers to the crowded restaurants. People watching the other couples and us having our own personal inside jokes.

You should know something about me. About the man I am, I notice every detail, every piece of clothing, every nail. Women are art to me and I’m aware of how cheesy that sounds but I don’t know of anything in this world that motivates me to write more.

Knowing that you’ll be in the perfect dress, with the perfect shoes with that perfect smile has me excited and I haven’t even asked you yet. I need to have a great night because I need you to have a great night.

Last year I ended Valentines Day in a hotel room drunk and angry at the world. I have no desire to end my night like that again. I could care less about sex or Hennessy or shots. I just want us to make a memory. My birthday is next Sunday? Can you believe that?

I’ve spent the past year of my life writing my way to success! Writing my way to making my name matter! I started that journey the day after I almost lost my will. Sitting at that hotel bar wondering where she was. I never wanted that feeling again. So I started writing and I didn’t stop until my novel was perfect!

So February 14th 2012 I want to take your hand and I want to spend the rest of this year enjoying life; not battling demons.

So… Will you be my Valentines?

Dear You…

Dear You,

I know to a lot of people today would be considered nasty. The rain, the cold, most of your friends and family on vacation if you have to go to work. But to me today is beautiful, today is perfect for the mood I have. In my world the glass is usually half full and today is no different. When I think about you I think about the glass being half full. I think about us this time next year.

You may be thinking next Christmas is a long time away but you’re wrong beautiful. Think about how fast 2011 has flown by, think about Valentines Day, 4th of July and Easter and how they seemed like they just happened last week.

Time is moving, our lives are moving! And I have faith! Writing and faith!

I won’t say I think of you every morning but I will say I think of you most mornings. There is something in every song that reminds me of some small part of you, there is something in every thing I write that has a small essence of you in it. Fading away doesn’t exist in the world I live in because my imagination has created someone that I’m not even sure exist?

I suppose I’m a man that has options, women aren’t exactly hard to get but what I want more than anything is to not hurt anyone because I still have these morning thoughts of perfection. No one is perfect and putting those expectations on people is only going to have me writing in the morning instead of calling into work and making love to you in the morning.

In my world there is really no black and white, it’s all gray and it’s all waiting and willing to make someone happy. I’m too blessed in this world to ever be sad but the emptiness does get to me at times. I can be man enough to admit that.

Smiles, thighs and engagements

Lips, tongues and sons

Passion, lust and love

Life, you and me

That’s sort of the life I’m about and I promise on everything I am, on every novel I write and on every road I build that I will stop bullshitting and do whatever it takes to open my eyes and make your pretty ass my wife in 2012. I’m actually sorry it’s taken this long.

So enjoy these Holidays with whomever you’re spending them with and just know you will never spend another Holiday alone again.

Sincerly Yours,

Demez F. White

Late Nights… Early Mornings

At what point is the line crossed?

When does pleasure equal insanity?

Cold mornings, looking out the window, frost on the hood of the truck. Saturday are supposed to be for sleeping in, catching up on college sports and watching shows on On Demand I was too busy to watch during the week. But how was I supposed to sleep with her lying naked in my bed, with the music playing in the back ground? Maybe it was three, four, I really can’t remember when I got the call.

I’m really drunk and they don’t have any rooms left at this hotel, one of my coworkers told me I could stay with him but he has beady eyes and I don’t trust him! I need you to come get me, I can’t drive home like this.

I looked at my phone and realized it was almost thirty degrees outside, the hotel she was at was clear across town and Saturday would be my first day of doing absolutely nothing in weeks. But she was my friend and I knew how much she hated asking for favors. Well, she was more than a friend and…

Now I was standing at the window, watching the ice on the grass melt. Hot chocolate in my hand, the music low enough so that it wouldn’t wake her. I gave her my bed, undressed her down to her panties and tucked her in. I definitely got a peek or two even though I’d seen it all before but it didn’t go past that, sex with us was toxic, explosive. My temper was bad, hers was worse and jealously was an ever present theme.

It’s something about your love that’s got me going crazy
Baby, you know I want you real bad
And girl I really like your freaky style
How can I be down with you?
So get a little closer to my ride
I wanna get to know you lady
And hip me up on how to get inside you
Listen, pretty baby

“So I wake up to the smell of hot chocolate and Kels? I should call you drunk and incoherent more often.” She took the mug out of my hands and took a sip, she didn’t hand it back.

“I saw my toothbrush was still in your bathroom, I’m guessing you didn’t let any of your groupies use it.” The smile on her face was subtle; she knew I didn’t have company over.

I took my mug back out of her hands and took a sip, “That was your toothbrush? I use it to clean from time to time.” She took the mug.

“If I didn’t have this headache, I would beat you up, so you’re lucky.” She started towards the kitchen. Small feet and hardwood floors made for no sounds, there was a sexual undertone to everything she did. I have no idea where she got a tank top from but she was wearing one with her panties. She was always comfortable in her skin.

Baby you know I’d be down
But we can’t have all these people starin’ standin’ around
This right here is only for your eyes to see
But you gettin carried away
Saying we can (Do it where ever)

The way you touching me
Like no other (I’m gonna make you feel insane)
You trying your hardest to make me give in
But I’m gonna be down to give you what you want
And if you keep it up

I strongly doubt this velvet rope hold me up
And I don’t won’t security rollin’ up on us (I got you)
I’m not hesitating I just don’t wanna rush
You could be anywhere you wanted

“What are you trying to do with this music? I just told you I have a headache but you’re playing shit that’s going to have me singing and dancing at the stove… Pass me a skillet, this kitchen is spotless, when is the last time you cooked?”

I gave up hope of getting my mug back so I pulled out another and started on another cup of hot chocolate. “It’s been awhile, I don’t do a lot of cooking but I have groceries. I figured I’d cook sooner or later. Can you make French toast?” It was cool seeing her stand at the stove, the sound of meat hitting a skillet, water running in the sink. Those sounds were foreign in this kitchen.

“I guess I can make French toast since you got me last night…” She opened the fridge and turned around, her face got serious. “Thank you, why did you do it?

I wanted to tell her I did it because I missed her, I missed this. Because women like her weren’t a dime a dozen and I would have driven to Dallas to make sure she slept in a warm bed safe and sound. But looking in her eyes I saw she needed more than that today. I needed more than that this morning.

I put the hot chocolate down and walked towards the fridge.

“How long has it been?” She smiled and turned around, she knew what I was talking about.

“I’m not telling you that.” She took out the grapes and washed them off, the smile never leaving her face.

“We’ve talked about sex before so what makes this different?” I walked to where she was, she placed a grape in my mouth.

“This is different because you’re never looking at me like you’re looking at me now when we talk about sex, it’s always on the phone. I don’t like when you look at me like this.” She put another grape in my mouth. I touched her lips, she didn’t move my hand.

“How long has it been Erica?”

“It’s been too long and you looking at me like this is just making it worse.” I took the grapes out of her hand and sat them on the counter. I picked her up and sat her on the counter.

“I was surprised you were wearing panties when I undressed you last night?” She opened her legs.

“I always wear them when I know I’m going home alone.” I raised her tank top and felt around the edges of her panties. She put her palms on the counter and arched her back.

I could see her nipples poking out the shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra, I bit the left one, she moaned.

I bit she right one, she purred.

I slid my hand on the inside of the green panties and she was soaking wet. One finger in because she was so tight, the middle finger because it was the longest. My thumb on her clit, a come here motion going on in the inside of her pussy. A rubbing motion circling the magic button.

“You’re tight, is it hurting you?”

She could barely talk, she just shook her head no.

“Can I taste it?” I started to push another finger inside, she grabbed my head and tried to pull my lips to hers. But I wouldn’t come, I just kept fingering, kept rubbing.

“Yes! Yes! You can taste it…” I slid her panties off, picked her up and sat her on the kitchen table. I pulled the chair right up in-between her legs, kissed the inside of her thigh. Kissed the outside of her thigh, ran my tongue from her clit to her belly button and…. Neyo came on next on the shuffle.

Little mama keep your chin up, please watch me do the…nasty
I like it when you make it move fast
Mami if I pull your head back
Cause I want you to see that we look so good together
I understand that your not ready for me to make my directorial debut
featuring me but starring you
Baby that’s okay with me
Honestly this is the next best thing

She trembled, it had been a long time since a man touched her where I was touching her, it’d been an ever longer time since a man had his tongue where I had my tongue. As much as I wanted to bend her over the table and see how it would feel to put it inside I calmed myself and took my time.

We joked about pineapples and mangos, she loved juices and water, yogurt and veggies. So I wasn’t surprised when there was a sweet flavor coming from her core. The more her pussy throbbed and pulsated with me flicking the clit, the louder she got.

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a real orgasm.” I heard her words in my head, I heard them so clear. I remembered the conversation, she would find out orgasms were real tonight.

I sucked on her clit until her small purple nails were gripping at my hair, until her voice went from sweet to vulgar. Her ass was bouncing up and down on the table, just thirty more seconds I told myself. As good as she tasted, I knew I couldn’t stay down there too long.

A woman should never get used to you eating her the way I was eating her or else she wouldn’t want the dick.

There was a count down going on in my head…

5… 4… 3…. 2… 1…

She was leaking, it was cumming down my chin, as much as I wanted to lick her ass crack and suck it all up I just stood up.

“Why are you stopping? Don’t stop!!! I want to cum again!” The lust in her eyes was full blown, her voice was hoarse from the moaning and screaming. She was sitting on the table with her legs open, her hands rubbing the spot I’d just sucked into frenzy.

The modest woman was gone, my hands and tongue brought out the freak that was inside of every woman.

“Come here.” I wasn’t loud, I wasn’t forceful, I just said it and walked off to the living room.  I didn’t turn around but I could hear her footsteps following me, as soon as I sat on the couch she was on my lap. Straddling me, her hands around my neck, her mouth on my mouth.

“I want to see what I taste like.” She said as she licked my lips, sucked my tongue.

Every time we hung out, every time she sent a picture I imagined this moment. Imagined my lips on her lips, they were so full, so pretty, so soft, so perfect. I would have been happy lying in bed kissing her all night, I was supposed to be turning her out but she was flipping the script now.

The cold and wind were adding to the atmosphere, her hands were reaching for the drawstrings to my pajama pants, I didn’t stop her. She fell to the floor and looked up at me before she pulled it out and put it in her mouth without any hesitation. I had no choice but to close my eyes and imagine something else or else I would have cum right then and there from the feeling I was getting from my dick inside of those perfect lips.

She slurped and sucked, jacked me off and repeated the process. I looked down and watched her head bob up and down. I wouldn’t last another minute and I didn’t want to cum like this, not the first time.

Pulling her up and sitting her on my lap, I fit inside of her like a glove.

“You know you need to put on a condom right?” She said it while trying to suppress a moan.

I gripped her ass and placed my finger in her mouth, “Fuck a condom and take this dick!”

She was creaming all over me and I was meeting every thrust. Her feet were sitting on the couch, she was squatting on top and riding me like she was a seasoned pro. It was still tight as hell but we’d found a rhythm.

“You can’t cum in me honey! You can’t cum in me!”

As much as I wanted to I knew she was right, standing up, still inside of her I walked her over to the door. Her legs wrapped around my waist…

Conversations Between Adults Series III coming soon…


Walking Down the Aisle Available now…

Passion… Intensity… Life…

“Whenever she’s being bad I tell her, ‘Be nice Paris.’ So when I raise my voice she points her little finger at me and says, ‘Be nice mommy.’ All I can do is smile or laugh or hug her, after that it’s impossible to be mad. That little girl makes every day worth living, she’s getting bigger and taller everyday.”

I loved the glow she had in her eyes when she talked about her daughter. The way her tone changed and the features on her face softened. I knew a lot of moms and not all of them did what they did out of love, a lot of it was out of obligation and responsibility. Some of them pawned the child off on a mom or grandmother. But not her, if she was at the mall that little girl was right there in the stroller burning up credit cards with her.

I have this theory, you fall out of lust and into love with someone not because of their physical attributes but because of the person you see them as. Fuck what anyone else thinks or what anyone else see’s, it’s what you see. No matter how good or bad to the outside world, if she’s one of a kind in your eyes she’ll usually always be that.

“So men can’t say no to you and you can’t say no to a three year old? I guess life is ironic like that.” She smiled and took off her coat. Moved her hair from her face. I tried to suck in every detail without being too obvious.

“Apparently some men can say no to me since we’re meeting here right now? What’s going on with you and before you lie to me just know I can hear it in your voice, I see it in your face. Talk to me baby?” This is what I loved and hated about her at the same time, the way that she could see thru me, it was the reason I needed space. Being around her was no good for me, it consumed me. Because she was right, she did know when I was upset or sad or stressed and just seeing her smile, just touching her lips made it all better if even for a moment.

But the problem was it was only for a moment and I would spend the rest of my days waiting for that high again. A high that only she could provide.

“It’s just work stuff, nothing important.” She scooted towards me.

“I asked you not to lie to me, don’t act like you forgot who I am… Now tell me the truth!” Her smile was disarming. She touched me cheek and kissed me. I wanted to stop it, not because I didn’t want it but because I wouldn’t be able to control myself once it started but how can you control passion. How do you put chemistry in a bottle and not let it consume you?

It’s impossible, you can’t…

I could taste the peppermint on her tongue, “Kiss me like you miss me! Don’t fight it!” Her voice was low but the intensity was high.

The intensity was always high so no matter who I tried to get to replace her… I needed that same passion, that same hunger. Some men are driven by compliments or food, I was driven by heat, by moments that created moments that created memories.

Until next time…

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am young again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am fun again

The lyrics were in the background, totally out of the blue but the song made all the sense in the world.

How Many Licks Does It Take…

Lately I have been feeling extremely sexually frustrated. it is hard trying to find a balance between doing what feels good and comes very natural and doing what feels good with a woman that you care for, I miss foreplay. kissing, touching. But I won’t bore you with my restless nights. I’m at work and all can think about is sex and someone sending me freaky text or pictures. So I’ll write something quick to settle my arousals.

“These walls are thin, you know I’m  going to moan! We do this right here, you’ll get fired!” She was whispering but there was the biggest smile on her face. Her mouth was saying no but her eyes were screaming ‘YES!’

I locked the door to my office, backed her against the wall and slid my hand up her dress.She was right about the walls. There was no ceiling; it was glorified cubicle with a door. Most of the office was off this week or taking their work lightly since it was a short week.

She spread her legs and licked my ear. “How many licks do you think it will take you to make me cum?” I was already hard but hearing her voice and the pure nastiness of it made me want to chill with the cat and mouse game and put something in her mouth.

“I can make you cum in three licks.” I bit her bottom lip and she sucked my tounge.

“Three licks huh, someone is feeling themselves today. If you can make this pussy cum in three licks I’ll let you record you cumming in my mouth. But if I don’t cum in 3 I want an early Christmas gift and today!”

It was really a suckers bet because she would let me record us anyway and with her taste this early Christmas gift wouldn’t be cheap but seeing her nipples poke thru the blouse and feeling how wet she was she knew she had me. Sitting her on my desk I put my finger to her mouth.


Sliding her panties to the side I bit down on her clit without removing my fingers. I could hear her trying to get her breathing under control. The harder I pushed, the harder I sucked. The sound of her dripping on my desk excited me and I licked her pearl tongue twice.

“I felt that! It taste good huh! That’s twice, one more lick and you have two minutes left.”

It was hard trying to get her to cum without flicking my tongue but then I got it. I rubbed my middle finger on her asshole and applied a little pressure. At the same time I put another finger inside the pussy and worked her clit with my lips. She was trying to fight it but there were too many holes being stimulated.

I got my tongue real wet and with one long lick I felt her body spasm. kissed her stomach and stood up. gave her my credit card. “Go to Best Buy and buy an HD camcorder. Go to Specs and get some Patron and limes. and go to the Galleria and get that early Christmas gift because you’re going to earn it tonighht.”

Her left breast was outside her bra and in her hand, her legs were still open on my desk and her lips were wet.

“I’ll get everything you want, and thanks for my gift baby but why do we have to wait to shoot scene one?”

She got on her knees in front of me, handed me her cell phone and made me realize why I was in love.